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In Praise of Sarah Palin

A couple of great articles by Bob Beers. I'm posting them in their entirety so I don't have to run to the website in the future. The second article is a response to the comments on the first. Enjoy:

In Praise of Sarah, Oct. 22, 2009:

For the life of me I cannot see any logical reason for the intense hatred the left has for Sarah Palin. As I wrote yesterday, not one of the members of the mushy-brained sect has seen her in person, much less had enough time with her to form a reasonable opinion of her character, but still they manage to place her into the same category as a Simon Legree or worse.

For you lefties, Mr. Legree was the brutal slave owner and taskmaster in Harriet Beecher’s book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Try reading something other than eastern philosophy sometime; you’ll open up your mind.

What did Mrs. Palin do that made her number one on the liberals’ enemies list? Let’s see, she does outshine lefty women like Mrs. Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Maureen Dowd by a huge margin. Not one of them can hold a candle to her in the looks department. So I can see how the liberals can be upset there. They do not take to being upstaged at all well. What about decorum, the ability to present oneself in debate?

No contest again. She wiped the stage with Biden. The good senior senator thought he had himself an easy target and instead found himself on the wrong end of a knowledgeable verbal pit bull with a sense of humor.

Again, for you liberals that means being able to see the funny side of things.

Yes, I can see where being able to mop the floor with a Biden would set some liberals on edge. People like a Sarah Palin, especially one on the junior portion of the ticket are supposed to lie down and take whatever drubbing is dealt them without complaint, especially if that drubbing comes from an old liberal hand that has been gorging at the public trough as long as Biden has.

What about accomplishments? What has Sarah done to generate such enmity? From the level of vitriol the left throws out whenever just her name is mentioned she must have committed some pretty heinous crimes.

The following is taken from a blog entitled “Unbalanced Libra”. Here’s the link, It is comprehensive enough to be pasted in without comment:

“Firstly, there is no government closer to the people than at the municipal level. Palin spent eight years in city government, winning a seat on the Wasilla City Council in 1992 mostly thanks to her opposition to tax increases. She went on to serve two council terms from 1992 to 1996. She was elected mayor of the fast-growing Anchorage suburb in 1996 and again in 1999. Mayor Palin had a record of reducing property tax levels, increasing municipal services and attracting new industry to her town. During her tenure in Wasilla, she was elected chair of Alaska’s conference of mayors. [and served as president of that body at one point]

Next for Sarah Palin was service as chair of the Alaska Conservation Committee, a board which regulates the state’s oil and gas industry. In this appointive position she began to gain what would become extensive and valuable knowledge and experience in the area of one of America’s most pressing issues - energy. It was in this job where Palin first really demonstrated the toughness, political courage and maverick spirit that would years later so impress presidential candidate John McCain.

She resigned in January 2004 as head of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission after complaining to the office of Governor Frank Murkowski and to state Attorney General Gregg Renkes about ethical violations by another commissioner, Randy Ruedrich, who was also Republican state chairman.

State law barred Palin from speaking out publicly about ethical violations and corruption. However, she was vindicated later in 2004 when Ruedrich, who’d been reconfirmed as state chairman, agreed to pay a $12,000 fine for breaking state ethics laws. She became a hero in the eyes of the public and the press, and the bane of Republican leaders.

In 2005, she continued to take on the Republican establishment by joining Eric Croft, a Democrat, in lodging an ethics complaint against Renkes, who was not only attorney general but also a long-time adviser and campaign manager for Murkowski. The governor reprimanded Renkes and said the case was closed. It wasn’t. Renkes resigned a few weeks later, and Palin was again hailed as a hero.

In 2006, Palin ran for governor and was elected in a landslide. According to Fred Barnes: With her emphasis on ethics and openness in government, “it turned out Palin caught the temper of the times perfectly,” wrote Tom Kizzia of the Anchorage Daily News. She was also lucky. News broke of an FBI investigation of corruption by legislators between the primary and general elections. So far, three legislators have been indicted.

In the roughly three years since she quit as the state’s chief regulator of the oil industry, Palin has crushed the Republican hierarchy (virtually all male) and nearly every other foe or critic. Political analysts in Alaska refer to the “body count” of Palin’s rivals.

"The landscape is littered with the bodies of those who crossed Sarah,” says pollster Dave Dittman, who worked for her gubernatorial campaign. It includes Ruedrich, Renkes, Murkowski, gubernatorial contenders John Binkley and Andrew Halcro, the three big oil companies in Alaska, and a section of the Daily News called “Voice of the Times,” which was highly critical of Palin and is now defunct.

As governor, Sarah Palin’s list of accomplishments lengthened rapidly. She used her line-item veto to cut $268 million from Alaska’s state budget.

She stood up to some of Alaska’s most entrenched interests, including three big oil companies (BP, ConocoPhilips, and ExxonMobil) who hold the lease rights to much of Alaska’s oil and gas wealth.

Once in office, Palin took an aggressive stance toward the oil companies. Her nickname from high-school basketball, “Sarah Barracuda,” was resurrected in the press. Early in her term, she shocked oil lobbyists when she was so bold as to not show up when Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson came to Juneau to meet with her. Palin, after scrapping Murkowski’s deal, would not give Big Oil the terms they wanted, yet insisted that the companies still had an obligation under their lease to deliver gas to whatever pipeline Alaska built. She invited the oil companies to place open bids to build a pipeline, but they refused. A bid by TransCanada, North America’s largest pipeline builder, was approved by the legislature in August.

Palin also raised taxes on oil companies after Murkowski’s previous tax regime produced falling revenues in 2007, despite skyrocketing oil prices. Alaska now has some of the highest resource taxes in the world. Alaska’s oil tax revenues are expected to be about $10 billion in 2008, twice those of previous year. BP says about half its oil revenues now go to taxes, when royalty payments to the state are included. Recently, Palin approved gas tax relief for Alaskans, and paid every resident $1,200 to help ease their fuel-price burden.

Some other Palin accomplishments include supporting and signing an ethics bill passed by the Alaska legislature and creating the Alaska Health Strategies Planning Council to find innovative solutions to effectively provide access to, and help reduce the costs of, healthcare.

As governor, Palin is commander of her state’s National Guard. Not content to merely sit on the title, she traveled to Kuwait to learn about her troops’ mission there. On the return trip to Alaska, she stopped in Germany to visit wounded soldiers in the hospital, an activity that Barack Obama did not see fit to engage in during his own overseas venture, blaming the Pentagon for his snubbing of the wounded.

More accomplishments: Gov. Palin signed a resolution in opposition to the FAA’s plan to increase taxes on aviation fuel, impose user fees and slash airport funding. Also, before Palin became governor, her predecessor Frank Murkowski had purchased a Westwind Two business jet for the governor’s use at a $2.5 million price tag, despite the objections from the state legislature and the public. Her first order of business after taking office was to put the jet up for sale.

Palin did keep the governor’s state-owned Chevy Suburban, but she got rid of the driver, saying it was wasteful for the state to pay someone to drive her around, since she was perfectly capable of driving herself. The governor’s gourmet chef also got changed from a full-time to a seasonal-only basis because Palin considered it a luxury she didn’t think Alaskans should be paying for. Her political enemies called all this “superficial pandering.”

Alaska is the only one of America’s states which borders on two foreign countries. Sarah Palin is chief executive of our most important energy state, one which lies only a few miles from Russian territory. She has negotiated sensitive agreements on fishing rights and other matters to keep the peace up there. She’s also worked on important trade deals with other countries. She has received foreign heads of state and had discussions with them.”

As you can see, accomplishment is the least of Mrs. Palin’s problems. Quite frankly she has a bigger wealth of accomplishment than Obama and his entire cabinet combined. There will probably be screams of outrage from the left on that one, but honestly, based on what this woman has done in the face of intense opposition from both sides of the aisle, Barack Hussein Obama is a rank amateur compared to her All Star performance.

So here is my estimation as to why she is so hated by the left. She is an accomplished, well-spoken housewife and mother; faithful to her God, husband, her children and to her constituents. She has a proven record of honesty and self sacrifice for the good of those who elected her. No wonder the left considers her such an incredible danger. She would be someone who could sit in the oval office with the complete confidence of the majority of Americans behind her. She had to be stopped at all costs because her record is truly unassailable outside of the realm of lies the liberals live in.

Sarah Palin’s character rests upon a rock-solid foundation of achievement.

-- end article #1

And now, for the second:

The Survival of Sarah has enemies on the run - Oct. 23, 2009

In the comments section of my article entitled In Praise of Sarah Palin I told my readers that any attacks against that lovely lady would not be protected against ridicule if they were made without the use of proven historical fact and other equally fair conditions. “Well now”, I said to myself with smugly self-satisfied gusto, “here is a liberal who just could not resist his mushy-brained impulses.”

And indeed, one commenter did supply us with a juicy ripe bit of Palinhate to dissect. Here is his beginning, and I will bet all of you that he could not even bring himself to finish the article.

“I find it incredible that people believe that Ms. Palin has anything to offer to anyone. She has proven herself to be a quitter after she left her elected position with two years remaining after taking a solemn oath to serve, for personal monetary gain;"

Personal monetary gain you say? This is what Palin herself said, “Political operatives descended on Alaska last August, digging for dirt. The ethics law I championed became their weapon of choice. Over the past nine months I’ve been accused of all sorts of frivolous ethics violations – such as holding a fish in a photograph, wearing a jacket with a logo on it, and answering reporters’ questions.

"Every one—all 15 of the ethics complaints have been dismissed. We’ve won! But it hasn’t been cheap—the State has wasted thousands of hours of your time and shelled out some two million of your dollars to respond to “opposition research”—that’s money not going to fund teachers or troopers—or safer roads.”

Every rumor the left put forth vanished in a puff of hyperbole. Palin’s own record (which I so artfully revealed in my last column) proves that she is not interested in spending taxpayers’ money on frivolous wastes, and handing taxpayer money over to lawyers is getting pretty close to frivolous . Her replacement seems to be doing just fine, thank you. It seems the only ones really upset about her departure are the liberals because they no longer have Sarah Palin as a hot button target to snipe at.

Troopergate: "she has lied about anything and everything to serve her personal interests, including her involvement in “Troopergate”

Let’s take a look at this “Troopergate” deal. Mike Wooten, the ex-husband of Molly McCann, Sarah Palin’s sister, amassed a record of misconduct that would embarrass even the Chicago Police Department. In one incident, grudgingly proven to be true by the (Democrat) investigator, State Police Sergeant Wall, Wall’s investigation report dated October 29, 2005 found that Wooten violated internal policy, but not the law, in making a death threat against Molly McCann’s father, Heath on February 17, 2005.

My, my, so the brother-in-law of Sarah Palin makes a death threat against his father-in-law and the Democrats in Alaska think this is no big deal? No, to them the big deal is that Sarah Palin asked questions about this. Heaven forefend, perhaps she even had a secret enemies list ala Richard Nixon. Oops, sorry. That’s Barack Obama who copies Nixon, not Palin.

Continuing on with Wooten, the trooper in Troopergate, if you go over the released findings, Wooten also tasered his own 11 year old son, was drunk on duty, even to the point of driving his issued cruiser with a beer can in one hand and had enough accusations of spousal battery to qualify as a rap star. But, to the Democrats Sarah Palin’s duty was, as Governor, to ignore all of this.

As chief law enforcement officer of her state she was supposed to let this thug continue to collect his paycheck, abuse her sister and her nephew, threaten her father and place the lives of her constituents at risk every time he got behind the wheel. That’s what she was supposed to have done. But, to the liberals chagrin, Mrs. Palin did the correct, honorable thing and that is too much for organizations like the DNC.

The “Bridge to Nowhere”

That was actually a project dear to the heart of Senator Stevens, Republican, Alaska, and one of those spearheading the GOP attacks against Palin after she killed his golden goose. This is what Palin said in an interview about that project:

In an interview with ABC News’ Charlie Gibson, Palin stuck to her guns about her refusal to accept the federal earmark for the “Bridge to Nowhere” project. She didn’t, however, deny supporting the bridge originally.

“I was for infrastructure being built in the state,” Palin said. “And it’s not inappropriate for a mayor or for a governor to request and to work with their Congress ... [for] a share of the federal budget for infrastructure.”

When Gibson tried to object, Palin continued, offering perhaps the best argument for her campaign statements. “Transportation fund dollars still came into Alaska,” she said. “It was our choice, Charlie, whether we were going to spend it on a bridge or not. And I said, ‘Thanks, but no thanks. We’re not going to spend it on the bridge.’”

As it turns out, Sarah Palin, like every other Governor of any worth in this country, tried to find a way to generate infrastructure that benefited the people of her state using both state and federal dollars. I saw it personally in Carson City when I was in the legislature and I am still friends with the director of the Nevada Department of transportation. Having that contact removes every bit of dirt the DNC have tried to pile on Palin over this one. Again, she did the right thing every step of the way, whether you mushy-brained types like it or not.

“her daughter’s first pregnancy,”

So, Nikko, have you ever been involved in political office and tried to also raise a family? Sure, every liberal blogger from here to eternity salivated at the prospect of tearing down a woman who made their half-white messiah look like a drooling imbecile but then all the rumors again vanished leaving behind the boring reality that the Palins, just like nearly every other family with teenagers had a personal problem to handle within their family. The fact that it never developed into anything, plus the fact that the daughter came out of it all in incredibly good shape just irritates the left even further…plus the fact that there was no abortion. Sarah should have at least had the decency to sacrifice the baby to the liberal cause!

“who built her home.”

Liberals cannot conceive of a person being able to gather together some friends and building a home as nicely put together as the one the Palins live in. This is why they typically live in condos and other sorts of upholstered boxes, unless they are moneyed lefties and afford to pay contractors to do their work for them like the illegals they have watering their lawns. Sorry to disappoint (no I’m not), but people can and do do just that. I personally witness more than one house-raising in the California Pacific Northwest. I know of one particular home that came out even better than that of Todd Palin, and that fellow worked for a lumber mill. Sorry, this question is pure tripe.

“Several ethics investigations have found her culpable and she continues her unethical conduct with her brazen attempts to collect money for “legal bills”.”

Not one so-called investigation brought up a single proven violation, including those she acquiesced to. Every ethics charge was a personal political attack and know of where I speak because I was attacked much the same way here in Nevada. One of the so-called investigators was the Village Voice for Pete’s sake! Lefties will believe anything for the sake of the cause I guess.

"She charged the State of Alaska for her children’s trips (why weren’t they in school?),”

She did not charge the state, a per diem was paid automatically, Nevada does this as well. The Speaker of the Nevada has a young boy and he spent time at the speaker’s podium during several sessions. She a Democrat, should she be given a pass and Palin not? No, this is part of the deal when mixing family and politics, it is not corruption. The finances get worked out and it is no big deal. It certainly isn’t as big as rogering an aide in the Oval Office while your wife’s upstairs. Or am I mistaken?

“and charged the State per diem for living at home while on the job (why can’t we all do that?).

Because you’re not in office and you didn’t write the financial protocols of the state. Again, similar to Nevada, Alaska has a different way of dealing with compensation and it is easier to go through the motions and let the clerks do their job, and if things need to be settled later, they get settled. Another tiny, picky complaint so similar to the mushy-brained.

“She has shown herself to be vindictive, hateful, mean spirited, and ignorant.”

This is logical? How, Niko, show me where the vitriol isn’t in this sentence. I can imagine you destroying your keyboard with the slamming of your fingertips on this one.

“Her husband belongs to an Alaska secessionist party.”

Palin attended an AIP convention in the 90’s. That is not the same as being a member. Both Palins are registered Republicans, [Actually, I believe Todd is an Independent] which may or may not be a good thing in the current light of the party condition, but again, shall I bring up all the members of the Obama cabinet how belong to radical fringe parties? Give me a blessed break. You’re not even trying here Nikkoli, commmrade.

“She can’t speak a paragraph without mangling her words, and does not know the first thing about what she is saying when she attempts to speak.”

Nope, that’s Obama you’re thinking of. Try again. Better yet, try watching some clips not reedited by CNN.

“She knows nothing of the world, has never traveled, can’t tell you what newspapers she reads regularly.”

Again, read something other than the DNC talking points. I know personally that she has a high IQ, even higher than your beloved POTUS. She has a better grasp of relations with the eastern bloc and of the oil cartels than the Clintons could ever hope to have and on last count, she goes through the usual mainstream papers available in the Alaskan market as I do with those available here just to laugh at the lousy grammar and spelling of today’s journalists.

“She has no grasp of history, geography, or world politics.”

Check above.

“She went to five different colleges before she got a degree.”

She has a degree, does Obama? He won’t say.

“She has publicly feuded with virtually everyone she has ever been in contact with, including the 19 year old father of her grandson.”

“Virtually everyone?” Sorry, hyperbole again, points lost. No, that’s the Democrat leadership you’re thinking of.

“ She can’t take any criticism whatsoever, and is so narcissistic she believes everyone is out to get her at all times.”

More vitriol, more points lost. You’re into negative numbers now Nikko ol buddy.

“She is a joke, and the article’s description of her was worse because it wasn’t even funny.”

Sorry. Had to stop and wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes. You really should write for Leno. This stuff is priceless!

“ We on the left hope and pray that she will continue to be a viable candidate for that would assure continued success for liberal candidates whenever and wherever she is involved. Hooray for Sarah and those who support her!”

No actually you are terrified that she will do a Nixon and come back to take the oval office away before you and yours get a chance to complete the destruction of the core American society and replace it with a socialist Euro-style union. That part is not any attempt to be humorous.

It is a deadly reality and Sarah Palin frightens the bowels out of the left simply because in spite of everything you and the corrupt GOP threw at her, she thrived and you simply cannot handle that truth.

Friday, October 23, 2009

History Repeats Itself: Palin and the Alaska GOP

Let's just say, Palin didn't have the most loving relationship with her own party in Alaska. Yet she still ran as a Republican. This is why I doubt she will run as an Independent for 2012. She may, but she's been a thorn in the party's side before and still ran as an "R." Check out these articles, both from the Alaska Report (now hugely anti-Palin). The first one is about Palin's not-so-warm-and-fuzzy relationship with Rep. Don Young at the Alaska Republican Convention:

The second day of the Alaska Republican Convention had some fireworks - a raging Don Young, a surprise announcement, and a more pregnant-looking Sarah Palin getting multiple standing ovations.

The day started off with a gutsy speech by governor Sarah Palin that went directly after the corruption that has plagued the Republican party in Alaska.

"It's kind of, I think we have to acknowledge, it's sort of the big elephant in the room," Palin aimed at the ethically-challenged party head Randy Ruedrich.... "We can't kid ourselves there has not yet been restoration of the public's confidence in the Republican Party and we have got to do better," Palin said to a rousing applause.

"I think we need to call on all of you assembled delegates to rise and, literally even, stand with me if you desire change in our party's leadership," Palin said as many in the crowd rose to applaud. Don Young sat in his seat with a smirk on his face.

Don Young took the stage after Palin and launched a fiery speech. First up, rip Sarah Palin. "We do have a chance in this state and it's not words, it's development of our resources," Young said. "And this is direct criticism of my lieutenant governor and my governor at this time. We have to start investing it's not opening federal lands it's using our state lands."

During the entire Frank Murkowski administration Young never once said anything like that about Murkowki's failure to open ANWR. Nor did he mention his failure after 32 years on [in] office.

Here's the video of Palin asking people to stand up for reform in the party:

Next up, Sarah and Randy Reudrich, Alaska's GOP party chairman:

An anonymous spokesperson (for obvious reasons) told AlaskaReport, Conservatives want our party back. We see a bright future, but only if we can cleanse the party and enact change. At a time when we have the most popular governor in the nation, Ruedrich has failed to communicate with her," apparently since the 2006 election.

Alaska governor Sarah Palin said she favors a change in leadership.

The official Alaskan GOP website fails to include space for a positive mention of the governor, a picture of Palin, and celebrating the new administration's successes to date. No wonder conservatives feel it's time for Ruedrich to leave. They favor the vice chair, Kathy Gissel, stepping up to the chair because she has been uninvolved in the past problems and is highly respected as a hard worker.

A recent non-scientific poll at found 88% saying that the GOP needs a change at the top.
The Republican party in Alaska also did everything they could to keep Palin from winning the GOP primary for Governor. Again, history repeats itself. Here's Palin being asked her opinion of Randy Reudrich. Jump to 4:42. It's priceless:

Palin vs. Pawlenty on Hoffman Endorsement

Matthew E. Miller has a piece on Race42012. Not intended to be a Palin smear piece, it mocks the idea that Pawlenty was left out in the cold because Palin endorsed first. Read it here. An excerpt:

You get that? Palin was a genius for endorsing Hoffman, but when Pawlenty doesn’t have a decision ready two hours later, he’s a “loser” and a member of the “milquetoast establishment”. Boy I’m sure glad Palin delivered her endorsement in time for that 8:30 PM, October 23 deadline. Two minutes later and surely she’d have been on the wheel. Or wait… maybe the deadline only applies if you actually make a statement on the issue. So Palin would have been off the hook, then?
My response:

Yes, Hoffman has been out there for awhile and Palin just endorsed him. So what difference does it make if Pawlenty's a couple days later?

Palin was the first to endorse Doug Hoffman who has a shot at the White House. Fred Thompson can do whatever he wants without consequence. Palin, a potential 2012 candidate, went up against the GOP and Newt Gingrich before any other potentials that I am aware of. Huckabee just gave some lame excuse of why he hasn't endorsed Hoffman on Cavuto, and Pawlenty may endorse, but why not follow suit now that someone else has stepped out first?

Yes, Palin waited a little longer than many were calling for, but she was the first relevant figure, the first person of any consequence, to endorse Hoffman. Not only that, but she endorsed with both feet. She didn't just hand Hoffman some lip service; she threw her full weight behind him and slammed the GOP in the process.

In that sense, yeah, Pawlenty missed the boat.

More Media on Hoffman Endorsement - UPDATE: Tammy Bruce

UPDATE: Tammy Bruce on Hoffman endorsement:

Here's the Warroom with Quinn and Rose reacting:

Mike Huckabee doesn't endorse Hoffman (at least not yet):

What? I'm confused, Huck. Moving on...

Here's some Doug Hoffman ads:

Interesting.... Moving on again...

Sarah Palin quoted Ronald Reagan in her endorsement of Hoffman and said that the time had again come for choosing. I thought I'd post Ronald Reagan's "A Time for Choosing" speech:

What If Doug Hoffman Loses?

CBS has an article about Palin's endorsement of Hoffman here. It's fair, that's not why I brought it up. I brought it up because of this line:
Given that this is a moderate district (Obama won with 52 percent of the vote in 2008, Bush with 53 percent in 2004 and former Rep. McHugh repeatedly won easily as a moderate), a third-party conservative candidate has a slim chance of actually winning the seat.

What's more likely: Hoffman derails Scozzafava's chance at winning, handing the Democrat Owens a victory and House Democrats another seat on Nov. 3.
Okay, that is a possibility. What if that happens? What if we follow the courage of our convictions and it results in a loss? I'm not saying that he will lose or that the Democrat will win; I'm just saying it's possible.

The most obvious answer is that there's no difference between the Republican and the Democrat anyway. Putting in an "R" rather than a "D" will accomplish nothing. There is no one who infuriates me more than the traitors on our side. The Olympia Snowes of the Republican Party. I would rather be in the minority and be principled than get a majority and betray those values. But there's more to it than that.

If you had presented me with this type of scenario about a year ago, I probably would have gone the Gingrich route. But things have changed.

I have decided that it is better to not vote for the lesser of two evils, even if that means that the greater evil may succeed. Why? It's kind of hard to explain....

Why is America waking up today? Why are there tea parties sprouting up like weeds? Why are there some people who are finally getting involved after 30 plus years of political apathy? Simple: they've been pushed too far.

We can compromise and get a majority, maybe. But we won't be any better off. It's the choice between Obama and McCain. One way you die quickly; the other way you die slowly and painfully. Either way you're dead.

I posit that the American people will never truly rise up and take their country back until they are pushed up against the wall and forced out of their apathy to do so. That will not happen as long as there are moderates "handling" things for us. It's not gonna happen.

So, what if Doug Hoffman loses? What if the Democrat wins? What good will standing by conservative principles have done then?

Who woke the American people up more: John McCain or Obama?

Think about it.

Palin for President Sign in San Carlos - UPDATE: Judge Rules that Sign is Allowed

There's a dude who wants to put up a huge "Palin for President in 2012" sign. It's resulted in a lawsuit. See here.

UPDATE: Judge rules that sign is allowed. See here.

Reactions to Hoffman Endorsement

These are just in. I'll add any more this evening. Here's three for now, including one that's about Palin's book:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Will the Madness Never End? 200,000 Square Miles for Polar Bears

I'm adorable; but come any closer and I'll rip your face off.

AP article on the Obama administration's move to designate 200,000 square miles for Polar Bears:

The Obama administration said Thursday it is designating more than 200,000 square miles in Alaska and off its coast as "critical habitat" for polar bears, an action that could add restrictions to future offshore drilling for oil and gas.

Federal law prohibits agencies from taking actions that may adversely affect critical habitat and interfere with polar bear recovery....

The total area proposed for critical habitat designation would cover about 200,541 square miles — about half in the rugged Chukchi Sea off Alaska's northwest coast. About 93 percent of the area proposed for the polar bear is sea ice, with the remaining 7 percent made up of barrier islands or land-based dens of snow and ice.

Designation as critical habitat would not, in itself, bar oil or gas development, but would make consideration of the effect on polar bears and their habitat an explicit part of any government-approved activity.

Thursday's announcement starts a 60-day public comment period, with a final rule expected next year. Interior faces a June 30 deadline for critical habitat designation under terms of a settlement agreement between the government and three environmental groups.

Environmental groups hailed the habitat announcement, but noted that it came in the same week that the Interior Department approved a plan by a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell to drill exploratory wells on two leases in the Beaufort Sea off Alaska's north coast. The proposed drilling sites are within the area proposed for critical habitat designation....

The announcement comes one day after the state of Alaska filed a new complaint in its effort to overturn the listing of the polar bear as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

Former Gov. Sarah Palin filed suit last year, saying that Interior did not respond to the state's concerns in a timely manner before listing the polar bears as threatened. State officials say the listing could cripple offshore oil and gas development in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas, which provide prime habitat for the polar bears.

Gov. Sean Parnell, who succeeded Palin upon her resignation last summer, said the Endangered Species Act was being used as a way to shut down resource development along Alaska's northern coast. Parnell said he does not intend to let that happen.

Here's Governor Palin on Glenn Beck last year (before the VP nomination) talking about the polar bear lawsuit.

Nothing is set in stone just yet; I expect Governor Parnell to come down hard on this, if not Sarah Palin herself.

I'm all for protecting a species, but can we have a modicum of common sense while we do it? Is that too much to ask? (sigh) Apparently.

Whoa, Baby! When the Cuda Endorses; She REALLY Endorses!

I just got back from a friend's house and saw the scroll on Fox New's ticker: "Palin endorses Doug Hoffman in NY-23 race...."

I jumped online. From the lips of the LOTUS:

The people of the 23rd Congressional District of New York are ready to shake things up, and Doug Hoffman is coming on strong as Election Day approaches! He needs our help now.

The votes of every member of Congress affect every American, so it's important for all of us to pay attention to this important Congressional campaign in upstate New York. I am very pleased to announce my support for Doug Hoffman in his fight to be the next Representative from New York's 23rd Congressional district. It's my honor to endorse Doug and to do what I can to help him win, including having my political action committee, SarahPAC, donate to his campaign the maximum contribution allowed by law.

Our nation is at a crossroads, and this is once again a "time for choosing." The federal government borrows, spends, and prints too much money, while our national debt hits a record high. Government is growing while the private sector is shrinking, and unemployment is on the rise. Doug Hoffman is committed to ending the reckless spending in Washington, D.C. and the massive increase in the size and scope of the federal government. He is also fully committed to supporting our men and women in uniform as they seek to honorably complete their missions overseas.

And best of all, Doug Hoffman has not been anointed by any political machine. Doug Hoffman stands for the principles that all Republicans should share: smaller government, lower taxes, strong national defense, and a commitment to individual liberty.

Political parties must stand for something. When Republicans were in the wilderness in the late 1970s, Ronald Reagan knew that the doctrine of "blurring the lines" between parties was not an appropriate way to win elections. Unfortunately, the Republican Party today has decided to choose a candidate who more than blurs the lines, and there is no real difference between the Democrat and the Republican in this race. This is why Doug Hoffman is running on the Conservative Party's ticket.

Republicans and conservatives around the country are sending an important message to the Republican establishment in their outstanding grassroots support for Doug Hoffman: no more politics as usual.

You can help Doug by visiting his official website below and joining me in supporting his campaign:

"And best of all, Doug Hoffman has not been anointed by any political machine...." This is more than an endorsement, ladies and gentlemen. This is a shot over the bow, if not a bazooka strike straight into the heart of the Republican Party. This is less about Doug Hoffman and more about the problems with the party at large. The Party Boys better pay attention, and now.

Like I've said, I'm not a big fan of anybody from outside intervening in state and local elections, so I didn't really care if she jumped in one way or the other. Yes, I know it will impact the nation at large, and I was for her stumping for the Senate races, especially for a Senator in my state.... I don't know. I may have to abandon that position - I'll give it some more thought.

In the meantime, I'm thrilled with the way she did jump in. The timing is perfect, the message is right on target, and the 'Cuda is on the move.

Bill O'Reilly had Laura Ingraham on tonight and he talked to her about the in-fighting in the Republican Party and how it would hurt the party. Boo-whoopde-hoo. Who gives two cents about the Party? I used to; I don't anymore.

This civil war in the party has been going on underground for years. Let's just have it out, already. We have to straighten ourselves out before we even think about going after anyone else, so let's do it. Let's duke it out and decide what we believe.

As for Sarah Palin, if I were a Party Boy, I'd be real careful not to leave any blood in the water. She's hungry.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Everybody's Writing Books

Heaven forbid we let Sarah Palin have her say without doing our best to drown it out.

First up: "Going Rouge: An American Nightmare." The "satire" version of Going Rogue. I don't really mind it, but look for the left-wing hack jobs to quote it as they did Tina Fey and try to pass parts of it off as Sarah Palin's real story. I wish the world was above stooping to that level; unfortunately, when it comes to Governor Palin, anything is possible.

Interesting tidbit, the publishers of the book, John Oakes and Colin Robinson state on their website that they embrace: "Progressive change in politics, culture, and the way we do business." Yeah, no ulterior motive there.

Second: "Renegade: Sarah Palin's Hatchetman." Another book coming out soon written by one of Sarah Palin's staffers who got grilled during Troopergate. This one (although the title is media bait, to be sure) will probably not be a smear piece. I could be wrong, but we'll see. I actually really want to read it.

And Dennis Miller.....

While you may like Sarah Palin, you obviously fell for the media narrative of the 2008 campaign. Love you, but you're way off base on Palin's book, buddy. Way off.

The African Queen is Right Behind the Alaskan Queen

Just saw this awesome video. It's old, but it's good.

And check out the girl at around 9:45 or so.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

John Ziegler....What Can You Say About Him?

I honestly don't know what to make of John Ziegler. Some hail him as the best thing ever, others excoriate him by saying he's a shameless self-promoter. I think he's got good intentions, but is obnoxious by nature.

Thank goodness someone put together a documentary about the media malpractice during the 2008 election. Thank goodness someone was there to spotlight the farce of the Katie Couric award. Thank goodness someone had the gall to call out David Keene.

Does he get a little carried away sometimes? Oh, yeah. Does he not always know when to quit? Yeah. But I don't think he can help it. Like I said, I think it's just his nature. And I'm not about to tell the man what to do.

Here are the videos that are kicking up all of the controversy:

Josh Painter over at Texas for Palin got into a little debate with John about his recent clash with David Keene. The article is here. The debate is in the comments section:

John Ziegler: This is John Ziegler. I am very sorry that you have completely misunderstood my actions and intentions and have somehow missed that continuing the interview provoked Keene into a profanity-laced tirade that did more to reveal the truth of what I was saying than anything else. I was willing to put myself out there to get some accountability for actions that should upset you greatly. It is too bad that you don't "get" or appreciate that. Unlike Keene, I did absolutely nothing wrong and the video shows that.

Finally, the notion that I am a self-promoter is absurd. Whether you choose to realize that or not, no one outside of Sarah Palin's immediate circle has suffered more for her cause than me. If I am only interested in self-promotion I must be the dumbest person on the planet.

Josh Painter: Sorry, John, we call 'em as we see 'em. First of all, we have been upset with Keene ever since he made his remarks disrespecting Sarah Palin. We also have question his commitment to conservative principles since 2004, when he supported the liberal Specter over conservative Toomey.

We appreciate what you did with your standout documentary and your support for Sarah Palin while promoting the film.But we stand by what we said. The incident where you got handcuffed for trying to ask questions about Katie Couric's "award" was one thing. But taken together with the W-CPAC dustup, it is just too much theater. Because you got Keene to call you an a-hole, you believe that's the important thing, but you had already shown that he was unfair to Sarah Palin, a faux conservative and a whore just seven minutes into the interview.

We stand by our opinion that you should not have followed him into the hallway. That took what had been a great job on your part beyond the point of diminishing returns. We're not the only ones who share this opinion. Dan Riehl also thinks you went too far, and though we don't agree with all of what he had to say about it, we do agree on that point.

You had Keene nailed, if you would have just wrapped it up sooner. If we have misjudged your motives, we apologize, but we can't think of any other good reason for following him into that hallway other than you took your eye off the ball.

John Ziegler: If I had wrapped it up, as you judge from your computer, at the exact right moment (when was that exactly??) would anyone have cared about this at all???? Hardly anyone cares as it is.

Your arm chair quarterbacking is hilarious. Let's see, a true-blue Palin defender asks legitimate questions for a couple minutes more than you want vs. a total Palin sell out going into a profanity-laced tirade, stifling free speech, and calling the cops and you guys side with the latter than the former?! That is rich. Wow. And you wonder why Sarah Palin was allowed to be destroyed and so few defend her? This is why.

Josh Painter: Where are we siding with Keene, John? Let's see... we called him unfairly biased against Palin, a phony conservative and a whore. Please explain how that is siding with him against you? Step back, John. It isn't all about you.

Upinak: Mr Z.,You seem to have made money off Gov. Palin due to the "media malpractice" but where were you when Sarah was being attacked by those who did exactly as Keene did? You were making a movie. I was here in Alaska ... in the background, starting to have laws reversed, which is still in the works.

Are people like myself, who are silent or quietly working to undo the problems of the past going to be blasted by people such as yourself? I would respect that you keep in mind that it is people like Josh, I and other bloggers who keep people informed whether you like it or not. Interesting. What is next Mr. Z.? As I do not like wasting my time. Time is money.... as you well know.

John Ziegler (to JP): Believe me, I know it isn't all about me. I wish someone else would do this work and take these chances and that it wasn't about me at all. As for your question, I must have missed your headlines: "Keene embarrasses himself at CPAC" "Outrage! WCPAC Stifles Free Speech" or "ACU Chairman Exposed as a Fraud." All I caught was the one where you ripped on me unfairly.

John Ziegler (to Upinak): To answer Upinak, While I don't have exact figure right now, if you take all the hours I put into the film Media Malpractice, I doubt very seriously that I would come close to making minimum wage. I have been to 20 cites across the country screening the film and have given away many copies of the film (including in Alaska) just to educate people about what really happened. I have also taken numerous losses in trying to promote the film instead of sitting on the small profit that was made. What else did you want me to do?

Josh Painter: No sir. We called Keene biased, a fraud and a whore. We recognized your film and your earlier support of Sarah Palin as outstanding. We said that the first part of your interview was very good work. But when we criticized you for going too far with it, you went off like a Roman candle, and you say such criticism is unfair. We have nothing further to say on this matter. You can have the last word, if you want it.

John Ziegler: I posted earlier about the absurd "money" issue but seems to have disappeared. As for me going off like a "roman candle," I called it "unfair." Please. And almost all of your focus on this episode was on me (rather ironic considering want to remind me it isn't about me) instead of on Keene's errors, where it belonged.

All I can say is that John must be feeling pretty lonely right about now.

I'm kind of in the middle on this. I feel like Mommy and Daddy are fighting and I'm the kid sitting in the middle wishing they would just get along.

And a word to Upinak (a once-highly esteemed member of the C4P family who hasn't dropped by in some time): I do think it's a little unfair to criticize John Ziegler for the role that he plays. You and other bloggers are doing your part. Ziegler lives in L.A. His part was a movie. Everybody has their own role and their own water to carry. I blog and do whatever I can. We all do. Don't be so defensive.

JP's position seems to be that we have to weigh what we do as Palin supporters to make sure that it doesn't do her any harm. I can see the point in that, but trying to herd conservatives is like trying to herd cats. They're independent-minded. And I for one reserve the right to support Sarah Palin and have my own opinions and the freedom to act as I see fit. I will sacrifice that freedom for no one, not even the good Governor. On the other hand, I also respect JP's right to call John out if he thinks John is doing things wrong.

Could John be slightly more civil? Yes. He's obnoxious. He could tone that down if he really wanted to. But that is up to him. And I don't think that if Sarah Palin saw the David Keene interview she would have any real problem with it. Not her style, to be sure, but she likes John Ziegler.

John defended himself on Eddie Burke's radio show:

Two things on John's style:

1. Since John's not well-known the only way to draw attention to this interview, and thus to the issue, might be to make a scene. I mean, we're talking about it, aren't we?

2. Okay, so you got our attention. The danger now is that the focus might be shifted away from the issue of David Keene and to the style of John Ziegler, which obviously has happened at least in some circles.

As to whether John's a self-promoter, we can't see inside someone's head and heart to know what their true intentions are. I hesitate to go there.

(Hey, John, if you want to comment on this post you can!) Yeah, right:)

GOP Will Follow Its Heart in 2012

An article in response to the Matt Lewis question: Will the GOP choose passion or principle (Palin or Romney) in 2012? A dumb question, since Sarah Palin has both, but I now turn you over to the article:

No matter what kind of gains Republicans make in the midterm elections next year, it’s going to be tough to unseat President Obama—

That's why the GOP is going to choose Sarah Palin, its heart’s preferred candidate, over Mitt Romney, its head’s favorite. Or as Matt Lewis puts it, “If you’re going to lose anyway, is it better to lose atop the horse you really want to ride?”

Republicans have often ended up with two kinds of choices in efforts to unseat Democratic incumbents, Lewis notes for Politics Daily. There’s the “whose-turn-is-it” nominee: Richard Nixon, Bob Dole, John McCain. Then there’s the sacrificial lamb, a la Barry Goldwater. But “Palin is the only potential candidate on the Republican side with star power,” Lewis explains. “It’s hard to quantify that trait, but Reagan had it.”

And in 2012, the GOP might well bet on finding its next Reagan.

I go a step further. Sarah will be the nominee, and she will win.

No Honor Among Politicians

Michael Yon has an article on Afghanistan here

Honor. That what's missing from our foreign relations policies. Today, Obama restated his committment to withdraw all troops from Iraq by 2011. Fine, the majority of the work is done. Of course, they'll never give the previous administration any credit for it. Obama then said that there was great potential for trading with Iraq. Well, a free people and a new trade partner; maybe Iraq wasn't a huge waste after all. But they'll never admit that either.

Well, Obama, we're in Afghanistan with both feet. Yet you won't commit. You won't adhere to the advice of your generals. You turned your back on the people of Iran, why wouldn't you turn your back on the people of Afghanistan?

Politics is too involved in war. We saw it in Vietnam; people in Congress not allowing our men to fight. And then, when we had spent thousands of lives to secure South Vietnam militarily, they just pulled out and let the Communists swarm in and kill, kill, kill the civilians we had just fought and died to try and protect. No honor.

The people of the United States of America don't like war. We drag our feet and whine about how much it costs. But I, as a We the People person, sympathize with freedom fighters in Iran. I sympathize with the people of Afghanistan who've got terrorists breathing down their necks. I relate. Once you make a committment to go in, you should go in with everything you have, and the people of that country shouldn't have to worry about whether or not you'll get cold feet and leave them to face the terrorists on their own.

Walter Lippman said, “He has honor if he holds himself to an ideal of conduct though it is inconvenient, unprofitable, or dangerous to do so.” Our politicians have none. They're base scum. I don't have words for the contempt I hold for them.

Ramras - Are You Serious?

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - State Rep. Jay Ramras announced Tuesday he's running for the job of lieutenant governor.

The three-term Republican from Fairbanks says Alaska must reshape policies for sound growth using the resource based economy.

Ramras owns Pike's Waterfront Lodge, Pike's Landing, and the Food Factory restaurant in Fairbanks. He currently serves as the chairman of the House Judiciary committee and the House special committee on Economic Development, Trade and Tourism.

Okay, Representative Ramras is the poster boy of how schoolyard the Alaska state legislature went on Governor Palin in the wake of the 2008 election. Here is Mr. Personality himself asking Wayne Anthony Ross, the Governor's pick for state Attorney General, the most pressing question of our times:

And yes, there was a smear campaign waged against Wayne Anthony Ross. To hear his side of the story, click here.

Disagreeing with the Governor is fine, but when you drag in something as stupid as the Arctic Cat complaint, say that the Governor looked like a walking billboard... You are asking questions of the guy who could be your next Attorney General, and that's the best you can come up with? And he was serious! If he was joking I could see it, but he was serious! What a clown. What a sick puke. I'm sorry, but I blow my top every time I see that video. That's just disgusting.

Alaska, I hate to tell you what to do with your elections; I'm sure that Ramras has been relatively sane in the past, but the man put the best interests of the state on the back burner just to take a cheap shot at the Govenor. Sometimes an Outsider's perspective is valuable. I think Campbell can pretty much clean this guy's clock without any of my help, but my two cents:

Kick Ramras to the curb. That man should never sit in any public office of any kind ever again. Buh bye.

Monday, October 19, 2009

"Men Wanted For Hazardous Journey"

An article on the Taliban Rising:

Everything I Need to Know About Sarah Palin, I Learned From Sir Ernest Shackleton:

On July 3rd, 2009, Sarah Palin resigned as Governor of Alaska, and nailed the following sign to her door:
“Men Wanted For Hazardous Journey. Small wages. Bitter cold. Long months of complete darkness. Constant danger. Safe return doubtful. Honor and recognition in case of success.”
This, the most famous newspaper advertisement ever penned, placed its original author, Sir Ernest Shackleton, in the position of having to select the crew for an Antarctic expedition from among the 5,000 men the ad brought to his office. Comparing Sara Palin to the greatest explorer in history might appear to stretch the limits of metaphorical license, even for an Irishwoman given to hyperbole. I contend, however, that it pales when compared to likening a revolutionary idealist with two weeks of Presidential experience, to Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I believe that Sarah Palin, will be the next President of the United States, and that the secret to her success can, oddly enough, be found in characteristics she shares with one of the greatest Explorers of modern history, Sir Ernest Shackleton.

On December 5th, 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton set sail for the Weddell Sea in a ship that was fate-temptingly named, “Endurance.” Having participated in two unsuccessful expeditions to reach the South Pole, the immortal British explorer was returning to the land of ice that he loved in order to traverse Antarctica. Though Shackleton would not ultimately accomplish the crossing of the frozen continent, his Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, would honor the parchment of history with some of the most awe-inspiring events ever recorded. The Endurance, belying her proud name, fell victim to the treacherous ice floes that clawed their way earlier and further north than usual. After weeks aboard the ice-encased ship, Shackleton gave the order to abandon Her, and the crew established camp on the ice. They watched in anguish as their only means of returning home was finally crushed and sought its place in the graveyard of the sea.

Having presided over the funeral of his ship, Shackleton addressed his crew, “Men, since our ship and supplies are gone, I suggest we go home.” The evident absurdity of this proposal was apparent to all, and perhaps to the “boss” himself. But, ice, freezing temperatures, lack of provisions, impending winter, and absence of transportation, were just logistical details to be navigated. Shackleton’s men trusted him implicitly. They instinctively perceived that elusive quality we rarely apprehend in our fellow man, that combination of sound judgment, courage, moral rectitude, and empathy, that are the unmistakable elements of a true leader.

Shackleton determined that he was “not going to let his men bloody die.” Having made their rescue, and no longer a stroll across Antarctica, his unique goal, the minor trifle that his endeavor was hopelessly unattainable was simply not worthy of consideration. The crew of the Endurance lived on the ice for four months, spent five days rowing three small lifeboats across the open ocean, and set up camp on Elephant Island, a small cluster of rock and thin beach. Knowing that his men would never be rescued from Elephant Island, Shackleton set out in one of the life boats with four other men, in a desperate and utterly ludicrous attempt to reach South Georgia. For fifteen days, five virtually frozen, starved men rowed preposterously towards a speck on the map.

No one could actually survive in a lifeboat for two weeks on the frozen ocean. Nor could they land on a speck, and undertake thirty-five hours of highly technical mountain climbing and hiking, before reaching the South Georgian whalers. Even if such mythology could come true, one could not arrange, in the middle of winter and a war, a successful rescue of the men left on Elephant Island who, by any sane estimation, must have long passed to a warmer world (hopefully, a world not too much the warmer!)

But you see, Shackleton had decided that not a single man in his care would die, so his certain failure, at any stage of this breathtaking mission was simply never a factor in his calculations. Shackleton did arrive at the whaling station, he did return to Elephant Island, and “he did not let a single man bloody die.” The crew of the Endurance would have undoubtedly perished on the ice of Antarctica, were it not for the leadership of Sir Ernest Shackleton. I sincerely believe that Sarah Palin possesses those same characteristics and that she will press forward, ignoring obstacles, inspiring her supporters and, as President, not let the Country “bloody die.”

It is obvious that the election of Sarah Palin as the next President is absolutely impossible. Not only is she consistently attacked and misrepresented in the media and by the majority of “opinion makers,” but even in the Republican Party, her own ship, she is considered something of an Jonah, better to be thrown to the sea. The Endurance is a perfect image of Sarah’s political career, as it sank beneath the weight of external belligerence and the unrelenting, grinding pressure of her opponents. Her prospects were also mangled by the internal betrayal of former supporters and promoters because of their desperate need to pin their own failures on a woman they underestimated and deemed expendable. Like Sir Ernest, one can literally picture Sarah surveying the wreckage, and it is precisely in this moment that we see her leadership emerge.

Sarah knows what the “Tea Party Patriots” know. Only a real conservative will reach the harbor of the White House, if there is to be a new administration in 2012. The concepts of love of God, love of Country, love of family, love or our troops and commitment the War on Terror, fearless denunciation of Communist China’s human-rights violations, faith in our free-market, faith in American self-reliance and independence were not “slogans” she used to get a job in Washington, but deeply held personal values. These values are the future of our country. Sarah, without a moment wasted on disdain for those who tell her that her endeavor to bring these values to the White House is futile, has already started dragging the lifeboats of American conservative principles across the frozen wasteland of a triumphant Marxist administration, and her own virtually-emasculated Party that wants nothing to do with her cargo of gritty, Reagan conservatism.

When the ice disintegrates, that is, when the last remnants of support from the GOB (Good Old Boys Party) finally abandon her, Sarah will put to sea in her boats and go on alone, alone, that is, with those millions and millions of supporters who were brought by her, in 2008, from a state of near despondency, to a storm of enthusiasm, the expression of which shocked the Nation and eclipsed the vapid haranguing of the opposition. Sir Ernest’s conviction that he would not fail was so clear and strong, that his men believed that he would bring them home. The crew also loved and followed Shackleton because they saw that he was one of them, that he shared their sufferings and their hard work.

One day during the campaign, Sarah got off the bus, went into Wal-Mart and bought store-brand diapers and a toy for her little boy with Downs Syndrome. I compare this to Michelle Obama, in numerous Antoinettian vignettes, wearing five hundred dollar sneakers to serve soup, shutting down the Beltway to put organic lettuce in her market-basket, and donning a New York fashion-week belt to commiserate with women who could not afford Tylenol for their children. While the elites wrote Sarah off as unsophisticated, the ordinary people reveled in her leading by example, sensing a simple life that embodied her spoken principles.

It is impossible that any political figure can withstand the battering from elements, both external and internal, that Sarah Palin has endured, yet unlike Shackleton’s ship, she remains. Like Sir Ernest, she continues, she follows her own compass. I am looking forward with veritable glee to the next months. Constantly given up for lost, she will continue the “hazardous journey.” Fellow Republicans will look, not only to GM (Goebbels Media,) but to their own moth-eaten, comfortable Admirals, back in the officers’ club, and shake their heads at her “doubtful safe return.” They will have their wigs powered and raise money for both the plastic and the absurd chameleons we, a dozen times, cringed to call “leader,” and only tolerated as the lesser of two evils. At their rallies, all two hundred compromisers will take a pinch of snuff and congratulate themselves that they have someone that will not upset the independents and the moderates.

Meanwhile, the people will answer Sarah’s advertisement and sign on for the “hazardous journey.” She will continue to draw thousands of willing “crew members”, as she did during the 2008 Campaign, when venues needed to be enlarged to accommodate those who wished to express their support for all she represented. Of course, we hope that the leaders of the GOB will get off the ice before it is too late. Hopefully they will not be left behind to sink into the oblivion of history because of petty jealousy or because they were so ignorant of what the “Tea Party Radicals,” truly want. It will be good if they have enough love of country to leave their personal effects at camp, get on board and help row.

“As for the honor and recognition in case of success,” the only honor and recognition we hope for, in supporting this intrepid woman, is that of our children and all those who will benefit, because of Sarah Palin’s leadership, from the safe harbor of a truly free America.

Palin – Shackleton 2012.

The 'Cuda is on the Move

Palin is scheduled to appear at a Wisconsin Right to Life event in Milwaukee, WI. on November 6th. Website and ticket purchase here.

If Milwaukee's not convenient, she's also slated to speak at the College of the Ozarks in December. To be safe, neither one of these events has been publicly confirmed by Meg Stapleton as of yet, but that doesn't mean I'm not stoked! I'm planning on getting to the event in Milwaukee, if at all possible.

Tea Party: The Documentary

I found this on You Tube. The narrator's a little overdramatic for my taste, but it's interesting:

Check out the website for the movie here.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Rumor Mill

Did you know that the Palins don't want anybody living nearby? Did you know, did you know....

Every so often I pop into the crazy pits known as the Immoral Minority or Palingates just to see what they're whispering to themselves now. This time it paid off. I found some interesting stuff. Take it without the looney fringe spin:

The Palins are apparently building: &

Also, pics and a video of Bristol (happy birthday) back in 2007:

I know, I know, I shouldn't be giving them traffic, but when they do the grunt work, I let them do the grunt work.

Also, what is Jessica "Beehive" (Sarah Palin's hairdresser) up to? Inquiring minds wanna know....

And Track, I know you're shy, so I won't post the kissing picture, but the Palingates blog linked to a pic I hadn't seen before:

Track and his girlfriend, who I'm pretty sure worked in the Governor's office as a secretary or something. I could be wrong on that. No matter. She was at the Gov's picnic in Wasilla. Follow the links on Palingates to find some more pics. And then never enter those slime bogs again. And please, do not feed the monkeys in their comment section. It's like trying to talk sense into a Q-tip.

That concludes the rumor mill for this Sunday.

Eddie Burke: Like Ronald Reagan, Palin Leading the Way

Eddie Burke blogs on Conservative Girl with a Voice:

Like Ronald Before Her, Sarah is Leading the Way!

YAY! Sarah's done it again. Not only is she going to continue Sarah PAC, but she has developed a new political organization, appropriately named "Stand up for our Nation." When I heard Sarah was developing a new political organization, I became so excited because it seems that whatever Sarah does, she does it well. Like many of you, I receive regular emails from "Newsmax." Just yesterday, when I opened up my "Newsmax" email, I was glad they had an article on this. What an amazing thing to set up an organization that according to the site "Texas for Palin," "will work to her advantage because it expands her political options." In true Sarah fashion, she is going to continue to stand up for Americans and for the nation. I couldn't think of a more appropriate title for her new political organization.

"Newsmax" speculates that Sarah's new political organization could be her way of taking another step closer to a 2012 presidential run. I know God has big plans for her, and as she has stated in the past, when God opens a door, she will plow through it. What an amazing philosophy on how to live your life. Sarah is a true blessing and strong woman of faith.

I truly hope Sarah will run in 2012 because she gives me hope like Ronald Reagan gave to so many in the 1980s. I was born in 1981, so I am proud to call myself a "Reagan Baby." While I was only a child throughout Reagan's presidency, I have been brought up with a great love and appreciation for all things Ronald Reagan.

After spending the entire summer reading as many books about Reagan as I could get my hands on, I see in Sarah Palin what so many saw in Ronald Reagan. Sarah is truly a Reagan incarnate. Like Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin gives me hope that America can once again be that "Shining City on a Hill." And like Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin knows that all too often, government is the problem, not the solution. Sarah IS the Ronald Reagan of my generation. Her no-nonsense common sense and sensible ideas make me want to stand up and help her make a difference. Never before have I felt this way, and I know that many of you can relate. My mom and dad feel the same way, and both tell me that not since Reagan have they felt so inspired as when Sarah came on to the national scene.

Like Ronald Reagan, Sarah is a western soul. Although Ronald and Sarah came from different states and grew up under different circumstances, they both share what is important to so many: A deep, abiding faith in God and an intense love for country. Sarah is as hard working as Ronald was, and like Ronald, she is not afraid to get her hands dirty. One of the books I read this summer, that I highly recommend, is Peggy Noonan's "When Character was King." I will never forget Noonan's description of how much Ronald Reagan loved his California ranch, and how much he loved to put on a simple pair of jeans and just put his hands in the soil and work. He felt at home on his ranch. This is how Sarah feels about Alaska. While Alaska and California are very different places, the western appeal and love for the outdoors many in each state feel is inescapable. Like Ronald Reagan, Sarah's love for the outdoors has helped shape who she is as an individual.

One of the most fascinating things I loved about Ronald Reagan was his amazing independent streak. I see this same trait abundantly clear and alive in Sarah too, which is so refreshing, not to mention endearing and much-needed in this ever-changing world. Sarah doesn't walk with the Washington herd, which is so appealing especially considering the current state of Washington D.C. When so many are bickering, Sarah, like Ronald before her, is finding the real solutions and actually giving ideas. The folks in D.C. could definitely learn a thing or two from her.

Let me tell you something that really excites me: The folks on "Mainstreet U.S.A." are listening, and more and more people are listening to her everyday. Come election time, they are the individuals who matter.

Ronald Reagan was a true diamond in the ruff, and Sarah Palin is a diamond of the same kind. She is a true gem who, I have no doubt, IS the future of America. Not only is she taking a cue from a great man, but she is leading the way in her effort to restore America, and her PAC as well as her new political organization are two great examples of this. In true Ronald Reagan fashion, Sarah is leading the way to a better, stronger and safer America- You betcha she is!

LOTUS: Happy Alaska Day!

The purchase of Alaska in 1867

LOTUS: In March 1867, U.S. Secretary of State William Seward negotiated the purchase of Alaska from Russia for two cents an acre. On October 18 of that year, authority over the territory of Alaska officially transferred to the United States when the American flag flew over Fort Sitka for the first time. Alaskans have celebrated “Alaska Day” on October 18 ever since. Though the purchase was derided at the time as “Seward’s Folly,” Seward was a visionary, and history has proven that his purchase of Alaska from Russia was never folly. Alaska has contributed greatly to the United States through our export of natural resources – from wild Alaska seafood, timber, and ore to our oil pipeline and future natural gas pipeline. Today we remember the wisdom of Secretary Seward and look forward to the hopeful future of the Last Frontier. Happy Alaska Day!

Today also marks a special occasion for my family as my eldest daughter celebrates her birthday. Happy Birthday, Bristol!

- Sarah Palin

Could We Please Quit Telling Sarah Palin What to Do?

After the media went crazy yelling that the New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial races were going Palin-less, now some on the conservative side are wondering why Palin's not jumping into the NY23 campaign with both feet. Here's an idea: how about we quit telling Sarah what she should and shouldn't do? I'm not going to agree with every move she makes or doesn't make. I don't expect to personally love every candidate she does endorse. If our hopes are accurate, the woman is gearing up for a Presidential campaign while trying to stop health care legislation through her Facebook page. She's busy. I honestly don't expect her to jump into the fray until the Senate races really gear up. If she does jump into this NY campaign, fine. But I'm not going to lose sleep if she doesn't. I'm tired of speculation, and I'm tired of the free advice. Just let the woman do her thing. Thank you.

SP Video Sunday

I start with a random picture that has nothing to do with the video choice:

I just think it's cute. Why is Todd holding a gnome, you ask? The story is here.

Now, on to the video. This is an interview Sarah Palin gave in her office. It was uploaded August 30, 2008. The information in the video dates it to at least a year earlier (Track had not yet joined the Army) and Progressive Alaska dates the interview at August of 2007.

The interview was conducted by Armstrong Williams. His website is here. It covers a wide range of topics, including how Palin feels about the war in Iraq, being a mom of four (Trig wasn't around yet) while being Governor, what role her faith plays in her life, whether or not the government can create jobs, the candidacy of Barack Obama and advice on how he can counter attacks on his inexperience, and the issues that she deals with in Alaska that are dealt with in other parts of the country.