Monday, September 7, 2009

How Dare They - UPDATED

[UPDATE: I wrote this piece months ago in a hurry. For some reason I was going through my featured posts and decided that I needed to clarify something. The clarification is in red below.]

I am sick to death of these Levi Johnston stories where the author starts out, "Levi gets back at the Palins after they dragged him into the media spotlight."

Excuse me, what?

I'm sorry. I didn't know that taking your daughter's fiance in and treating him like your own son was a crime to be repaid by betrayal for 15 minutes of fame and thirty pieces of silver.

I join the media in saying, "How dare the Palins!" How dare they:

1. Not take the guy who knocked up their daughter into the backyard and beat him up. (I'm not saying he should be beaten up, it's hyperbole. How much would you love the teenage punk who knocked up your daughter? Oh, you might come to accept him as part of your family in time because you have to, but in the beginning, there's definitely anger.)

2. Take the delinquent in and treat him like their own kid and help him out all they can.

3. Offer to love and support him even after he makes a complete idiot out of himself on Tyra Banks.

4. Show amazing grace and restraint to never bring up Levi's own family problems or rub it in his face that he's a high school drop-out who got their teenage daughter pregnant and now runs around Hollywood making an a** out of himself without paying any kind of child support.

Yes, how dare the Palins be decent human beings.

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