Monday, July 27, 2009

Thanks for the Memories

A brief look back....

Alaska didn't know what it was in for when a former mayor and hockey mom from Wasilla decided to run for Governor.

Despite being an outcast of the party establishment, she defeated the incumbent governor in the Republican primaries.
And moved on to the general election.
She ran a hard-fought and underdog campaign.

And in the end, it paid off.

The new Gov's first order of business - Get rid of that jet!

Next up, let's get that pipeline! She led the way with AGIA and ACES.

She embraced her role as workin' mama.
She stayed in touch with her constituents.

And she went fishing now and then.

She showed continuous love and support for the Alaska National Guard.

And in April, 2008, the Palins welcomed a new little one into the world

When she got tapped to run for VP, her hometown cheered her on.

And after the campaign, her staff welcomed her back to her office...

And the workin' Mama kept on truckin'!

The state finally awarded the AGIA license to TransCanada.

The Gov stood toe to toe with some new critics...

And took the time to lend a helping hand.

On July 26, 2009, after nine months watching state resources go down the drain because of personal political attacks, Sarah handed the reins over to Sean Parnell.

All in all, it's been a good journey.

And maybe a Palin will sit behind the Governor's desk again someday...

Ya never know!

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Piney said...

Wonderful work! Gotta love the Palin following in mom's footsteps :)

Thanks for the memories, bittersweet though this time seems to be, we know the Palins will soon be out there making even more wonderful memories!