Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Bailey Book - Updated

All I have to say about the Bailey manuscript is that I wish people could see the emails all by themselves without the hilarious spin Bailey and his fellow Palin-haters put on them. They make Palin look good, for crying out loud. I actually think I like her more now.

Are they real? Are they not? I don't know. I, personally, am assuming they are until there's info to the contrary. You can do the opposite; to each his own.

It's not really a book about Palin; it's a book about Bailey. In a nutshell: "I was once a blind Palinbot, but now I see. Now listen to me whine for about 500 pages."

And the writing is bad. I mean, really bad. Trash it based on overdramatic crappiness alone.

As for Bailey, a psychologist could have a field day. I'm thinking a thesis is in order.

I really don't get this guy. I'm thinking that Devon and Morris sat him down and pulled all the info they could out of him. Then they sat down and reverse engineered the book. They started with all the negative things they want to get out there about Palin and used what Bailey gave them to prove those points. I mean, I really laughed through half of it. It was like reading Palingates. Take a few facts, add copious amounts of manure and stir.

I have to say, they left no meme unturned.

Heh. Bailey is like Lisa Graas to the tenth power. I think that's the best way to describe him.

Update: Pretty much. Via -