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I Guess It's Bad to Get Rich....If You're Sarah Palin

Austin Hill at raises an interesting question - Do conservatives begrudge Palin her success? You would think so from the stink raised over Palin's speaking fees and her book tour.

One complaint mentioned in that article is the pictures. I like what this commentor had to say:
Okay, on the pictures. The woman was doing sometimes two signings a day miles away from each other to crowds of 1,000 and up. From our viewpoint, it may not seem fair that we don't get to take our own pictures. From hers, there just simply isn't time.

The lines already had to wait three or more hours to get through the 1,000 people. Imagine how long it would have taken if everyone got to stand around and snap photos.

The pricing is more than likely for the photographer. Not everyone is going to buy the prints. Any print you buy off of a photo website like Photoshelter is pricey.

Incidentally, the pics from the signings are here -

The individual signings are listed on the right side. You can click through all the pics, but they average 1,000 or more per event. A simple ctrl+Print screen and a paste into Paint will get you your picture.

So everybody quit whining already. Sheeesh.
As for the speaking fees, this previous post says it all.

For example, take last night's speech in Calgary. Some were concerned that Palin was invited just to embarrass her. Not at around $200 a ticket, she wasn't. If you have to actually shell out money, you're more likely to take it seriously.

Oh, and Palin donated her recent fee for the Ohio Right to Life event right back to the event.

Some people seriously need to grow up. Sarah Palin is a good businesswoman and she's entitled to sell as long as people are willing to buy. To give her book or her appearances all away for free would be foolish. That's right, foolish. And a fool she is not.

If you want to snap a picture, you're more than free to do it if you bump into her on the street, or if you go to an event, like PatrickinOH did:

Grow up, people.

Vids - BAM and Tammy Bruce

The Bob and Mark Show talk about Palin "looting" the Silver Spoon gifting suite:

And now for some Tammy Bruce:

Oh, and the rumor mill says that Bristol may have moved out and gotten a place of her own in Anchorage. I don't know if it's true or not. Of course the rumors are spinning it negatively. "Who's going to take care of Tripp? She hates her mother!" etc...

Um, Bristol already has a babysitter in Anchorage. I believe she works in Anchorage. The sitter already watches him while she's working. She goes and sees him sometimes on her lunch breaks. This would be more convenient for her all around. And seriously, who wants to live with their parents for the rest of their life? Sheeesh.

The "scandals" of the Underworld crack me up. Like the whole assertion that Sarah got plastic surgery. Okay, let's just say she got a nip and a tuck. So?

Throw her in jail, right? Because we all know that's illegal. LOL!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Rundown

Some of this news is a day old, but I've been busy lately.

Here's the latest on Bristol. People Magazine quotes Brenda Hampton, creator and producer of the Secret Life of the American Teenager:
Despite the fact that her family has been beaten up in the press for the past few years, Bristol was willing to step out of her comfort zone and try something new, and I really respect that.

She's a beautiful and intelligent young woman who is also really sweet.
Well that was nice.

Here's something else that was really nice, and just plain decent. Something that we're not used to when it comes to coverage of the Palins, but I could definitely warm up to.

Melissa Lemer of the Silver Spoon demands a retraction and an apology to the Silver Spoon, the vendors, and Governor Palin from entities such as E! Online who published bogus stories about Palin's visit to the Silver Spoon event:

The Silver Spoon, a company owned and operated by women and established with a firm belief in supporting women in business and leadership, invited Governor Sarah Palin and her family to participate in a charitable function sponsored by The Silver Spoon and the Red Cross to support the Red Cross’ disaster relief efforts in Haiti. Governor Palin graciously accepted since it was in support of such a worthy and timely cause.

The governor arrived with a small group about 15 minutes prior to our store’s official opening; and upon arrival, she and her entire group gave generous donations to the cause. We offered to open early to accommodate her schedule; she did not ask us to open early. The other vendors routinely set up an hour before the event opens, so they were already there when the governor arrived. No one was asked to come in early.

When Governor Palin arrived, she and her guests made generous donations. I escorted her around and introduced her to every vendor, and they talked to her about their products and gifted her with samples. She never asked for anything but politely accepted the products. The governor and her family and guests were very gracious and respectful to everyone.

We asked and the governor happily agreed to take a photo with the American Red Cross staff and the staff of The Silver Spoon. The governor stayed for a total of about 35 minutes, thanked everyone, made an additional generous personal donation pledge to the Red Cross, and then departed.

The stories currently circulating about Governor Palin’s attendance at our event are total fabrications.

Just one example of the many falsehoods is the ridiculous idea that Governor Palin walked away with 40 AIAIAI headphones. In reality, she was given two pairs of AIAIAI headphones – one for herself and one for her daughter Bristol who could not attend the event. The idea that she took 40 pairs is an outrageous falsehood. It would have been impossible because the vendors only bring around 100 items for the entire two day event. They would have run out of product after an hour of opening yesterday.

Just to clarify things, the entire point of giving someone a swag bag is to have them take your product and hopefully purchase more. The whole point of giving away products is to “give them away.” That’s why we call this type of event style a “gifting suite.”

We would like an immediate retraction and an apology to The Silver Spoon, its vendors, and especially to Governor Sarah Palin.

Thank you. Who knew that someone in Hollywood had a decent bone in their body?

I don't know if the Silver Spoon people are fans of Palin as a woman or as a politician, but they are at least fans of the truth. And that is very much appreciated.

Some say that Palin donated the free stuff back for auction, others say she didn't. Either way she didn't do anything wrong. The New York Post reports that she did give it back:
While most stars were loading up on swag from the Oscar gifting suites, Sarah Palin left one of them with less than when she arrived. The former vice-presidential candidate made a $1,700 donation to the Red Cross for Haiti and Chile at a swag suite at LA's Interior Illusion store Wednesday.

A spy said, "She picked up a ton of gifts, but she gave the lot to the Red Cross, along with a cash donation. The only thing she took for herself was a bottle of Ty Ku sake."
On the list of things that are not refreshing but rather give you the urge to vomit, Levi Johnston was with Kathy Griffin in Anchorage when she went up there for her comedy show. Now listen, I understand that Griffin is a comedian. For her, Palin is comedy gold. I don't fault her for acting according to her nature, but I do fault her for being a classless "female dog." And thank heaven Bristol dumped the no-character kid.

eclectikak at C4P:

That Katty Griffin skank had a book-signing at Borders bookstore in Anchorage with "I-take-off-my-LEVIs-for-money" leering at her side today.....

Ya, just saw a bit on the state-wide news, first they showed her prancing around up on the table then maniacly flashing a skull-like grin signing books while punk-boy leaned in giving her googly-eyes. Sorry for the visual but that's as it was.....
Thanks for that. I need something to scour my brain with now. eclectikak provides the brain-rinse:
The only time I have met her was in the hot-dog line at the "Farewell and FORWARD!" Governor's Picnic. When I got to her I gave her a bow and then said "No food, just wanted to say thank you for your service."

She kinda straightened up with tongs in hand and then quickly rejoined with "No, thank YOU for letting me serve." Pure humility and class.
No, NBC did not sweeten the laugh track of Palin's performance on Leno. If you follow that link you'll see a ton more from the guy who claimed NBC did. I gotta say, he sounds mental.

If her performance was so horrible and nobody laughed, you'd think there would have been lots of bad reviews of it the next day, right? (crickets)

Awesome follow-up article from the woman who found a new BFF in Sarah Palin on the streets of LA:

I wrote a blog yesterday about meeting Sarah Palin. Oh. My. God. Never before has there been such an outpouring of both love and hate, for both Sarah and I. It would not stop, and continues to come in this morning.

I have received a lot of reader comments during my time writing for the Jewish Journal, but never have I received as much as I did after this blog. I invite you to take a look at some of those comments, at the bottom of yesterdays article.

Let’s get a few things straight. I am a Democrat. I believe in gay marriage. I do not support hunting, or gun ownership. I will fight for a woman’s right to have an abortion. I am a Jew. I love Israel. I also happen to think that Sarah Palin is a cool lady.

I did not write a political blog yesterday. I wrote about having a chance encounter with someone in the public eye, who I happen to think is interesting. Just because I think her politics are scary, does not mean that I can’t think she is a nice human being.

Conservatives wrote fast and furious to let me know they respected the bravery of my article, considering I was not a supporter of Sarah as a politician. I think it’s a sad day in America when people feel the need to commend you for being decent.

Liberals wrote to say that I took my picture with Hitler, was fraternizing with the enemy, and should be ashamed of myself. Six of my “friends” were so disgusted with my blog, that they decided to “un-friend” me on Facebook.

Listen to me people, just because you talk to a woman about glasses, purses, children, and dating, does not mean that you are going to sit down for a glass of Kool-Aid, and give up on everything that you believe in. Liking Sarah Palin is not a sin. Judging her as a politician, rather than a human being, is.

“A card carrying Democrat”, wrote to say I was going to hell, my Jewish son would soon take Jesus into his heart, and then bring home his pregnant teenage girlfriend, if I spent another moment buying into the rhetoric of Ms. Palin. To that charming writer, I say, kiss my ass.

People became ugly, unkind, and quite frankly, un-American. It was just a blog! I did not change my party, shoot a wolf from a helicopter, or decide to become a Christian. Why is so hard for people to separate out someones religion or political party, from their simply being a person?

We are all free to have an opinion. Regardless of what we think, or know about Ms. Palin, as someone who has met her, but certainly does not claim to know her, I will say again, that she is lovely, and no one is going to bully me into thinking differently.

I hope that Sarah Palin is never elected as President of the United States. I hope that Sarah Palin knows that she is always welcome in my home. I hope that Sarah Palin and I can one day have a beer, sit and chat about our kids, and dance at her sister’s wedding.

To all the haters, you will never have peace in your life when it is so filled with hate. And one more thing, when Sarah comes over to my house for dinner, I am going to serve her Kool-Aid! Maybe she will leave craving matzo ball soup, and planning her grandson’s Bar Mitzvah!

Shabbat Shalom. I wish you all a wonderful weekend. Love your kids, be kind to others, and see people at human beings first. I hope all our troops come home soon, safe and healthy.

To Sarah Palin, I again want to say that it was a pleasure meeting you. No matter how fabulous your Prada boots are, I would never want to spend a day in your shoes, and have to deal with the hate that is projected towards you. That said, you have a lot of fans who support you. You can be proud, as they were kind to me, and represent you well.

I’m over talking about it now, and I am done with my foray into politics. I have a date this weekend, and perhaps he will be my last first date ever. Not sure it’s possible, but I believe it can be, and that is half the battle. I will always keep the faith.

In other news, Palin put out a Facebook note today:
First the Obama Administration opened up the possibility of prosecuting CIA interrogators doing their jobs seeking information from terrorists. Then they tried to go after the Bush Administration lawyers who acted in good faith to protect us in the months after 9/11.

Now some of the military brass are court-martialing three brave Navy SEALs for allegedly throwing a single punch at Iraqi terrorist leader Ahmed Hashim Abed. This is wrong. The Washington Times got it right: Save the SEALs.

These brave warriors belong in combat, not in the courthouse. They captured the most wanted terrorist in Iraq. We may never know how many other heroic missions they undertook on behalf of our country. The charges should be dropped, and they should be returned to their unit – with our gratitude for their service.

Stand up for the SEALs who are standing up for us!

- Sarah Palin

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Rundown

I haven't done one of these in awhile. When it rains Palin news, it pours.

First up, Jay Leno.

I thought it was great. Her fans loved it, her haters probably hated it, and those in the middle had things like this to say:
Sarah Palin rocks!

Sarah Palin should never come as close as she did to commanding the world stage as vice president of the United States. But if the Tea Partying former governor of Alaska wants to grace the late-night or talk show stage, I'll be a faithful watcher.

Palin's comfort in front of the camera and with the material, not to mention her don't-mess-with-me jeans-and-heels outfit, made Palin a feast for the eyes and ears. Imagine her hurling zingers at Democrats, elites, Hollywood, mainstream media and Washington from the safety of an air-conditioned studio with an adoring audience. It would be great. Palin would command a killer salary that would cement her family's financial security. Most importantly, it would keep her away from the national political stage, an arena for which she is nowhere near prepared.
Little by little, she's wearing them down.

It cracks me up when people say Palin's not qualified. The guy in the White House right now was nowhere near qualified. And Palin was going for the bottom slot, not the top. For the record, John McCain is still alive and his heart is beating just fine.

And now for some pics:

According to Ryan Seacrest, Palin and the kids swung by American Idol after the Leno taping:
In the audience tonight at idol? @sarahpalinusa and her kids...she came over after taping Leno. You wont see her on camera but she was there.

Cool. Bristol's taping for her TV appearance, so it all fit together nicely.

While Bristol was working, Sarah, Willow, and Tripp (maybe Piper, but they didn't mention her) swung by the Silver Spoon Oscar Suite. It sounds like a celebrity auction of sorts. E! Online wrote a hit piece that sounded like it could have come from McCain staffers.

The funny thing is that their "source" claimed that Sarah "wouldn't let anyone take her picture or do any interviews." Then they posted this:

Oh, yes. It looks like the evil woman is ready to rip the camera right out of the poor guy's hands! And the people in the background look so angry at that horrible Diva!

More pictures that Palin wouldn't let anyone take are found here -

Oh, yeah. I believe that E!Online source. MmHm.

The LA Times had a much more balanced view of the affair:

Benefiting the Red Cross, the swag suite snagged the former vice presidential candidate for photo ops and gifting from beauty and luxury sponsors. At the Interior Illusions store in West Hollywood, Palin received jewels from Pascal Mouawad, watches by Skagen and Unite hair care products.

I'm told the oft-parodied politico donated all of her gift items back to the Silver Spoon for auction, as well as about $1,700 of her own cash, in support of multiple Red Cross efforts, including those in Haiti and Chile.

Palin's middle child, Willow, got her hair styled, receiving a blowout from Erick Orellana of the Chris McMillan Salon (Jennifer Aniston's longtime hairstylist).
It's also rumored that Palin is pitching a mini-series on Alaska:
Sarah Palin, TV producer? Multiple sources confirm that Palin and uber-reality show producer Mark Burnett have been making the rounds in Hollywood this week to pitch a TV docudrama about Alaska. One source called it a “planet-Earth type look” at Palin’s home state.

The former candidate for the vice presidency was seen leaving ABC today with Burnett, and an insider confirmed that she met with reality topper Mike Darnell yesterday at Fox (where she and her family ended the day by visiting American Idol. Palin stayed in the green room). She also stopped by CBS today and plans to meet with NBC Universal TV Chairman Jeff Gaspin tomorrow.

Because the people she was reportedly talking to specialize in reality shows, the assumption is that this would be a reality show. It doesn't sound like it to me. To me, it sounds more like a big commercial for Alaska with maybe some Palin in it so that people will watch.

One major hang-up for Sarah has been that people really don't know anything about Alaska, so they just assume she was Governor of three people and a polar bear. In order to know Sarah Palin, you must know Alaska. Alaska is what shaped her.

It would be awesome if they could work in things like ANWR and the pipeline. And I'm sure things like the Iron Dog and the Iditarod will make cameos. I see huge potential, but we'll see if it ever gets beyond the planning stage.

She took some time out to pitch for the Iditarod website recently:

She's also working on a second book. Good gravy, this woman is busy.

Oh, what else...

Remember when I said that my calculator had Levi owing more along the lines of $20,000 in back child support? Well, the judge recrunched the numbers and has now determined that Levi owes $21,500. Well, there ya go.

In more serious news, the Calgary Herald has a good article up about the Arctic natural gas conference. TransCanada and the Denali pipeline guys were both there and debated over who's gasline project would be better. I personally think the best solution would be to merge the two. Have both lines. But that's just me. What do I know about natural gas? Not much.

To finish off the morning, an excellent write-up by a gal who met Sarah on the street, and really "dug" her:

Sarah Palin, My Unexpected New BFF -

Yesterday a friend and I had a meeting together in the valley. I arrived before he did, so I decided to sit outside and wait since it was such a beautiful day. As I sat in the sun, I saw a women chatting with a gentleman a few feet away. I thought I recognized her, but was not sure.

I saw my friend approaching, so I got up and walked towards him. As I passed the woman, I got a good look and realized I was looking at Sarah Palin. I hugged my friend and we turned to walk into the building, when I abruptly stopped, turned around, and went to say hello.

Let me begin by saying that Sarah Palin is beautiful. Not just pretty, but really beautiful. She has gorgeous hair, fabulous teeth, magnificent skin, and a killer body. She is really tiny, feminine and simply stunning. She is very approachable, so I decided to go in.

To clarify, I don’t agree with her politics. That said, her politics have nothing to do with my blog. This is America and she can believe what she wants, as can everyone else, myself included. I approached her because I like her as a woman. We are both ballsy ladies, mothers, and similar in age.

I introduced myself and told her that I thought she was entertaining on Leno the night before. I don’t actually watch Leno, and never will again, but I had seen a ton of clips online. Sidebar: Jay Leno is a baby, and a putz, and I hope Conan has sweet success and revenge.

So anyway, I tell her that I think she is a hoot, and while we are very different in our political views, I think she is a great broad, and I would enjoy hanging out with her. I love her as a woman, which is hard for people who feel strongly about her politics, to understand.

She asked me what my name was, what I did for a living, what my deal was in general. I told her about my kid, my blog, and my search for love. She asked for the link to my blog so she could read it, and mentioned that her sister was also in her 40’s, single, and looking for love.

We spoke about how hard it is to be single, and she related because her sister is in the same boat. I wonder what is harder to do: find a nice Jewish guy in Los Angeles, who is not looking for a Barbie, or finding a nice guy in Wasilla, Alaska, where everyone knows everyone? Both are small pools, but I think my chances are harder!

In speaking with her, I quickly forgot who she was in terms of her work, and what she stands for, and was able to see her as just another woman. It was like being with a girlfriend. She was funny and engaging. I must tell you, I liked her. At the risk of sounding too Californian, she has a good energy, and made me feel instantly comfortable.

We talked about glasses and purses. I asked her if we could take a picture and she was lovely. Someone from her group took the picture, and as he was getting the phone ready, I told her I normally take off my glasses for pictures, and she said, “Don’t you dare!” It was a great moment.
She wished me well, gave me a hug and told me she would look at the blog and pass the link onto her sister. To her sister Molly McCann, hello! Your sister is fantastic, and looking out for you. We need to compare notes about being single, and the struggles to meet good, decent men.

My encounter with Ms. Palin was unexpected, and very enlightening. Women have a lovely connection to each other. We may not have the same experiences or viewpoints, but we can relate to each other, and have other women in our lives who we can draw parallels to.

So Ms. Palin, apart from being annoyed that you are so skinny, pretty, funny, and have a yummy husband, I dug you. It was a great pleasure meeting you. I’m sending good wishes to Molly that we both meet our Prince Charming. For my son, myself, for the troops, and for America, I will continue to keep the faith.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hillbuzz: Sarah the Liberal Slayer

"One woman, in her generation, called to stand up to the forces of chaos and destruction..."

By the Boyz of Hillbuzz:

The Slayer Comeths.

Here’s a blurb from a reader, lifted from The Hill:

From the Hill:

The Vichy Republicans: Striving for mediocrity …
By Bernie Quigley – 03/02/10 06:55 AM ET

The New York Times’s venomous and possibly deranged Frank Rich, who associated Sarah Palin with terrorism in his Sunday column this week, borrows from his previous archrival George Will in the claim that the White She Devil is a critter from hell and anyway, she will never be elected.

While Letterman is suddenly hugging up to Mitt Romney as his alter ego in L.A., Jay Leno restarts again on a positive note with a visit by the White She Devil, the Wolf Girl Incarnate, the Slayer, the former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. But what is most telling comes up in Texas in the middle, where the Romney team, including Cheney, H.R. Bush, Boy George’s proxy Karen Hughes and Karl Rove, has lined up to take out Perry in his primary race against Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. White She Devil supports Perry.

Interesting that key liberal opinion makers Rich and Letterman seek and find traditional enemies Romney and Will to face down that force of nature which is Sarah Palin. No surprise, but troubling, as it was David Letterman who first institutionalized disgrace and slander and character assassination of the most odious and un-American and probably libelous sort in referring to the vice presidential candidate as “a slut” and suggesting her underage daughter was raped between innings at a baseball game.

Romney and Will must recognize that they are understood and utilized here as expedients and weaklings willing to appease and be used by their extremist and very erratic liberal hosts as proxies in opposition to their own team; presumably their own kind. Like Leval and Petain. Call these now the Vichy Republicans.

Perry’s victory tomorrow will be overwhelming, with Gov. Palin’s endorsement, and Perry and Palin will bring a new face to American politics. In an innovative turn, Perry has refused endorsements of the mainstream newspapers, tools of tools like Will, Letterman and Rich, the mainstream mediocrity which is the two dominant parties and their fawning MSM acolytes, pulling out all the stakes now to defeat Perry and Palin.

But a harbinger of Democratic future is seen in the campaign video of Arkansas Lt. Gov. Bill Halter in his primary challenge against Sen. Blanche Lincoln. As images fade to black, it can’t go unnoticed that Halter exits scene getting into a pickup truck.

Visit Mr. Quigley’s website at


You know, it didn’t occur to us until reading this, but Sarah Heath Palin really is THE SLAYER.

One woman, in her generation, called to stand up to the forces of chaos and destruction and save this country from the terrible fate the Left plots for it.

What’s interesting is that Palin is being attacked by the Left with full-force, but is also being attacked by the “Vichy Repulicans”, oh they of the milquetoast, cucumber and mayonnaise Wonderbread sandwiches, with their burning desire for mediocrity and perpetual love of losing national elections.

Sarah Palin scares the living Hellmann’s out of these people.

We kind of love that.

If you love it, too, then you need to help us form a Scooby Gang to support Palin, our Slayer, and give her the backup she needs to save not just Sunnydale, but the whole country as we know it.

We’re going to see her again in April, so we’ll tell her all this ourselves in person, but when Sarah Palin announces her presidential run, we plan on being all-in for her. To do that successfully, we need to start laying the foundation and doing the prep work now…because both the MSM and DNC elite colluded to destroy Hillary Clinton’s presidential run in 2008. Now, it seems the MSM and RNC elite are joining forces to do the same thing to Sarah Palin in 2012.

We can’t let this happen to another woman.

Not on our watch.

Not to The Slayer.

Who Am I?

By Techno of C4P:

Who am I?

I am a man, who has worked hard all my life, was raised in the outdoors, learned to hunt and fish at an early age and am currently a lifetime member of the NRA.

I have been a small businessperson and an entrepreneur and understand what it takes to run a business and succeed.

My hero was Ronald Reagan and I consider myself to be cut from the same cloth as out 40th President of the United States. Some people call me a Reagan conservative.

I believe in fiscal responsibility, balancing budgets, low taxes and not incurring massive debts and have never broken faith.

I believe in a strong military defense and supporting our military in achieving victory as the only end.

I am a strong social conservative: pro-life, anti-gay marriage, strong families, belief in God and the natural rights of man.

I believe in a strict adherence to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, including the 10th Amendment.

I was an executive administrator as a mayor, head of a regulatory board and governor for over 12 years.

Under my administration I was responsible for the launching of the largest private sector project in the history of America.

To not to boast but I have the necessary charisma, fundraising and vote-getting ability, and eloquence to be a highly touted candidate for the presidency.

I always speak before SRO audiences.

I am young, enthusiastic and energetic.

I once ran for Vice-President.

If Obamacare goes down, my comment on 'death panels' will have led to its death knell.

I am the #1 nemesis of Obama and his radical socialist agenda.

Objectively, a candidate of such impeccable credentials and qualifications should be instantly embraced throughout the land, a candidate of this quality is a rara avis, that appears perhaps once every generation, if that.

But change one word in the resume, the word man to woman, and this person becomes the bane of the GOP and conservative movement, becomes the most vilified person in America, and is deemed unelectable.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tammy Bruce Vids

Tammy Bruce on Levi and the interim custody, the media laying people off, and Tom Tancredo:

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Mayor and the Museum

This is going to be a loooong post, but it's good stuff.

I ran across this during one of my random searches:

On this website.

The description reads:
Your guide, Geri McCann worked directly under Sarah Palin as Registrar of the Wasilla City Museum (Dorothy Page Museum) while Sarah was Mayor of Wasilla.

And the caption on the photo:
Mayor Sarah Palin siting with a group of us at the Wasilla-Knik-Willow Creek Historical Society Annual Dinner. Sarah is very supportive of historic preservation with fiscal responsibility.

It looks like the picture was taken in 1998. Anyway, so I googled "Geri McCann" and I found an old story from September of 2008. The lady made some spelling errors. My dad's the same way. He's always asking me how to spell things:

Earlier this week, I posted some lines from an 11-year-old story about Sarah Palin's budget cuts as mayor of Wasilla and the trio of longtime museum employees who quit rather than slash their budget. (I was largely interested in the bold initiative and willingness to shake up the establishment shown by someone as young as Palin.)

A woman named Geri McCann left a lengthy comment about Palin's leadership.

[The full comment]:

Wasilla Museum - the Truth

For the record SARAH PALIN does appreciate and support historic preservation, culture and the arts, but with fiscal responsibility.

I was hired by Sarah Palin to replace the ‘sweet gray haired’ ladies who chose to all walk out on the Dorothy Page Museum when the $200,000 budget was reduced by $32,000. These ladies chose to walk out instead of exploring other solutions to the budget reduction; like seeking other funds to supplement the budget (as most museums do) or to work part time in order for all of them to stay, instead they chose to make a big scene and political statement by storming out.

Museum budgets get cut all the time, if all museum staff "walked" every time their budgets were cut then most of the museums in the nation would be closed!

The truth is, the museum thrived more with even less funding with our new staff of 2. The issue is fiscal responsibility, the message is — museums need to be good stewards of funds to secure future funding. If we waste it, we risk losing it..

Political statements are great, but walking out on a museum (unnecessarily) that you are responsible for to make a statement, in my opinion is using a museum as a political tool, which is not the purpose or mission of museums. If the health of the museum was the main concern - then revising and reprioritizing the remaining funds would have been the better choice in my opinion. Other options were not explored, - just a stomp out

I can tell you "first hand" that Sarah Palin’, (and the Wasilla City Council's) decision to reduce the museum budget did not in any way put into jeopardy the care of collections,. Our staff worked hard to upgrade and re-energize the museum with new exhibits, community programs and events and all with a reduced budget!! The community loved the changes stating that “new life” (sound familiar) was brought into the museum.

THE TRUTH -- Sarah has a tender heart, and truly cared about those sweet ladies, it hurt her to see the harm caused to them by the cuts. As I recall she sincerely thought one of them might want to retire as they were in their mid - late 70's; yet, she left it up to them to decide the best way to reduce the budget. Cutting one of their positions was not required, only an option. Quitting was their choice as a "solution".

The museum is small with a modest collection and the remaining funds were adequate to care for the collections and maintain museum operations (obviously).

Sarah's budget cuts were done to fulfil her commitment to the City tax payers to reduce the excess budget.

We were able to fulfill the museum's mission with new energy and acquire other sources to expand the budget. The museum has continued to grow and evolve into the museum you see on the website today!

So here is the other side, or are you only interested in finding fault?

- Geri

[end of comment]

I called McCann to double-check her identity before I reprinted the comment. Although she now runs an Alaska tour company, McCann still had plenty to say about Wasilla's former mayor and her former boss. The spirited and longtime Alaska resident says it's been difficult to hear what's been said about Palin since McCain named her to his ticket. "It's so hard to see her chewed up like she is," McCann says. "Alaska's like a big small town...I know her personally. It just hurts."

McCann was hired as Wasilla's museum registrar in October 1997, about two months after the three museum staffers quit. McCann talked about working with a tight budget and concedes her job required some stretching, but she says she was up for it—just like Palin. "That's what she's about—making a silk purse out of a sow's ear," McCann says. "She's got the whole inner fiber. That's how she was raised." The museum began holding community events, and the overall effect seemed to allay the community's fears, she says: "It healed it up. It's like—it's OK. We're not going to hell in a handbasket. We're all right."

Palin's leadership style and spirit is characteristic of other Alaska women who grow up hauling water, making fires, and hunting moose, McCann says. She's frustrated by the rap on Palin's wolf hunting because the wolves stalk residents as they walk their dogs. McCann says she's proud to see her state sending a leader to Washington and thinks Americans will appreciate what they find in Palin. "We're really grounded. She does shop at Wal-Mart, she does drive herself to work. I love that. And that's what America wants. Someone like them," she says.

As for the debate with Joe Biden: "We cannot wait.... She's cool as a cucumber."

Then I saw that on that article someone had suggested that Geri McCann was related to Palin's sister, Molly McCann. Geri responded:



I am not related to Sarah's sister Molly McCann. (Nice Try)



I will respond to the rest of your misinformed comments about, budget cuts, ANWR, living with the wolves and bears etc.

These comments are from arm chair critics who shoot comments out like spit balls with no real substance or fact behind them.


Sarah did not target our medical programs with her budget cuts, and I don't think that the Medicare, and social security will be on the list either. Probably cuts to funding those nations that don't like us and are a threat to us. Plus - I would say dealing with illegal aliens, mismanaged organizations, unethical use of funding. etc.

I just came back from a visit to Southern California, (my home state)- I moved to Alaska 35 yrs ago and every time I go and visit I am reminded why I left the day after graduating high school. Cement, smog, overspending, high taxes. FUN, FUN, FUN, is the motto, amusement parks, malls, everywhere. Nice to visit, nice to come back home to reality, no state taxes, and plus a nice yearly dividend check from our oil revenues. $2,000 this year, plus a nice $1,200 energy relief check - thanks to Sarah! Do you know each Alaskan resident, even children get these checks?

Why don't you all come down on California FOR cementing and polluting the "wilderness" and disturbing the eco system?? God help the wild life, who venture into the city due to hunger, they shoot them as soon as look at them, AND THAT IS OK? - WHAT THE HECK??

But God help us in Alaska if we are surrounded by packs of wolves, and mauled by bears in the CITIES, LIKE Anchorage, (or as I call it "Los Anchorage"). WE WANT TO REDUCE THE NUMBERS IN THE POPULATED AREAS - SO THEY WE DON'T BECOME PART OF THE FOOD CHAIN AS WE WALK DOWN CITY STREETS!



God Help us if we want to drill and access huge oil fields on the North Slope, that is flat tundra with primarily only caribou and arctic fox, with some owls and mice; just leaving a small foot print with minimal disturbance to the wild life or eco system.

Thank you Bill Clinton for the VETO that stopped the ANWR drilling, we are now suffering the gas prices and dependence on foreign oil, not to mention lost jobs.

I am so sorry about my attitude here, but this is so irritating!!!






GERI (October 31, 2008)

Whoa. I'm tellin' ya, don't mess with them Alaskan women. They're liable to skin you alive and then shoot you.

Geri also posted some comments here. Good back and forth among the commentors (someone even brought up the book-banning thing), but I'm only posting Geri's because they're relevant to this post. Some of it is repeat:

I am the curator hired by Sarah Palin to replace the ‘sweet gray haired’ ladies who chose to all walk out on the Dorothy Page Museum. They worked hard for years to establish the museum, and I honor all their heart felt efforts to establish the museum. I in no way want to diminish this, but I have to tell you the truth. The ladies could have written grants to supplement the budget , or worked part time in order for all of them to stay, but instead chose to make a big scene and political statement by walking out.

At the time I was hired to step in and manage the “abandoned” museum I found the collections neglected, documentation out-dated and incomplete, and the exhibits dirty and in disarray (much like an antique store). So where did the $200,000 per year go? It did not take a rocket scientist to see that the city funding was not being used to its fullest capacity or prioritized for collections care.

I had my work cut out for me, to say the least, and I certainly did not receive offers of help from them. I walked into a big mess, not only the museum, but the City as well. It was like a hornets nest and I took some hard stings for stepping up to the plate to care for the museum — (so much for concern for the collections).

I can tell you “first hand” that Sarah Palin’, (and the Wasilla City Council’s) decision to reduce the museum budget did not in any way put into jeopardy the care of collections, (I assume this is your main concern here). If you conducted your history research in the same professional “unbiased” fashion you do on other subjects, and were more thorough — you would have discovered that the size of the museum and collections were small and no other state or federal sources of funding were sought for years, leaving total dependence on the City of Wasilla tax payers. If you would have looked into the news paper articles in the following months you would have found positive articles about what was being accomplished in the museum.

My aide and I hit the bricks running; cleaning the collections, labeling and reorganizing the collections into themed exhibits. We worked hard to bridge the gap between the City and the community, and organized a new “Wasilla Community Christmas Celebration” that included the local schools with art, history, and orchestras, and choirs.

We developed educational programs, outreach programs, and produced a Gold Rush Centennial Exhibit at the Alaska State Fair, and all with a reduced budget!! The community loved the changes stating that “new life” (sound familiar) was brought into the museum. Teachers expressed gratitude for the new exhibits and programs....

[Sarah's] intent in cutting the budget was to fulfill her commitment to the City tax payers not to hurt historic preservation. She cared about the museum and hired me because of my museum experience, enthusiastic energy, and passion for historic preservation. She wanted the history of the Wasilla preserved, but with fiscal responsibility.

She passed the museum on to responsible, capable hands. I was able to fulfill her vision, and set the museum in a new direction. The museum has continued to grow and evolve into the museum you see on the website today. !!

FYI - I had to resign for family reasons, and Sarah wrote a beautiful letter of appreciation for my efforts....


Sarah is a wonderful person with a BEAUTIFUL family. She is sincere, honest, hard working, and will keep her word to serve her constituents....

After re-reading my note, I want to clarify some things – The “mess” in the City I was referring to was the attacks on Sarah from the media, her opponents, and some of the City employees. I was caught in the fray due to being hired as part of her process of reorganizing and cleaning things up in the City, and there were loyalties to the museum ladies.

I in no way meant this as a negative reflection on Sarah or the City Manager. I hold them both in highest regards.

Also I did not mean to portray that the museum was a total shambles. The ladies had worked hard for years and gave their all, but with age they slowed down and were not able to keep up with it as well. It just needed to be upgraded and updated to meet current standards. I did not mean to taint their efforts but to clarify the museum needed to be improved.

I am very tired of all the attacks on Sarah and her children. So am a bit deffensive and protective when facts are distorted.

Please be careful — there are real live hearts here. We hurt with her when people attack her. My daughter went to preschool with her daughter, so it hits close to home....

Political statements are great, but walking out on a city museum (unnecessarily) that you are responsible for to make a statement, in my opinion is using a museum as a political tool, which is not the purpose or mission of museums....To say this museum suffered from the cuts is not accurate – to say the museum thrived more with even less funding — is accurate.

The issue is fiscal responsibility, the message is — museums need to be good stewards of funds to secure future funding. If we waste it, we risk losing it....


...In 1990 we had 28 ft. of snow and the moose were slaughtered by the trains and on the roads by cars as they came down from the high country to walk on these easier “trails“. They also grew weak in the wilderness struggling for survival trudging through deep snow, some being stuck up to their neck unable to move.

I would ski on wilderness trails and come across many moose who just laid down and died. It was tragic and broke our hearts to see this. That spring the predators had an abundance of moose carcasses to eat and so their population grew strong while the struggling moose population grew weaker. The results of this natural ‘disaster” for moose has now reduced the moose numbers far below the norm. Now there is not enough food for the wolves and bears to eat and they are coming after us and our pets.


Last winter people were being stalked by packs of wolves while they walked their dogs, and the dogs were attacked and snatched away as horrified pet owners watched their beloved pets killed and eaten. People would put their dogs out on a chain in their yard only to find them gone with only a colar and blood stains on the ground. This has never happened before, and took place in the municipality of Anchorage, the largest and most modern city in Alaska with a 280,000 population!! YIKES!!

Recreational trails were shut down for dog walkers protection, and people warned not to leave their pets outsied on dog chains.

We have had record numbers of bear maulings even on local Anchorage recreation trails and even one during a big bike race. A girl was mauled just off the porch of a big lodge, and saved by a brave tourist who confronted the bear! One jogger actually took on the bear and had a fist fight with it and drove it away after being badly injured by the bear. Bears are breaking inside peoples houses in residential districts and infiltrating the most densely populated areas of the City of Anchorage, not to mention smaller towns as well. The predator numbers are drastically out of control.

I can not tell you how hard it is for us who live here in Alaska and personally deal with the wolves and bears attacking and killing us, and our dogs, to hear these false statements! Would you like to take a walk in the Alaska wilderness with me and risk being attacked by a bear or wolves? Do you know this is happening because they don’t have enough to eat and they are moving into suburban areas looking for tasty pets? This was not included in that ‘report”.

Drastic conditions require drastic measures sometimes. It is not just for the sake of the moose and caribou any more, it is for safety of people and pets, like the children in the villages that are being drug off by wolf packs, and people being chased and bitten by wolves along the highway! PLEASE – we are not a bunch of ignorant Daniel Boons up here, and Sarah is not a Mrs. Boon!

The fact is wolf and bear attacks are up and steadily growing, moose numbers are down, and dropping.

Here is a quote factual book - “Wolves are specialist when it comes to killing moose caribou and Dahl sheep. Simple math shows that a pack of ten wolves requires 120 moose or 360 caribou and sheep annually to sustain life”. From “Hunting the Hunters” – page 140. Rick Kinmon Northern Publishing .

So do the math how many moose and caribou does it take to feed our 7,000 to 11,000 wolves a year with about 10 or so per pack? How much longer can this go on? Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game are entrusted with responsible game management. Sarah is responding to the cries of Alaskans to bring reasonable balance back for our safety as well as the moose and caribou populations.

The “balance of nature” is out of whack. As David Johnson a retired wildlife biologist stated “Alaska is poorer today for having failed to appropriately manage wolves in my yesterdays gone by” Now we have some what of an epidemic that is escalating every year.

Have you seen how wolves kill for sport and leave the meat to spoil? No one wants to see beautiful wolves and bears killed this way, but something must be done to assist in bringing back the balance of nature.

To Pat Cox - When did censorship come into this? I gather you are implying Sarah is into censorship? On what FACTS do you base this inference? Do you have proof that Sarah actually censored books in the library?

I know some one has “said” that she looked into it. I have heard it was at the request of a constituent who was concerned about the content in some library books. I was working at the Museum (next door to the library) at this time. If I remember correctly, nothing ever came of it.
Soooo — why are you inferring that Sarah would censor books? On what basis and FACTS do you base your statement: “I can tell you that people like Sarah Palin are frightening. They foist their beliefs and opinions on others and feel righteous in doing anything they deem necessary to advance their opinions”.

Is this a fictional or non-fictional statement? What are your references to prove this is true? Any quotes from her, or rules she imposed on the Librarian? Any minutes from council meetings?....

I know it not to be true from first hand knowledge of who Sarah is as a person. PLEASE, PLEASE, lets be careful not to enter into slander here. Sarah is not anything close to a Nazi! Don’t stoop to this level and participate in slinging rumors for the purpose of ‘EXPOSING SARAH....."

Sarah is not just another politician to us Alaskans, she is one of us. She represents 80% of Alaskans. We love her and support her. She is our Alaskan Sister being thrown to the wolves and it hurts to see the injustice.

We have watched other politicians go through this for years, but now it hits close to home, and we feel her pain and suffer with her.

Alaska is like a big small town. Hard to explain to the metropolis society who don’t know their neighbor's names.

She is tuff, but she has a heart and is human. The vampire press is up here looking for her blood.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is Palin in It for the Money?

I just had to post this, especially in light of Tom Tancredo's remarks. This is by Ymchoo over at C4P:

Some people comment that Sarah Palin is in politics for financial gain. This is totally false.

Todd and Sarah have donated about 10% of their income to charity for many years very regularly despite not being well-off, having a huge family burden, and very young children. Compare this to the Bidens and Obamas who only started donating to charity when Obama began to run for national office.

From my experience, people who so selflessly donate so substantially of their valuable income to charity do not place financial wealth as their top priority in life. Why would they want to make money and create unnecessary scandals and then donate to charity? It doesn't make sense.

Her charging a speaking fee is a testament to market forces and the theory of supply and demand. There is only 1 supply of Sarah Palin but plenty of demand for her appearance. She can receive hundreds or thousands of requests for 1 single day appearance. How is she going to decide which to attend and which not to? It is therefore best to let the market decide.

This is just like top surgeons who charge higher premiums for their services so that they are not over-stressed. But she still gives speeches for free regularly such as the Tea Party rallies in Nevada and Boston.

If she were to appear without fee or charge low fees, it could be easily abused. If medical services were provided free for all, illegal immigrants from all over the world would flock to the US and bankrupt the country. Similarly, if Palin were to behave like a socialist and give speeches for free, millions or billiions of requests would overwhelm her. Some might come from Democrats trolls who want to wear her out and waste her time with fake requests. They might fill the events with protesters to embarrass her.

However, if people have to pay a fee for her appearance, they are more prudent in requesting her. Just like those frivolous "ethic charges." Her opponents could overwhelm Alaska's administration because it was free. If people have to pay for filing "ethic charges", they would think more carefully before doing so. Just like her speech in Hong Kong last year when some worried that it was a set-up to humiliate her, but it was very unlikely they would pay her a speaking fee just to embarrass her.

This speaking fee enables Palin to root out phoney requests so that she can focus only on genuine requests. If the event is free, Obama supporters (who are mostly on welfare and have a lot of free time since they are unemployed) may show up to protest her. But if they have to pay a fee just to protest, they may not have the means and motivations to do so. This speaking fee also enables Palin to minimize unpleasant encounters.

The Tea Party Nation Convention was successful because it charged a relatively high fee on attendants. If it was free or had a very low fee, the event would have been flocked with thousands of people and protesters making it a circus. With less and more focused attendants, they can learn more from the event and interact more to make it successful.

Another point I want to add is that charging speaking fees for her appearances enables her to utilize her time more productively.

For example, say an organizer wants her to appear at a function but can only attract a crowd of a few hundred compared to another event where an organizer can market it to a crowd of a few thousand. If Palin has to spend many hours flying from Alaska to the Lower 48, it would be more productive for her to speak and interact with a bigger crowd. The question is how can she determine which event will have the bigger crowd?

The speaking fee can help her screen the crowd. For example, if the ticket to an event cost $50, but the organizer thinks that he can only market it to a crowd of 200 people (total turnover of about $10,000), he decides not to invite her. But if the organizer thinks that he can attract at least 2,000 (turnover of about $100,000), then he may find it worthwhile to invite Palin. In this way, after flying many hours on the plane, Palin can talk to many thousands of people instead of a few hundred.

Also, the organizers are motivated to market the event so that it would be filled with people. If less people show up, the organizer would be losing money. With more marketing and more awareness, more people will show up. If there is low speaking fee, organizers may not work hard to market the event and Palin may suffer because of small crowds and the LSM will seize the opportunity to highlight the empty seats to embarrass her.

Excellent. It may, of course, just be that the Washington Speakers Bureau handles all of it, but those are great points regardless.

"Guest" also added this tidbit -
"Ironic that if she had a bunch of money before she might not have resigned. If you have 250 million, 500k for legal fees really isn't a big deal. If you don't really have any, it is."
Funny how life works.

My two cents: I hate how conservatives, the people who supposedly don't think profit is evil, all of a sudden are going, "Oh, my, she's making a PROFIT!"

People fall for the media's line so easily, it's scary. What, you don't think that Ann Coulter makes millions off of what she does? What about Glenn Beck? etc... All of these people make mega bucks in politics. I don't see the media publishing their speaking fees and their book deal figures every time they mention their names.

Also, if Sarah Palin really wants to get anywhere she has to make some money. It sucks, but money is power. Money talks.

Not to mention the personal aspect of it. She's pretty much the sole breadwinner now (unless Todd keeps up his fishing business). And Trig is going to need a pretty hefty trust fund.

"But this proves she's not just like us!"

Really? If someone offered you a $100,000 you wouldn't take it? Puhlease.

On the speeches - This has happened before. The 'Cuda is in such demand that she simply cannot make every event. And she has her kids' schedules to work around most of the year too. Her opponents in the gubernatorial election complained about the same thing (not speaking fees, but that she couldn't make it to every event they attended).

I expect her to do a blend of speeches for fees, fundraisers for others, free events, etc...

The "Oh, look, she's making money!" meme is obviously an attempt by the media to smear her down-home image, but it's more than that. If Palin gets some real cash under her belt, she's even more of a threat than ever before. I think they're trying to cow her into making less.

People want her. They want her book, they want to hear her speak, etc... And after the mill she and her family have been put through this last year and a half, they've earned every penny.

Happy Sunday!

I just uploaded some vids that I'm sure you'll enjoy. I "fact-checked" one of them:

Have a good day, Bill589, wherever you are.

Techno: Why They Hate Her

The following was written by "techno" on the threads of C4P:

This revelation by Frank Luntz is stunning but not surprising. So let me down detail the reasons why Palin is hated so vehemently by Obama voters, the Far Left, the Obama administration, and its allies:

1) Before getting specific just look at these poll numbers now for the Messiah. Honestly and objectively, say Sarah Palin was never born (George Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life) and you know what you know about what has transpired over the past 13 months since Obama's inauguration and how weak or mild generally the GOP opposition has been to Obama (poll was taken before summit) do you really think Obama would be sitting now at 44% job approval?

My answer: Rush Limbaugh and his cohorts would have kept Obama just under 50% but I really think Sarah Palin sent his numbers further into the tank. I believe the GOP as a party had little to do with Obama's fall from grace. The GOP is now jumping on the bandwagon of "I want him to fail."

2) The animosity, antagonism, and antipathy towards Palin began imho on Sept. 3, 2008 when Palin figuratively gutted and mocked the Messiah in her convention speech. In the minds of Obama's supporters Obama is a historical POTUS and a Messiah, akin to Mohammed, the Pope, Hitler, or Castro. Nobody is allowed to make him the object of ridicule, especially a woman who does not deserve to be in the same room as 'the Anointed One'. For that alone she must be destroyed, leaving politics out of it.

Remember how much Charlie Chaplin was hated by the Nazis when he made The Great Dictator in 1940 mocking Hitler. And to add insult to injury for about 10 days after the end of the GOP convention Palin helped to catapult McCain to the lead in the polls until the Lehman Bros. bankruptcy ended that.

3) And this hatred was intensified during the debate with Biden where Palin again destroyed Obama's narrative (the MSM limited the damage by awarding the debate to Biden), accused Obama of 'palling around with terrorists, implied he was a socialist and basically like the convention took Obama's agenda apart and exposed how untoward and radical it was.

That Obama did not win in a landslide was due to Palin (although some on the Left still try to assert she was the reason McCain lost)-53 to 46%-28 states to 22 states and most pundits on both sides of the aisle now agree that with the financial meltdown and the hatred of George Bush, without Palin McCain would have been lucky to get 40% of the vote, with Obama getting about 58% and yes blowing McCain-Palin out.

4) As for women on the Far Left it is quite simple. They hate Palin for being pro-life and not including an exception for rape or incest and for having Trig. If there is one issue that American feminists had a handle on it was abortion. Since Palin has come onto the national political scene there have been polls that show that fewer Americans now call themselves pro-choice and that not only strikes at the heart of the Left's narrative of abortion of demand but also to the financial abortion industry itself.

We're talking here about billions of dollars that could be lost to the purveyors of infant extermination and to the Democratic party in the way of donations. And we're not talking here just America. Whatever happens in America could soon filter to the entire world. For the abortion industry alone Sarah Palin must not be elected POTUS.

5) The Far Left invested a huge amount of resources in Alaska to politically kill her off in the first half of last year with the use of Alinsky tactics and tactics from Thumpin'. That she survived by resigning from office is a source of great bitterness and frustration to the Left that they couldn't do the job. And as you know bitterness and frustration leads to anger and with the hatred and loathing already established and entrenched it just intensified even more after the resignation and the knowledge that Palin now had free rein to come after Obama with both barrels of the gun, no longer restricted by being Governor of Alaska.

Oh by the way, Palin's high profile rejection of the stimulus money in February and March last year just threw more gasoline on the fire as far the Far Left was concerned.

6) And now we come to Palin's Facebook post on 'death panels' written on August 7th which basically turned senior citizens and later their children against Obamacare (evidenced by Obama's low standing among seniors consistently in the Econ/youguv polls since the middle of summer); even though the Far Left denied there were death panels in Obamacare and thus denied Palin's role in the debate, the simple fact is that as I write this on Feb. 27th Obamacare has not passed yet and may never pass.

And as Sean Hannity said on his program today, Palin's coining of the phrase 'death panels' changed the tone of the debate; even though bills have passed both the House and the Senate, Obama is seen to be weakened greatly by the delay in Obamacare's passage and the Far Left pretty well blames one person for this potential debacle: Sarah Palin.

7) And we now come to global warming and climate change in which she destroyed man-made global warming, calling it snake-oil science, criticized Nobel Prize Winner Al Gore and the gurus of climate change and appears to have caused cap and trade to be now put on the back burner until after the 2010 midterms according to word last week from a couple of Democratic Senators.

In addition Palin has attacked Obama's energy policy and exposed the folly of not drilling and instead relying on 'green sources of energy'. Palin is right in Obama's face and the Far Left doesn't like it one bit. They blame her solely for his failed presidency, although they won't admit it so as to give her credit.

8) And they blame her for emboldening the GOP members of Congress to oppose Obamacare and to take a more active role in opposing massive increases in the deficit, even if their general demeanor in front of the MSM is too milquetoast for my taste.

9) And now on Feb 7th there was her nationwide speech on several cable networks taking apart Obama's foreign policy and again mocking Obama by asking, "How's that hopey-changey working out for you?" And of course there was here prediction on Feb 8th on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace that Obama would not be re-elected if he did not change and listen to the people.

10) And now Palin has expressed intentions to campaign for GOP congressional candidates in the 2010 midterms. This one woman wrecking crew not only has gutted Obama, she is now intending on destroying the Democratic party and influence of the Far Left as well. Is there any wonder she is public enemy #1?

11) And to go back a step without Palin and Rush Limbaugh, it is my opinion that the Tea Party movement would not have had as great an impact on the political landscape as it has up to now. I know the TP movement does not have a leader, but when you have superstar Sarah Palin articulating what you stand for on national TV, you will certainly gain a higher standing in the arena of ideas than if you did not have any one person to focus on. Quite simply, Sarah Palin legitimizes the TP movement among conservatives and conservative Republicans. And the TP movement is a thorn in Obama's side.

12) There are probably many more reasons why the Far Left loathes Palin, but let me finish up with a key reason they 'would like to burn her at the stake'. She believes in God, Jesus, prays every day and wears her religion on her sleeve in an unabashed fashion. Atheists and secular humanists just can't stand her.