Sunday, September 27, 2009

Palin on Obama's Enemies List?

It's in Globe Magazine so I'm not taking it as Gospel, but according to the tabloid, Obama's got a hit list. And oh, looky who's on it, the one and only Sarah Palin. What a shock. This may be the only time in history I pick up a tabloid and give it a passing glance. Take one article with a large dose of salt before supper.


Greg said...

Anyone could have guessed that Sarah Palin would be on the list, I'm sure she's #1. That's why almost a year after the election his administration and their media minons continue to attack her, even now when she is a private citizen. It's interesting to note that now after 13 months of 24/7 carpet bombing of her, and non-stop digging for dirt, they haven't come up with anything, leaving them only the old smears and lies left over from 2008. If Palin does run in 2012, she'll have the reforms she made in Alaska, the ExxonMobil-TransCandad pipeline, and lots of solid op/eds, speeches, and her book to run with. 0bama will be reduced to defending his failed policies.

Kelsey said...

Oh, don't forget. They've got the inside info that the evil Sarah Palin demands cruchwrap supremes!