Friday, December 3, 2010

Bristol Palin and John Ziegler Slam Keith Olbermann on BAM - Updated

Bristol responds to being named the "Worst Person in the World" for her work with the Candies Foundation:

John Ziegler calls in as well, comments on Olby, and chats with Bristol. Bristol also responds to the rumor that her Dad might go on DWTS:

- Just figured I'd click on my stats, and I'm wondering where the thousands of people came from....

Ah, C4P link. And Hot Air? That would explain it. I'd have tidied up the place if I'd known y'all were coming. :)

Update II:

By the way, BAM stands for Bob and Mark, for anyone unfamiliar with these guys. Go here for a lot more of their stuff with the Palins - They're rock station DJ's and aren't exactly rated "G" so if you listen live to their station online, consider yourself warned. The earlier stuff is what's most interesting to me. This is one of my favorites, from October of 2006 when Sarah was still running for Governor:

Update III:

Since people are still checking out this post, I figured I'd put in a plug for Ziegler. He recently re-released the movie "Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected and Palin was Targeted."

Go here for more information. I believe you can order it VOD now too.

Here's an interview he did with Bob and Mark upon the movie's re-release:

Oh, and if you see any bull circulating around about BAM, it probably has to do with this episode. Hilarious lefties getting their panties in a wad over nothing. The whole affair was taken out of context as well, little clips being pulled out of the larger story to create a scandal. Bob and Mark are rock station DJ's, all right? They play to a harder core demographic.

They're also two of the biggest hearted guys I've ever listened to. Not too long ago they did a radio drive to help a terminally ill woman get a fence built in her backyard so she could keep her dog. (I think it was a fence. Might have needed a ramp or something too). Someone called in and told them about the girl having to give her dog up, they got on the radio and got the volunteers and the materials and everything. Then they interviewed the girl and Bob practically broke down in tears right there. Mark had to take over for him because he couldn't even talk.


Anonymous said...

What is she going to do next? How about the Bristol & Bob Show.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Hot Air linked me here.

Thanks for posting this audio!

Keith Olbermann is a d---, LOL.
I agree.

scorpio0679 said...

HAH! That sounds like an amazing radio show. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

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I would guess that in Keith Olbermann’s book, all three pages, learning from our mistakes and passing that information on to others makes all of us “The Worst People in the World”. Since when did taking those mistakes made in your life, turning them into a positive and sharing those experiences with others become taboo? Or maybe it is because Bristol Palin did not correct her mistake by running to a Left Wing supported abortion mill and terminate the pregnancy.

Citizens_Patriot1 said...

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