Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Rundown

All's kinda quiet here on the Midwestern front. Turkey is still settling, but there are a few Palin bits out there.

McCain finally stuck up for Sarah a few days ago, as you already know, on Greta. I say, too little too late. I understand wanting to lick your wounds after the election, but if you don't have what it takes to stand up to your own staffers, than you would have been a truly crummy President.

I think that McCain is, at many levels, an honorable guy, but his time is up. I know that Palin has a blind spot when it comes to McCain. For that reason I don't hold it against her that she donated to his campaign and won't hold it against her if she campaigns for him, although I would prefer she just stay out of the Arizona race. But I think it's time for Johnny boy to go.

I was listening to old podcasts of the Bob and Mark show the day after the Governor's race in Alaska, and it struck me just how much the McCain campaign screwed up Sarah Palin. She had it going, man, she was hitting all the right notes, sending all the right messages, and then the McCain people got a hold of her. Now she's had to spend the last year just trying to get her image back to what it was on August 28th, 2009. And there are days when I just want to nuke the media. Those idiots know absolutely nothing, and if they do know the truth, they refuse to report it. Ugh, makes me sick. Spit on all of them.

In other news, Sarah's apparently a hit out in western Washington state. The Seattle Times reports that fans are lining up outside the book store. A few excerpts:
"She stands for what we stand for, which is greatly lacking in Seattle," said Debi Danielson, 54, of Yakima. "Only in Seattle can you come up with a government that has the idea that they know how to do everything."

Identify yourself as being from west of the Cascades — specifically, that liberal city by Elliott Bay — and you will be told in no uncertain terms why they love Sarah here.
"The state should be chopped in half," said the husband, about the eastside/westside political split.

"We're conservative. We won't leave a mess like liberals do," she said. "Ever seen the parks after they leave? All garbage."
Palin gave a shout-out to C4P at a book-signing:

The LA Times has an interesting take on Sarah Palin and the criticism thrown her way.

Another point about Sarah Palin:

I'm going to be honest and say that Palin was probably plucked before she was completely ripe for the Presidency. She was, of course, running for Vice President, something she was completely qualified for, but that doesn't matter now. In the world of honest journalism, Palin would still have a reputation and would probably still be the Governor of Alaska beefing up her resume. But it is what it is; America doesn't have time to let Sarah Palin go the route of Ronald Reagan - we need her now.

Is she still a little rough around the edges? Yes. Will it be an uphill battle all the way? Yes. And I personally think she needs to be even more Reaganesque when it comes to foreign policy. She will also have to become more specific on her policies, but there's still plenty of time for that. I have come face to face with the possiblility that she may go nowhere, that the Tea Party movement may fizzle away, and that we'll become a socialized nation whether we like it or not. She's going to have to prove herself in a national campaign (if she does run) just like anybody else.

Sarah Palin is not Barry Goldwater. She is not an ultra-conservative. She now calls herself a Common-Sense Conservative, which is a pretty accurate description. She is not a crazy right-winger. The NY-23rd was not an attempt to flush all moderates out of the Republican Party; she has said as much. Of course, nobody believes her.

John Ziegler is right; the media of the 21st century is all about narratives. They have established a narrative of Sarah Palin, and all facts that fly in the face of that narrative must be ignored, just as they ignore facts that fly in the face of any of their other narratives. If this country loses its freedom, there will be many people to blame, but I will lay the lion's share of that blame at the media's doorstep.

I'm just thankful this messed up world isn't all there is. Speaking of "things that are above," here's a web exclusive with Sarah talking to Billy Graham about faith:

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