Saturday, July 31, 2010

How to Talk to a NObama Cultist Pt. 1

From the 2008 election season, June 19th, to be exact. It's a series worth revisiting:

I'll post the entire series over the next week or so.

Restoring Honor

When Congress passed Obamacare and then accused us of being oh-so-wrong because we got mad about it, that's when I said I would be going to 8-28, Beck's rally at the Lincoln Memorial. But after a month or so and a look at my bank account, I decided to forget that.

Then I made the mistake of listening to his radio program a few times, and I caught the fever yet again. So... I'm going. I have no idea what the rally will entail, I've never been to DC before in my life, so this should be interesting. If you never hear from me again, I got lost wandering around somewhere.

The other day, I heard Beck say something about people canceling because they were afraid.

Afraid of what? Some stupid black panther guy? What's there to be afraid of? What are you, men or mice?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Shirley Sherrod - UPDATE

I just heard on the radio that Sherrod is going to sue Andrew Breitbart. For what? Termination? That was her boss's fault. Possibly slander, but in the same video Shirley engaged in slander of her own, calling Republicans and Tea Partiers racist.

I think Andrew should have waited for the full tape, don't misunderstand me. I was online when he first released it. I remember him being shocked when she got fired. He said from the very beginning that it wasn't about her. But the media has their victim now.

Shirley once sued the government and took home a nice fat paycheck.


Video from Newsy. (ht/Andrew)

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Oh, brother. Lady, you got fired. Sorry about that, but Breitbart did not put out that video because he's racist. He didn't do it because he hates that you're black, okay? Good grief, I am so sick of this garbage.

He put it out because the Tea Parties have been smeared as racists for the past two years, culminating in the NAACP condemnation. Someone then sent Breitbart that clip, which he posted. At the time of posting, he said that it was not the full clip, that he was trying to get the full clip, and it wasn't about you.

Again, he should have waited to ensure accuracy and context. He'll sure do it in the future. But he wasn't targeting you. It was about the NAACP, and, quite frankly, he said it was more about the reaction of those listening to your story, laughing along as you told it, not knowing that you were building up to a turning point.

And now that you've been smeared as a racist, maybe you'll think twice before you accuse entire parties and groups of people of it again yourself.

Ugh. Enough of this. Whatever sympathy I had for Shirley Sherrod is evaporating fast.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mongrel People

Okay, so Obama said this on the View today, via the Hill:

When asked about his background, which includes a black father and white mother, Obama said of African-Americans: "We are sort of a mongrel people."

“I mean we’re all kinds of mixed up,” Obama said. “That’s actually true of white people as well, but we just know more about it.” [...] Obama noted “there’s still a reptilian side of our brain” that leads people to not trust others “if somebody sounds different or looks different.”

Um, okay. Dude, you need a psychiatrist. Seriously. There are issues there. Issues.

He could have gotten his point across in a more connotation-friendly way. I prefer "mutt." It sounds much better "mongrel."

I refer to myself as a mutt, have for years. I'm Norwegian, Irish, and German. I think there's a little Dutch mixed in there somewhere as well. I call myself an All-American Mutt. Most of us are. People from all over the world, a variety of nationalities and backgrounds came here and blended together in this country, united by an ideal and a thirst for liberty rather than by blood. At least, that's the idea.

"Mongrel" makes me think of some feral dog foaming at the mouth or something, though. And then the reptilian thing? Dude. Good grief.

Am I all up in arms about it? No. But, oh, man, just imagine the howling if Sarah Palin had said it:

Good Morning!

This is from the 2008 election, but it's the first time I've seen it. I think it's in German or something:

Looks like Sarah Palin will hit 2 million followers on Facebook either late today or early tomorrow. Donate to SarahPAC when she hits it, if you can. Even if it's just $2.00. Imagine if each follower gave just $2.00.

Anyway, here's today's Rush Limbaugh flashback. From September of 2008:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rush Limbaugh on the VP Debate

I have completely lagged out of doing those video Sundays, haven't I? Oh, well. Consider this Flashback Tuesday:

And here's a flashback to when Rush talked about "Tasergate":

And remember way back when I said that I was going through those e-mails? I set that project on the back burner to all of this other stuff, but I have determined to get back on it and get it done. Why? Because I said months ago that I would do it. I doubt many will care, but I am going to do it anyway! And that will teach me to not make promises I can't keep in the future.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Vote is a Vote

This reminds me of the socialist who said he'd vote for Sarah Palin because he interpreted her record as being more socialist than Obama's.

He was wrong on that, but far be it from me to discourage a vote for Sarah Palin, whatever the motivation behind it.

Even Paul Jenkins in an editorial published by the canary-cage-worthy ADN has to admit that if it's Obama vs. Palin...he's gonna have to go for Palin:

If the presidential election were today and Sarah Palin somehow topped the Republican ticket, and even if she were joined in the race by an orangutan named Bob, and they were facing Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden -- or an idiot to be named later -- I would be forced to vote for her. Yeah, that's right. Vote -- for her. Sarah Palin. And Bob.

Embracing that reality makes me want to shower, and it is an acknowledgment that our political system has imploded. I'm the proud owner of a "Hater" T-shirt, for crying out loud, but the future is increasingly clear. If this nation is subjected to another four years of Obama's lunacy, it likely is finished, kaput, toasted.

How could you? some will ask. She's nuts and you are mean to her, they'll say. I'm not arguing with any of that. OK, so the lovely Sarah P. occasionally gets flabbergasted and speaks in tongues and jibberjabbers on Facebook and even makes up words such as "refudiated" or "misunderestimate"; how much damage can she possibly do in the White House? There would be people to watch her and keep the witch doctors away, and nobody in his right mind would even think of giving her the red-button thingy. She could do the State of the State on Twitter -- "Wow! Doing great, America. Pls rejoice. Hey, can see Wal-Mart from here." -- and save lots of valuable TV time.

She could issue long, convoluted missives about momma grizzlies and papa grizzlies and baby grizzlies through a phalanx of spokesboobs. It would be like when she was governor. It came to me during an epiphany triggered by a bag of jelly doughnuts that the lovely Sarah P. might be ''The One.''

And to think one of my fave Sarah interviews was given to the ADN after the election.

It's not the most ringing endorsement in the world, but I'll take it. Like Tammy Bruce says, "I don't really care why you vote for her. Just vote for the d*** woman!"

This is a clip taken from right after Sarah Palin won the gubernatorial race in Alaska. Note who Mark says was "vicious." Methinks history will repeat itself:

Palin/Bob 2012! Better than what we got now!