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Sarah Palin's Alaska

TLC provides an idea of what Sarah Palin's Alaska series might look like:

The network is making maybe its strongest play yet for the non-elite, middle-class audience, with a new show starring the queen of Red State America, Sarah Palin.

The combative former Alaska governor is teaming with reality super-producer Mark Burnett to start production next month on a one-hour, eight-episode series in which Palin "will show, first-hand, what it means to be Alaskan," according to an internal summary developed by the channel's ad department. "Each one-hour episode will feature taking on a different job, a new adventure.

"She may be hauling nets with her husband, Todd, on his commercial salmon fishing boat on Bristol Bay, roughing it in a logging camp or spotting grizzly bears while camping on Kodiak Island," the summary continued. (Neither Palin nor Burnett was available to elaborate.)

Whether the show will connect with its target audience is anyone's guess; Palin is already a contributor and show host for Fox News, another network self-consciously aimed at non-elites. But it's the strongest proof yet that TLC, a unit of Discovery Communications, which also operates Discovery, Animal Planet and other networks, is determined to become the antidote to Bravo, a rival cable network that has perfected the fine art of chasing upscale viewers with wry, trendy, often-sensational fare....

The environmental group Friends of the Earth attacked Discovery, which has aired many nature programs on its other outlets, for ordering the show: "Palin supported the barbaric practice of aerial wolf hunting for sport. She also denies outright that humans are contributing to climate chaos," an official of the group said.

[FYI - it is not wolf-HUNTING. At least get your criticisms straight. It's control, and it's not something they do every day. It's a last resort.]

"They're pretty fearless women who pick paths in their lives and follow them," O'Neill said of Gosselin and Palin. "Not everyone agrees with all their choices or even some of their remarks, but we think both of them make a lot of sense for TLC as strong, compelling characters...."

Earlier this month, an episode of "Kate Plus 8" devoted to her sextuplets' sixth birthday drew 3.4 million total viewers.

Depending on how it's made, the Palin show could end up being an even bigger definer of TLC's image than the Gosselins have been. O'Neill promised that the ex-governer has been intimately involved with the show's development, even though "there won't be her opinions in the show, politically or otherwise."

"There's nothing on TV, honestly, that we can say this is like," she added. "People have asked, 'Is it a nature documentary? Is it a travelogue? Is it a docusoap? Is it a reality show?' It's going to have pieces of a lot of things people are familiar with, but there's no one label."

Sooo excited!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Not What the Media Portrayed Her to Be

I should point out that the media is now going to try and run with the idea that Palin is some sort of pot-head, or something.

What she actually said was that she doesn't want to legalize marijuana, but she feels that the police shouldn't make busting someone smoking it in the privacy of their home and not hurting anyone a priority. There are bigger fish to fry. It was about priorities.

The bottom line is that these people don't stop attacking Palin even when they find out that she might agree with them on something. They just take whatever's new and twist it to attack her again.

Sarah Palin Radio Interviews Joe Miller

Donate to Joe if you can:

Somebody's Angry!

Ah, the smell of HuffPo in the morning...

Someone wasn't too happy with the Governor on O'Reilly Tuesday night. (Look at the link, don't click on it unless you must. It leads to the Compost).

Geoffrey Dunn (professional Palin hater, aka, someone who wouldn't have a buck to his name if he couldn't smear Sarah Palin) has officially gone 'round the bend (figuratively speaking, of course). Behold the meltdown:
Perhaps the biggest joke being fobbed by Palin to the American public is that she is some sort of expert on energy issues. Sarah Palin isn't an expert on anything -- remember that this is a woman who didn't know the difference between England and Great Britain as she began her not-so-celebrated run for the vice-presidency -- and who quit her governorship after two-and-a-half years of failed leadership and being found guilty of "abuse of power" in the Last Frontier. It's all smoke and mirrors. She is fed a series of talking points by her advisers before each of her punditry appearances and then dishes them out in what my friends in Alaska have dubbed "word salads" -- without the dressing.
Wow. Hahaha! Breathe, Geffy, breathe.
And why does everyone -- including Palin herself -- keep pretending that she is still governor?
Why does Clinton keep pretending he's still President? Honestly. They cannot be this stupid. They just can't. It's not physically possible.
As Andrew Halcro, the bright and witty Anchorage based businessman who ran against Palin for governor in 2006, wrote me yesterday: "Listening to Sarah Palin lecture on the oil-and-gas industry is like listening to Bernie Madoff talk about safe investing; zero credibility."
I included that one just for laughs. So, Palin's a failure but the "brilliant" guy who came in what, third?, feels qualified to critique? Ooookay...

Here ya go, Andy:

Then Geoff goes off on some "Where's the pipeline?" stuff. Dude. They're going through the process right now. Yes, Palin's process. It might not end up being a line to the Lower 48, it might end up being shipped to Asia. Markets change, etc... We'll find out. Might end up with nothin' if Obama's Cap and Trade legislation goes through. That will really kill Alaska.

But all of that stuff aside, I think I've figured out what's really burning Dunn's butt:
I just this week received a massive dump of Palin's emails through an Alaska Public Records Act request. It provides a fascinating glimpse of how Palin dealt with the oil industry. Writing on her infamous private Yahoo account on which she conducted state business, Palin expressed her desire to host a fish barbecue in Juneau during the spring of 2007 for representatives from TransCanada Corp., which she essentially selected to build the pipeline. Here, in her inimitable own words:
....a good opportunity to have folks over for informal gasoline chat....

Tonight's great for Todd and me--now these type of events can be quite informal and still be successful. There's a Costco in Juneau, if you know what I mean. And my family is quite capable of setting out food and cleaning up afterwards.
So he got an email dump. Sounds to me like Geffy was really looking forward to uncovering those silver bullets like - "Okay, Todd, I'm going to do what you told me to and fire Monegan because he won't fire Wooten. I follow the commands of the Shadow Governor."

Or - "Trig #1 was shipped in last night. He'll do for a quick picture and then we'll swap him out with Trig #2. Get Trig #3 ready. We'll rotate them randomly for no apparent reason, just to give some loser blogger something to talk about."

Wait, that's someone else's fantasy. Never mind.

Instead he's got the Governor's family offering to get supplies at Costco, set everything up themselves, and clean it all up themselves. What a terrible disappointment. What a blow that must have been to Dunn's "Diva" fantasy. Not to mention the discovery of this shocking, detailed, "state business" that was outlined in her personal Yahoo account. Oh, the secrets that lie in that Costco! And I'm sure he was sorely disappointed to learn that Sarah doesn't hate Todd. What a bummer. Must have sent him off the deep end.

Sounds like it might be the same e-mail dump the AP got, because they quoted those same lines a couple of weeks ago. Dunn should put those emails up online somewhere, so we can all read them. :)

I don't pretend to know the intricate details of the Alaska oil and gas industry. But I do know that Geoffrey Dunn is full of horse apples. Or maybe horse cherries. He sure knows how to pick 'em.

Ann Coulter on O'Reilly

Tough Mothers

An article by Russ Vaughn on American Thinker:

I am one of those conservatives who has pretty much maintained an arm's length from Sarah Palin since Mc Lame first brought her to the forefront of the political scene. Although initially wary, but admittedly impressed with her performance in the 2008 campaign, which in my opinion was the only bright spot of said campaign, I have begun to pay more attention to this irrepressible, remarkable woman and I must confess: I'm impressed.

I just watched her vis a vis Bill O'Reilly following the One's pronouncements on the oil spill, you know, where the Big O addresses the Big O, and let me tell you my immediate impression. Put aside Greta Van Susteren's recent impertinent question to the governor as to whether she's had breast implants. What is overwhelmingly obvious is that this is a woman who possesses a more common-sense intellect and bigger cojones than O'Reilly, Obama and any other male power figure I can name.

Actually, I've been intrigued ever since I read the characterization during the past presidential campaign by some liberal twit who referred to Ms. Palin as every schoolboy's fantasy of the naughty librarian. Now I gotta tell you, I'm a few decades beyond schoolboy fantasies but that observation did inspire a few old codger fantasies around the country, Take it from one.

My wife, reading over my shoulder, just accused me of being sexist. Hogwash! I'm saying our conservative women seeking political office not only tend to be one helluva lot better looking than the broad-beamed, thunder-thighed feminist candidates the Dems, Libs and Fems put forth, they're tougher than the Democrat's male candidates as well.

In this increasingly feminized, liberal society, I have a suggested slogan for the Republican National Committee:

Republican Women: some tough mothers who know what asses to kick!


Good ole' Zaki:
I guess the question that I have is, what exactly do you want from Sarah Palin? Would you rather she have left you to the mercy of the press camping out on your front lawn? If she hadn't sent those ladies over to handle things for you, wouldn't your complaint be that she didn't care?

What do you want her to do now? Buy you a new house? Provide 24-hour security, etc...? She couldn't do that even if she wanted to. She'd be accused of buying you off. Besides, I hear Levi's got some dough now. Get it from him.

Levi was flown in for the RNC. The RNC was the Palin family introducing itself to the nation, because nobody had a clue who they were at that time. Sarah's going, "Here's my hubby, here are my kids, and here's my daughter's fiance. He'll be part of the family soon, so you might as well meet him too."

Besides, if I'm 17 and pregnant, I'm dragging my boyfriend in for moral support, if nothing else. I'm not sitting there in front of millions of people like that all by myself. Uh-uh. The other half is sitting right there and facing it right along with me.

Before people knew who Bristol's boyfriend was, I remember reading reports of journalists randomly calling kids who had the last name of "Johnston" and asking them if they were the baby daddy. You think your family would have been spared this stuff if Levi hadn't gone to that convention? Give me a break. It might have made things worse.

Were you in over your head? Oh, yeah. That was painfully obvious from day one, and as Levi tried to get a media career out of it. Lots of people's lives were turned upside down by the media in that election. Everyone else just had the character to deal with it the right way, apparently.

By the way, Palin never tried to make you look like bad people. She just defended herself when Levi started trashing her. Up until Levi went on Tyra Banks, I didn't have a bad impression of him, or his family. You, made you look like bad people.

I don't have a beef with Sherry Johnston, I really don't. (Okay, the mascara kinda bugs me, but beyond that...) In all honesty, she strikes me as a nice woman. Waaaay out of her league, but a nice woman.

The Johnston's are tools. You want to talk about being used? You're letting a Trig-truther advise you, for Pete's sake. These people don't give a d*** about you, they never did. They're the same group that was calling you white trash when they found out who Bristol was dating.

What's this stuff about, "I realize now that it was good for her," etc...? Levi used some of the same language. "I realize now..." Translation: When you were left to think for yourselves, you didn't come to these conspiratorial conclusions. When Bristol dumped Levi and things got rocky, you were cut off and the anti-Palin forces rallied around you because they sensed a potential weak spot in the Palin's armor. In the aftermath of the election, the last thing on earth Sarah had time for was patching up your life. She must have figured that was, oh, I don't know, your business.

All they care about is the destruction of Palin by any means possible, and right now, your family is one of the only tools in their pathetic little bag. They saw a vulnerability, and they went for it. You were the weakest link.

That and I'm starting to think you're just plain jealous. Mercede especially is practically green with envy.

Your life sucks? So do a lot of people's.  Convenient as it is to blame the Palins for everything that goes wrong in your life, sometimes, it just ain't their fault.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hacking Case Sentencing in September

From the AP:

A judge set a Sept. 24 sentencing date for a former University of Tennessee student convicted of hacking Sarah Palin's Yahoo e-mail account as the Republican campaigned for vice president in 2008.

Records show 22-year-old David Kernell faces a possible prison sentence of 15 to 21 months. He was found guilty April 30 in federal court in Knoxville of obstruction of justice and unauthorized access to a computer.

The former Alaska governor and her daughter testified the hacking caused emotional hardships.

Kernell's attorney contended the hacking was a prank.

The judge at a brief Wednesday hearing agreed to consider a defense motion challenging the obstruction case.

A prosecutor declined comment Thursday, while a defense attorney didn't immediately return a phone message.

The Rise of the New Right

LOL! MSNBC's documentary is on tonight. What cracks me up is that they're going to talk about Alex Jones in it.

Alex Jones isn't "Right." Alex Jones is a lunatic 9-11 truther. Kind of like, oh, I don't know, Van Jones?

One More from the Gossip Mill

Radar Online has this story:

The Palins might have Levi back on the family train, but there's a rogue Johnston still stirring up trouble in cyberspace.

Levi's sister, Mercede Johnston, has started a blog in which she promises to answer all questions related to the Palin family.

One of her claims is that her brother and Bristol Palin planned to conceive their son Tripp.

"During that time period, she and Levi were sexually active and trying to conceive a child," Mercede wrote.

"As hard as it is for many of you to believe, they were indeed TRYING. It was NOT an accident! Also there were a number of rumors circulating around that she was already pregnant."

But a source close to both Bristol and Levi told exclusively that Mercede's shocking claims are completely false.

The source also claimed that Mercede's blog is being backed by well-known Palin hater, Jesse Griffin.

Last year, Griffin was unmasked as the writer behind the handle "Gryphen" -- the publisher of a blog called "The Immoral Minority".

He is a part-time teaching assistant at Trailside Elementary School in Anchorage

"Mercede was put up by Jesse Griffin to do this blog," the insider told exclusively.

"He is a Palin hater and is most likely behind the comments."

The Palin source continued: "Levi would never confirm or comment to something like this and neither would Bristol.

"Mercede's claims have been contradicted by her own brother's public statements.

"Levi has said always said that Bristol's pregnancy was an accident."

As was first to reveal, Bristol and Levi have mended their once sour relationship and have begun working together to better co-parent their infant son Tripp.

19-year-old Bristol Palin told, "Levi and me are co-parents of Tripp and we are actively working on being good parents together."

The pair had an acrimonious break-up, soon after Bristol gave birth to Tripp.

Levi went on a publicity campaign lashing out against the former vice presidential candidate.

But now all appears to be forgiven. Said Levi: "Nothing is more important to me or Bristol than our son Tripp. We are taking active steps to work cooperatively in raising him and in sharing the joys -- and challenges -- of parenthood."

Perhaps sensing that Levi was about to grow up a tiny smidge (The jury's still out on that, as far as I'm concerned. Trust is something you earn. I wouldn't be having any conversations around the guy, that's for sure.), the anti-Palinites have been really leaning on Mercede lately to just let the "truth" out. It's good for ya!

Oh, yeah. 'Sic, 'em, sis.

Her blog has been up for a little while now. Surprises me that people are just now finding out about it. Gryphen was involved in setting it up, as well as Dennis Zaki, according to Mercede.

I don't really care what the girl says. She strikes me as an airhead. I could be wrong, but that's my impression. For the most part I'll probably ignore whatever she puts on there. It's all contradictions anyway.

Yeah, we know. The Palins ruined your life, blah, blah, blah.

I didn't say anything about it because her first few posts were kind of tame. And of course Griffin is laying the groundwork for, "Oh, watch out for the Palin people slamming Mercede, going after this poor, innocent little girl..." or something like that.

Dude, you helped her set up the blog. She's out there. You can't get mad if people disagree with things that she says and wanna yell back. What a bunch of bull.

Having said that, it's most likely a huge waste of time. I got bad vibes off of Mercede since the Larry King interview when, even there, her and Levi's stories contradicted each other. Levi was out for money and, possibly, to get Bristol back for dumping him. Mercede's got a whole 'nother chip on her shoulder. It's funny that she mentioned that Levi was spoiled, because that very thought crossed my mind when he was making his media rounds. It was like he thought the world revolved around him. What strikes me about his sister is that she's jealous. Jealous as she can be.


Alvin Greene

So this unemployed guy who didn't even campaign wins his party's nomination over a long-time Democrat politician.

Sounds to me like people didn't know who "Alvin Greene" was and they didn't care. They just voted for whoever wasn't already a career politician.

There. Explained.

But apparently, that's not an option for some Democrats. They are loved! There must be a conspiracy afoot!

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Alvin Greene Wins South Carolina Primary
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party

Or maybe it was the alphabet. LOL! Who knows? Who cares? I just thought that clip was funny.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bob McConnell on the Second Amendment

He's running for Congress in Colorado's 3rd District. Vote for the guy if you can.

This Little Piggie Goes "Wee, Wee, Weeeee...." - UPDATE

I'm only talking about this because the Alaska Dispatch picked it up. (Don't bother going there. I just linked because I had to.)

Behold this line from the den of Flying Pigs:
But today, it's soap opera day, mixed with hard legal facts which show again how secretive the Palins are when it comes to their personal dealings.
Read that again. Note the word "personal." As in, "personal." The gall of those Palins to be "secretive" about their personal dealings.

They are apparently shocked that Levi's truck was seen outside of Bristol's condo. It's not like he has a son that lives there or anything....

Do they even listen to their boy? Levi said awhile ago that he was getting to see Tripp about once a week. They've been too busy hanging onto Sadie's every whining word to notice. I have hypothesized that Levi might be seeing Tripp without Sadie even knowing about it, especially since she and Bristol don't get along. Bristol has to deal with the kid's Dad; she doesn't owe anything to his sister. It's just a theory, but my theory about Sadie's MySpace captions turned out to be correct, so there.

Now the pigs turn to rooting around trying to figure out who actually owns Bristol's condo, (who cares?) and posting screen caps from Sadie's Facebook wall that detail some of her recent purchases. I thought the Johnstons were the poor little victims that were forced to move out of their house because they were broke and those mean ole' Palins didn't care. I never understood why Levi couldn't take some of his Playgirl money and help his mom make mortgage, but whatever.

Someone must have told Sadie about it because she made her FB wall private. LOL! Maybe now the Piggies will start wondering why she's being so "secretive" about her "personal" affairs.

Maybe we should find out who owns Levi's house. Or follow some of his lawyer money.

Nah. Just not that pathetic. Or mean, for that matter.

Here's a novel idea, you want to put your bacon to good use? Why don't you look into Obama and Tony Resco. There's a deal worthy of the likes of the Piggies.

Oh, look, it's Patrick:


I don't know much about lawyer-type stuff, but apparently some of my C4P peeps do:


There is nothing untoward going on with Bristol and her condo... even though these scum try to gin up some controversy... all the Palins did was put all the paper work in the name of a legal entity run thru the family lawyer. Big deal... considering all the hate thrown at the Palins, I don't blame them. Think about it. These people spend all their time and energy on finding out regular information. It would be the same as finding out who your cable company was or what cell phone company you used. It is intrusive and aggravating, but it is all public information.


The real story here is that SP raised her girl to be business savy.

Or, maybe, I don't know, Bristol is learning something in those business classes she is taking.

Let's see, the daughter of a private citizen buys a condo using legal protection etc through a LLC and what? This is a story? Was something illegal done? Is SP or Bristol a government employee?

I say to Bristol, good going. Way to use business and laws in a smart savy way...GIRL POWER!

Bean Counter:

Oh, this is such silly BS. Real estate transactions involving high profile people are handled like this all the time. Here in Nashville, if you go through real estate records looking for country music stars' homes, you won't find any records in any of their names, as there are corporate entities who are listed as the registered owner, usually it involves the person's attorney or business manager. Totally legit and nothing nefarious or mysterious.

What's that Kenny Chesney trying to hide?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pro-Life and Pro-Woman

An article in Politics Daily by Marjorie Dannenfelser:

For years, many feminists have told women facing a crisis pregnancy that the only way to continue a successful life is to have an abortion. Ms. Tobin mentions Sarah Palin's comments at the Susan B. Anthony List's Celebration of Life Breakfast:
"...feminist groups want to try to tell women... that no, you're not capable of doing both. You can't give your child life and still pursue career and education. You're not strong enough. You're not capable."
Palin argues that this point of view is the antithesis of authentic feminism as it minimizes rather than encourages the full ability of women to embrace both motherhood and career.

To bolster her case that feminism rejects the pro-life position, Ms. Tobin quotes an opinion by Lynn Sherr and Ann Gordon, "experts" on Susan B. Anthony and early suffragettes. They argue that Susan B. Anthony spent "no time on the politics of abortion" and that to say otherwise is "empty talk."

What is remarkable is that neither Sherr nor Gordon make any attempt to link pro-abortion rights sentiment to the early suffragettes. After all, if being pro-choice is central to being pro-woman, wouldn't at least one suffragette have made that point? Rather, they try to deconstruct the significant evidence that early suffragettes across the board saw abortion as a direct affront to womanhood.

Conveniently, Ms. Tobin ignores our response in the Washington Post blog On Faith, where we point to numerous writings from Susan B. Anthony herself and her fellow feminists that show they did talk about protecting the unborn -- and frequently.

You can read the response here, quoting Victoria Woodhull, the first female presidential candidate, who told a newspaper of the day that "Every woman knows that if she were free, she would never bear an unwished-for child, nor think of murdering one before its birth." (Wheeling, West Virginia Evening Standard, November 17, 1875)

While Ms. Tobin holds that what she calls truth "is probably too inconvenient for Palin and those who fill out her anti-abortion cohort," perhaps she can come up with the first shred of evidence of Susan B. Anthony agreeing with her pro-abortion rights fervor.

Early founders of the feminist movement like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who fought for the right of women to vote, also paved the way for women like Sarah Palin to enter public life. They celebrated the notion that women bring a unique perspective to public policy.

Women can be -- and are -- increasingly strong political actors who reject the liberal ideology of abortion-on-demand. The dramatic victories of Sharron Angle in Nevada and Carly Fiorina in California in two high profile Senate primaries are just the most recent examples.

At the heart of the matter is the fact that "feminists" like Ms. Tobin, insist upon one thing: feminism, whatever else it might entail, must include virtually unqualified support for abortion rights.

What gives them the authority to insist that there is a pro-abortion rights requirement for feminism? Certainly not majority opinion. Polling proves that women as well as men are moving in a pro-life trajectory. Certainly not the political positions of women seeking to lead this country, such as Angle and Fiorina.

There has been an explosion of strong successful pro-life women candidates. Certainly it can't be found in the writings of the early suffragettes. The response of Tobin, Sherr and Gordon is, at best, that they aren't nearly as pro-life as you portray them. These liberal feminists never show any proof that the early suffragettes approved of abortion, a practice that Susan B. Anthony herself called "child murder."

Following the June 8 primaries, it is clear that authentic, pro-life feminism resonates with increasing numbers of women. Abortion rights advocates should stop insisting on their ever more tenuous claim on the term "feminism" and applaud their pro-life sisters' efforts to move feminism in a more diverse, popular and traditional direction.

Happy Sunday!

Haven't done one of these posts in awhile. Been busy. Here are a few goodies for your Sunday morning.

First up, a couple of neat articles.

Really cool speech that Palin gave to the Alaska Right to Life dinner in November of 2007, an event also attended by Dr. Alveda King:

As your governor, nothing is closer to my heart than the most promising and precious ingredient in this sometimes mixed up world of ours. That is Alaska’s children – those born and those (yet) to be born.

The Scriptures that define my faith also guide my beliefs when it comes to the value of human life. Psalm 139, many of you know. It says that God knit us together in our mothers’ wombs, that we are wonderfully and fearfully made and that God’s eyes saw our unformed bodies, ordaining all of our days before even one of them came to be.

I serve a God who creates and cherishes life and I believe, from the core of my being, that he has created everyone for a good purpose and that we have a destiny from the very beginning. So I do cherish and I will defend innocent life. As a woman, as a mother, as an Alaskan, as your governor, I will protect and serve the future of Alaska – your children – both born and (those) yet to be born.

I’m not going to judge or condemn anyone. Everyone has a different style about getting their word and beliefs out there. I’m just not wired to do that. I am not calloused about the issue of unplanned pregnancy. I sympathize and I empathize with those who are in that situation.

Someone in less than ideal circumstances finds out they are pregnant and they think, "Oh no, in an instant, my plans are ruined, my dreams are broken."

I’m not calloused to that. In fact, I understand. So I want to help and encourage those who are in that situation. But helping and encouraging is really hard in our culture, because our culture places too little value on honor and commitments and selflessness…

Mother Teresa once said, "It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you can live as you wish."

Our willingness today, in this culture, to be short sighted and to not consider the value and potential in every human life — even in situations like an unplanned pregnancy where circumstances are not ideal — that is a symptom of a culture with skewed priorities, a culture that has lost its way…

A culture that chooses to do harm to innocent life for convenience, that chooses to harm its very future by harming the promising element that can provide the hope that we need — a child — points to a culture that has lost its vision…

We must challenge, out of compassion, that shortsightedness we see all around us in this world. Our girls and our young women (need) to see how precious and valuable they are and be challenged to love and respect themselves and to honor their bodies and to protect that life which we are so privileged to help carry. As women, we are strong enough and sacrificial enough to do this. It is the way we are created…

Men need to learn to extend their strength to others. They too must be encouraged to selflessly become more responsible and to sacrificially own up to their responsibilities in less than ideal circumstances…

Together we need to cast that vision of life to our culture. We have to do it together.

Many of you know that the Alaska Supreme Court recently overturned a decision that had been made by our state legislature – the representatives, the law makers, that had reasonably required girls, 16 and under, to obtain parental consent before terminating the life of her child.

Remember that Alaska’s parental consent law was carefully crafted with a judicial bypass provision for those in abusive homes; for those who just couldn't’t go to a parent, such as at a critical time when a girl needed to tell an abusive parent that she was pregnant.

The legislature had already addressed that in this law. Alaska’s law was fully consistent with the U.S. Supreme Court precedent. In fact, right now, 26 states have parental consent laws and 15 states have parental notification statutes. We have nothing.

Yet our state supreme court struck down our act. The court rejected the legislature’s thoughtful balance, ignored our own case law and dismissed the legislature’s role in expressing the will of the people.

The Supreme Court, with their ruling, separated parents from their children, when these children are in their greatest time of need. They need parental guidance and support when they are facing such a critical decision.

Just because something is declared legal, does not make it right and it doesn’t make it best for the individual. What the courts intended to be a freedom for these young girls — to make this decision without parental consent, advise or guidance — actually erected a wall between the parent and the child. (This) totally cut the child off from their (parents’) wisdom and protection. That is the exact opposite of the law’s intent…

Our judges must interpret and defend the constitution and the laws that our legislature chooses to create and not seek to rewrite the laws.

This ruling, creating the situation where our kids are left to struggle alone in fear and heartbreak. I used the term, "outrageous," when I heard the ruling.

I know that some of you also have chimed in publicly and have expressed outrage and even confusion as to why Alaska’s Supreme Court would do this, when all these other states (allow) parental consent and parental notification.

As parents here in Alaska, we have to protect our children. It is our right and our responsibility. I call on you to support your administration and your legislature as we take the steps necessary to change what the Alaska Supreme Court just told us is best for Alaska, when we know it is not…

Those who do not see hope and promise, they kind of give up on this. That’s why I think we see rulings such as what we just saw. But those of you who do see hope and promise and believe purpose is given to our babies, let us make it our privilege and responsibility to peaceably act (and) speak up to protect children.

Our voices must be heard because theirs are not. We must work together to cast that vision of life and hope for our culture through peaceful but powerful leadership…

I love Sean's speech as well:

To restore a life-filled cultural view, we must begin with individual changes – individual changes of character and conscience…

I’ve taken this discussion to the men. I contend that masculinity has been warped.

We have misplaced the truth that being a boyfriend or a husband or a father means using strength to empower and protect and serve others, not to control or manipulate others.

(Masculinity) is not about getting our own way and our own selfish ends as men. Where men engage in self-seeking control and manipulation, is it any wonder that young women and girls get pushed to ever-increasing sexual exploitation?

Should we really be surprise when boys leave pregnant girlfriends or counsel them to get an abortion if they have never seen a man model honor, respect and personal responsibility?

Our boys must see authentic masculinity lived out by courageous men who ensure the well being of others first.

Our boys must see men honoring and protecting women as people of value rather than as sexual objects. Our boys must be told that courageous leadership means accepting responsibility and choosing restraint. (They must) respect women and girls by not putting them in places of compromise.

Now personally, I’m a work in progress. I don’t always look out for others first as I ought. But the good news is that I am not the man that I once was and I’m not the man I am going to be....

And finally, check out this piece from yesterday in the New York Times.

Video of the day, a flashback:

And here are some more pics of the Palins at the Belmont, from Corbis and Horsephotos: