Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who Does He Remind Me Of?

No, I haven't forgotten about Project Levi, I just haven't had time to put everything together yet. Something else was bugging me though. Levi reminded me of someone, and I couldn't remember who...

Levi's a tragic figure. His personal life fell apart in the wake of the election: his dad left home, his sister turned scumbag, his fiance dumped him, he lost his job, and his mom went to jail. Not to mention the fact that the media wouldn't leave him alone. His family's attorney even admitted that the media outlets would call asking Levi to give them dirt on the Palins. While he was Bristol's fiance, he had the structure of some kind of family around him, but that obviously didn't last.

When Rex Butler and Tank Jones (who seems to think that all mothers are horrible human beings) came along, I can see how the yet-to-be-fully-formed logic of an eighteen-year-old could be twisted to blame the Palins for all his problems. After all, according to "Team Levi," Levi might as well just cut his losses and get whatever he can out of it. His own family fell apart, and his adoptive family relationship got strained because he was fightingwith Bristol. Left with no bearings, he went to the only people who said they were on his side. Of course, they're really not; they're just using him, but he doesn't see that yet.

Yes, he's a Judas, Brutus, and Benedict Arnold. He sold out his family to save his own hide. But in the end, he is most wretched. I think he'll wake up one day and realize that he stuck a knife in the back of the only true friends he ever had. When that day comes, he'll have a choice to make.

Now, back to who Levi reminds me of. Remember the Sound of Music?

Remember how that ends?

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