Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gregg Erickson Has A Character Problem

Gregg Erickson wrote an opinion piece in the Anchorage Daily News on Sunday. You can find it here.

In this article he basically tries to prop up his slam on Palin by saying that he admired her transparency in government when she first came in, but since then her administration has become the most closed administration so far.

What does he use for proof of this wild accusation?

"This month she refused to release even her official schedule or reveal when she is leaving the state."

What an ignorant statement.

Hey Erickson! She was going overseas into a war zone! You don't think maybe there were some security issues? (I know that technically it wasn't a war zone, but it was an overseas trip to some military bases. Come on.)

But I'm sure that's Erickson's main beef. Not that Palin isn't open and transparent, but that she doesn't willingly give out information that could lead to her getting shot.

I think these people have all lost their minds. Their hatred for Palin clouds their better judgment.

(Just a warning: If you click on the article and scroll down to the comments, beware a commenter named Andree McLeod. This woman is Anklebiter in Chief with all these stupid ethics complaints levied against the Gov. She is off her rocker, just so ya know.)

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