Friday, June 26, 2009

The Gov Goes Abroad - UPDATED: More Tweets

(Sarah Palin in 2007)

The Governor is in Kosovo and possibly other places. We'll know the full scoop after the trip is over.

Video of a speech she made to troops here.

Here's her trip in her own words via Twitter:

June 23 - "Got Fed ok for Adjutant Gen Campbell, Command Sgt Major Choate and me to travel to our Ak Army Natl Guard troops on Wed. Glad to go to them."

June 24 - "Travel now to bring appreciation from their Alaska family & Natl Guard leadership to heroes in US European Command's area of responsibility."

June 25 - "So humbling to see our troops over here making great sacrifices (their family sacrifices, too) for the cause for freedom. Please honor them."

June 25 - "So glad to be here in Kosovo visiting AK's courageous Nat'l Guardsmen & women. More details on trip @

June 26 - "Now in Faik Konica school, our troops helping local students learn English along w/Pristina interpreters. Enthused kids thankful for U.S."

June 26 - "Spoke to Task Force Falcon this morn + 100's of troops from throughout US, & allies; audience of true heroes who sacrifice much for freedom."

June 26 - "Walked Kosovo streets w/ KFOR troops, folks chatted about their interest in U.S. & they knew a lot about Alaska! Taught them Yupik greetings."

June26 - "I'll send pics to Aces & KWHL (they'll appreciate it) of Alaska Aviators here in Kosovo eating breakfst under our blue AK Aces hockey jersey."

June 26 - "Met w Lithuanian Minister of Defense, Rasa Jukneviciene. She's a conservative in Parliament here for Change of Command & peacekeeping exercz."

June 26 - "Why U.S. peace missions for freedom? "America is still the abiding alternative to tyranny. That is our purpose in the world." Ronald Reagan."

June 26 - "More Reagan "Freedom's never more than 1 generation away from extinction We didn't pass it to children in bloodstream it must be fought for."

June 27 - "BBQ w troops in aviation hanger; huge AK flag cake in their honor; ran w PT/Security along Camp Bondsteel rds into sunset; Q&A w leadership."

June 27 - "Condolences to family of Ft Rich soldier who died in Afghanistan on Thurs. 1st Lt Brian Bradshaw, hero, died in Operation Enduring Freedom."

June 27 - "More info on 1st Lt Brian Bradshaw, a fallen American hero."

June 27 - "Guard promotion ceremony capped great day; far away overseas it's our Bethel/Fbnks/Valley/Anch/Kodiak/Kotz + more troops represnting us well."

June 27 - "LtGen Campbell & I now n Germany=visit wounded warriors seek to do more to help these deserving patriots than mere visit they sacrifice much."

June 27 - "Frankfurt: AK Guard leadrs Campbell & Choate w/staff & soldiers @ Landstuhl Med Cntr; Canadian, US & other allied troops treated together..."

June 27 - "To grasp the caring, sweet spirit of medical team @ Landstuhl will change your life. They serve, along w troops, something greater than self."

June 27 - "Sacrificial soldiers who fought for freedom put it all in perspective: time/resources wasted on pettiness is futile- ask what really matters."

And that's it for now. I'll add the rest after they've come in.

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