Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How I Found Sarah Palin

The first I heard of Sarah Palin was back in April when she put out her statement about Trig. I was working at our college Student Radio station and threw it into my political stories as a kicker. I didn't know anything about her (didn't even know how to pronounce her last name), but I was impressed with the way she handled having a child with down syndrome. I thought it was cool that a woman with five kids could be a successful governor without being a liberal feminazi. And then I mostly forgot about it.

Fast forward to the end of August. Rumors flying about Lieberman, etc... This pro-lifer did not want anyone pro-choice on the ticket, and I wasn't really impressed with Romney. Romney lost me when he bowed out of the primaries soon after he had pledged to fight to the end. I decided I couldn't trust him.

It was around noon and we were watching our local news when the announcement came on. All I had to see was the title at the bottom of the screen: McCain chooses Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.... I went through the roof. Jumping up and down, my parents thought I was crazy.

During the campaign I watched the Couric interview through my fingers and found myself extremely annoyed with the condescenion of Charlie Gibson. She made a few missteps, but I knew in my gut that she had it in her. I was so nervous before the VP debate....I knew that if she blew this after those interviews it was probably over... and of course she didn't. Every time it looks like she's down for good, she comes roaring back stronger than ever. If Sarah will just simply be Sarah, nothing can stop her. And we're right behind her.

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