Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas! - Christmas Favorites

I'm going to take off for a few days. I leave you with some (some; I couldn't possibly list them all) of my Christmas favorites. Merry Christmas!

I used to watch this when I was little. I'd forgotten all about it before I stumbled across it on Hulu:

More goodness here.

Monday, December 20, 2010

E-mail Motherlode

It's not often that I link to a Mother Jones post, but this one interested me. It's part window into just how much of a pain the e-mail requests have been to the state of Alaska, part reporter complaining about not getting the e-mails right away despite the fact that it's an enormous pain.

First off, REALLY? You asked for ALL e-mails sent to and from and copied to Governor Palin during her whole tenure as Governor????
I sent Palin's office a request for all emails written by her, received by her, or cc'ed to her during her tenure as governor. In subsequent weeks other news organizations, including the Associated Press and MSNBC.com, the state Democratic Party, and individuals (such as Alaskan citizen watchdog Andree McLeod) filed similar requests.

You couldn't narrow it down a tad? That's insane. Do you have any idea how many emails go back and forth in a day, let alone two and a half years (at that point)? Good golly, miss molly.

Corn (the author of the article) also takes the time to complain about Palin using private e-mail accounts. Kinda fails to mention that she was cleared of wrongdoing in that area. No rules against it.

I just hope that whenever (if ever) they get all their e-mails, that they release them to the public.

Speaking of which, you know that Todd e-mail dump that I said about a year ago I would break down? Yeah, I'm finishing that up. That was a fraction of what this guy requested. I ended up putting it on the back burner many times to actual pressing business. I hope to have it up at the end of the holidays. The only reason I'm doing it is because I said I would. I doubt anyone really cares anymore. It's the kind of thing only I and maybe two other people on earth would find interesting.

I confess that if they ever do get those e-mails though, I want to read them. I'm curious that way. I'd never ask for all of them like that though. That's nuts.