Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Excitement in the Badger State - Update

I woke up this morning to the sound of an AFL-CIO radio ad calling on people to stand up against our new governor, Scott Walker.

Walker was the Milwaukee County Executive before this. Not living anywhere near Milwaukee, I didn't know anything about him, but he struck me as a pretty low-key guy. Figured he might do a good job, but he would have all the excitement of a Tim Pawlenty. Par for the course around here.

Or not.

Hundreds gather for protest at Walker's house

We're what, a month beyond inauguration and he's already trying to take away collective bargaining rights from public unions, or something. I don't know all the details yet, but the AFL-CIO is running radio ads. "Call your legsiators, tell them to vote no..."

This is exciting.

And check this out, Ieshu Griffin is one of the people running for Walker's old seat. She ran in the November elections on the slogan, "I ain't no white man's b**ch." Yeah, she didn't make it. LOL. But that is an awesome slogan.

Usually it's boring as milk around here.

Here's Walker today explaining some of what's going on:

- I just talked to a friend of mine who used to live in Milwaukee. He told me that Walker was low key, but he kicked a** at the same time when he was the county exec.

Update II - Okay, short version. From what I gather, Walker wants to have public employees put some of their own paycheck toward their pension fund and to pay a greater percentage of their own health insurance premiums. And that new percentage would still only be half the national average. This would go a long way toward balancing the budget. If they don't do this, they'll probably have to lay off more than 1,000 people instead. And yes, people are literally walking out of school to protest this.

Two Cents

Just wanted to give my two cents on some of recent events. Keep 'em, throw 'em away.. whatever.

First, John Thune. I know some are upset at his CPAC line about how he hasn't gone on any book tours or done any reality shows. Taking the Palin aspect out of it, I feel kinda sorry for the guy. The line could have been funny if his comedic timing didn't suck.

Pitiful. Just pitiful. Why anyone thinks the dude has a snowball's chance is beyond me.

In other irrelevant news, I hear Levi's sister is posing in Playboy. Apparently to get college money. Hey, it's good dough. If you don't have a moral code that says you shouldn't pose nude in magazines, go for it. Why not? I would have advised something a little less extreme. Maybe like a loan, but that's just me.

Don't really want to stir up a controversy that's already over with, but I think the Santorum thing was way overblown. If Santorum really wanted to trash her, he had his chance after the Hannity interview. But he didn't take it. He's not a threat to Palin, my goodness. The guy would be lucky to get 1% of the vote. JMHO.

On the whole FB post, possible mistake on the numbers thing, I don't care enough about the details of proposed budgets to look it up. Did she make a mistake? I don't know. Who cares if she did?

I think we've got to get away from this line of thinking that Palin cannot make mistakes. She's human. It's not like she can do no wrong. Holding her to a standard that high is grossly unfair. No one can operate under a burden like that for very long. Why are we afraid of mistakes? "The media holds her to a different standard." Yes they do. And they will whether she makes a mistake or not, so what difference does it make?

And does anybody know what this is? Is it a hoax or just freaky?

Anyway, just a few thoughts rolling around in my brain. Probably only worth about two cents.