Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kathleen Parker's "Concern" for Trig

For the most part, I am a calm human being. Even boring. Ridiculously realistic and I tend to err on the practical side. Sarah Palin is an exception to that rule.

For some reason, the woman compels me. With a boatload of negative articles and media pundits on both sides microanalyzing her every move in a way that no one other politician has ever been microanalyzed, I still manage to find my way to the keyboard nearly every day in support of this person.

Most of the attacks have become redundant. I roll my eyes now at the charges that she's stupid, she can see Russia from her house, she's polarizing, etc... But there are still a few things that bug me.

Those of us who hang around the blogosphere long enough eventually stumble into the pits of vipers of those who post picture after picture of Sarah carrying Trig and whine and stomp and cry to high heaven that he doesn't have his socks on. Oh, no! The child's life is in grave danger!

They go on and on about how he's not getting proper therapy, blah, blah, blah. As if they know. To the normal person, Trig looks like a healthy, happy, almost two-year-old who is adored by his family. But that's not the way these perverts see it. To them, he's being exploited. Sarah's love for the child cannot possibly be genuine, she's merely using him. They complain about the way she holds him, as if they never held a child that way. I pity their children. They probably dress them up in pillows before putting them in the car, like in those Windstar commercials.

The reason I'm posting this is because of this latest article by Kathleen Parker. Kathleen tries, really tries to not sound too much like a basement-dwelling Trig Truther, but she fails in a couple of points. Aside from the misspelling that first catches your eye [the misspelling has since been corrected], there are bits of veiled "concern" for Trig and the possibility that a mother's pride could someday blend into exploitation. Most ridiculous is the charge that Trig might read Going Rogue someday and feel hurt that Sarah had some concerns about him in the beginning. That's a pretty big "might." It's also a huge crock of BS.

The first thought that comes to my mind: It's nobody's flippin' business. I don't care that Michelle Obama used her kids as an example for her child obesity program. We don't know what goes on behind closed doors; who are we to judge whether or not her daughters cared? In the same vein, I don't care if Sarah Palin uses her experiences as an example for others to learn from. As to whether or not Trig will be harmed, etc... we don't know. Nobody knows. It's all speculation, and quite frankly, it's none of our beeswax.

Maybe it's hard for me to grasp this "concern" because to me, seeing the Palins out there with their kids is the most natural thing in the world. They're a family, and they like it. Why should politics get in the way of parenthood?

Maybe it's because the Palins do it differently than most other politicians or public figures. But for them, this is the way it's always been, and I doubt they have any intention of changing things now.

Sarah was involved in small-town politics and taking her little ones to work with her long before any cameras were there to capture it. When Todd was home, he could take the kids full-time, but when he was up on the North Slope the Palin kids got used to a regimen that involved tagging along with Mom. Day care and babysitters were also utilized, but who wants their kids to be raised 100% by someone else? Why not bring the kids along? Why not share some of these experiences with your children? They were there on the local level, the state level, and now, the national level.

I, for one, find it refreshing. It opens a whole new set of doors for women who never thought about getting involved in politics because they thought it would mean becoming like a Hillary Clinton. They love their families, they love their children, and the popular feminist notion that men are pigs and babies are a burden has been a turn-off to them. I know it's been a turn-off for me. I could never relate to that kind of mentality, and no public female figures were out there breaking that mold; until now.

To see not just a woman, but a mother, on the national stage loving her husband and loving her children, has been refreshing beyond belief. And I simply cannot wrap my mind around the thinking of those who see it differently.

The Kennedy kids played under JFK's Oval Office desk and were a refreshing sight for the country. We feel the same way about the Palin kids.

And by the way, when they want to stay out of the public eye, they do. Track, for example, is known to be a private guy who doesn't like the spotlight. That's why you pretty much never see him in it. If the girls tag along, I can only draw the conclusion then that they don't have a problem with it, and even want to be there.

C'mon; if your mom was flying to New York City or doing interviews with Oprah, wouldn't you want to tag along?

It's an exciting time in their lives. Of course there are always the negative things that publicity can bring, but you can either get bogged down in the negativity, or are you can enjoy life to the fullest in spite of it and grow closer together because of it.

Bottom line: we don't know what goes on behind closed doors, and it's awfully presumptuous to think otherwise, or to assume that Trig will be hurt at some point in the distant future. If anybody's out to throw stones at Trig, it's the Leftists who insist on taking a beautiful boy and a beautiful story and twisting it into their own ugly image. Just click here to get a glimpse. If anything is going to hurt Trig, it's stuff like that.

The Palin kids strike me as an independent lot. They can take care of themselves just fine without any "concern" from anybody, thank you very much.

As for Sarah, I can just imagine that her reaction to this would be just like any mother who has ever had some nosey person come up to them and offer them free parenting advice: "Thank you for your 'concern'. Now, please excuse me as I raise my children however I see fit."

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