Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where Have I Heard This BS Before?

The Attention-Monger in Chief went on television last night to completely bore the majority of the American populace with his long-winded, double-tongued sales pitch to the cheers of little Congressional monkeys who couldn't get enough of the peanuts. I tried to watch it; I really did. I think I forced myself to stay on the channel for about 10 seconds. That is seriously all I can take of the complete BS that comes out of that man's mouth.

This is a guy who I would swear is having a love affair with his teleprompter. He can't get enough of that thing.

(calming down now)

Here's the gist of what I got: "We're in dire straits. We must pass this now, or the world will end."

The rhetoric sounded vaguely familiar. Where have we heard this before?

Oh, yeah, the stimulus package. You know, that thing that had to be passed right away; we couldn't wait a couple weeks to make sure we actually knew what we were doing. "Must be done now or over 300 million Americans will lose their jobs!"

And they accuse Sarah Palin of fear-mongering.

Speaking of which, I seem to recall that a certain Alaskan Governor urged the President to veto that stimulus so that we could make sure we did it right. Did he listen? No. There went nearly a trillion dollars down the drain. It did zilch; nothing. Well, other than pay off a lot of Obama's best buds, but let's not get into that.

I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with the idea that because we have a problem (and we do have some) we have to rush into the solution without giving it enough consideration to make sure that we won't make the problem worse.

I don't really want to get into the death panel rationing thing, but I've heard some of the arguments from the left. They say, "Well, so what if there might be some rationing? There's rationing already. People can't afford it now."

Okay, let me get this straight; you're saying that creating a big problem is okay because we already have that problem on a smaller scale?


In other words, you want to take the same problems we've got now, make them a hundred times bigger and spread them out so that everybody shares equally in the problems and that is going to solve our problems?

I'm going back to bed. Maybe I'll wake up in a world with some sane people in it.

The biggest problem Obama has right now is that the American people don't believe him. They would like to believe that free lollipops will rain down on their heads, but it's kinda hard to swallow. And the reason he's receiving such harsh pushback on this is because we've been sold down the river a couple of times now by this rhetoric that ends with our pouring billions of dollars down a sewer grate never to be seen again. We've been screwed before, and this is sounding a lot like those other times.

Also, this isn't just money we're talking about, it's people's lives. Don't you think it's worth the extra time and effort to make sure we have something that will actually work when such important things are at stake?

Mr. President, if you would like us to trust you with revamping the health care system, how about you do a couple other things first:

1. Fix Medicare.
2. Fix the VA.

Once you have proven to the American people that you guys up there in Washington can handle the power and the money we've already given you, we'll consider doling out more. Until then, shut up and let us lead our lives in peace.

Oh, and if you would be so kind, how about passing simple bills that focus on just one thing, like TORT reform? Maybe that would be a good idea. But what would I know? I'm just an ignorant plebe. Not at all like the brilliant people in Washington who are offering to come save us from the mess they helped create in the first place.

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