Monday, February 7, 2011

What if Palin Doesn't Run?

Someone asked me yesterday what I would do if Palin decided not to run for President.

Hm. Well, it'd be kind of anti-climactic. I expect that I would maybe type up a blog post about it, then pop some popcorn and watch a movie. (shrug)

Who would I support instead? No one I can think of. Probably one of the little guys that doesn't stand a chance. I can't support Romney. Honestly? I'd probably just forget the 2012 Presidential race. I definitely wouldn't put any time or effort into it. There's only one person I feel passionately enough about to actively support and that's Palin. Depending on who the nominee ended up being, I might show up to vote on election day, but that'd be about it.

I'd probably take a break from politics for a good long while. And then when it got maybe a few months out from the election, I'd do what I could to elect conservatives to the House and Senate. That would probably be my priority. Try and give the legislature enough votes to override a Presidential veto. I haven't run the numbers to see if that would be possible, but I honestly don't think anyone but Palin has a snowball's chance of beating Obama, so I'd focus my energy on putting in a Congress to check and balance him. And override him if possible.

Or maybe take a trip, see the world. Ya never know.