Saturday, October 30, 2010


Operation Alaska Chaos. I have to say, it warmed the cackles of my cold, cold heart when I read about a woman carting an oxygen tank behind her as she went to sign up as a write-in candidate for Senate in Alaska. She was upset that the state was allowing a list of the write-in candidates. She signed up herself as a form of protest. I think I'd vote for that woman if I wasn't vested in Miller for Palin's sake.

Oh, I know, Miller's a great guy, but still. Only in Alaska. If I lived there, you'd better believe I would have signed up. (sigh) I think it's awesome.

As for Lisa calling it a mockery of the process, you're the mockery, Lisa. This is to protest the lows that you're so willing to stoop to. Heaven forbid you lose that seat. If you can do it, they can do it. Period. I hope you get your butt kicked next Tuesday.

The court came back and said that the list will only be available on a restricted basis or something. In other words, if someone comes up and specifically asks for help in spelling a certain name, they can help the person with the correct spelling. Not sure how I feel about that.

But here's what I do know: Lisa has been running as a write-in candidate for quite some time now. If you are bent on writing in her name and you don't know how to spell it at this point.... Let's just say I have no sympathy for you.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DWTS - Sarah and Bristol Video, the Dance, and Backstage

First off, paparazzi vid. What a life, sitting up high somewhere waiting for a celebrity to walk by. Sarah gets out of the car with Trig and another lady has Tripp. Tripp throws a few punches:

The Tango:

After the show: