Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Backlash Begins: PUMA's for Palin

Those of us in Conservative circles know that the liberal democrats have been playing identity politics to get votes for years.

The liberal wing of the Democrat party doesn't actually care about diversity or women's rights; they care about power, and they've used people groups as pawns to get it.

We knew that. Many Democrats didn't.

They do now.

The vitriol that came from many so-called liberal mouths during the primaries and the general election of 2008 against Hillary Clinton and later against Sarah Palin confused and dumbfounded many Democrats who thought that their party actually cared about women.

They know now that it was never about women. It was about ideology.

The Democrat party doesn't care about blacks or Hispanics; they care about liberal blacks and Hispanics.

The Democrat party doesn't care about women; it cares about liberal women (and even a liberal woman's not good enough if that woman runs against Obama).

I didn't watch too many of the primary debates on the Democrat side, but I saw enough to know that (even though I disagree with her policies) Hillary Clinton wiped the floor with Barack Obama. The media did not give credit where it was due, and instead ignored Hillary and pumped up Barack.

Enter Sarah Palin.

Hillary was a thorn in the side of the media machine, a pain that they could remove with some degree of alacrity, but who was this, this "hockey mom" from the Last Frontier who seemed to energize the Republican Party and half the country overnight? She was smart, she was easy on the eyes, she was conservative, and she (gasp!) cared about women's issues?

This couldn't be happening!


The feeding frenzy was on full swing. Now, granted the McCain campaign facilitated it by putting Palin in a little bubble and only letting her out to play with Katie Couric (who's great idea was that?), but the media saw the crack in the door and first stuck one foot in, and then shoved their whole body through.

They saw red, they hated her guts, they succeeded in quashing some of her appeal with independent voters....

But in their frenzy, the media and the left wing of the Democrat party forgot one thing: their mask.

They forgot about the masquerade that they'd been putting on for their voters who weren't playing games and actually did care about things like women's rights.

They got so carried away with destroying first Hillary Clinton and then Sarah Palin, that they revealed themselves for who they really were. And their supporters were dumbfounded.

And now the backlash begins.

Now those (many now former) Democrats who really do care about women and women's rights are fighting back.

Blogs are popping up all over the internet shouting: PUMA's for Palin! Hillary supporters welcome!

Here's is some of what they're saying:

"This blog would have died a natural birth [death] at the time of HIllary’s speech of acclamation. But Sarah Palin changed all of that about four days later.

"NO, IT WAS NOT SARAH, IT WAS THE LEFT BLOGS that changed our mind.

"The vicious and despicable attacks on Sarah Palin kept this blog alive!

"Sarah has been subjected in one short blitzkrieg of character destruction attempted from every possible angle. Voters [who were] already incensed at the treatment Hillary received, and would have gone quietly away to lick their wounds and sulk, have instantly been galvanized. We identify with Sarah. One doesn’t need to be a woman, mother, moose burger eater or even have view on abortion, to be NOT infuriated with the media coverage and the left-wing treatment of a candidate for national office."

That was three weeks after Sarah was announced. This was today:

"I was deeply shocked and offended by the hateful, misogynistic trash that was spewed about Hillary Clinton. And I watched as the hate rolled right over onto Sarah Palin.

"I have lost so much respect for the DNC, the superdelegates, the dem establishment, the media, and all these bloggers that it feels like there is a black hole in my personal universe. The behaviors I have witnessed go beyond reprehensible. I doubt I will ever think of myself as a true lefty or Democrat again. "

And for a dynamite speech on women's issues check out this Palin vid.

This past election was tough on women's issues voters, but it was worth it.

It was proof of what many conservatives had been saying for years: the Democrat party has only been using women's issues to get votes and to promote the liberal ideology.

And it was an eye-opener for many Democrats who thought that their party was what it claimed to be.

The PUMA train has left the station, and it's gaining speed fast.

The mask is off; let the games begin.

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