Saturday, November 21, 2009

What's She So Angry About?

Oh, Schmitty. Whassa matter? Can't take what you dish out (lip quiver)?

Steve Schmidt, who managed the campaign and is a chief target in the book, doesn't think much of "Going Rogue."....Schmidt gave his verdict on the book, due in stores Tuesday, in an interview with me: "It's total fiction," he said. Just to address some of the claims: Trevor Potter, the campaign's counsel, told The Atlantic that the campaign did not bill Palin for vetting. Schmidt told me it's "not true" that he used an obscenity in front of Piper. As for the $150,000 tab for Palin family clothes and accessories, "Her account talks about the fact that she was resistant to all this stuff. That's just not true," one campaign aide told me. This aide's take: "The book fully reveals her. Dishonest, small and petty."

....The aides themselves are both shocked and not shocked."People knew that's what she was like" but they are nevertheless incredulous that she published a book like this, one of them told me. "It's like, 'What's she so angry about?' She was picked to be vice president of the United States. She had an exceptional opportunity. Everything is someone else's fault. There's no accountability. It's mean-spirited. But if you look at the record, it is what it is."
And then the article goes on to cite the AP "fact-checking" article that has been proven to be way off base and the Huffington Post. I know, I know. Shocking, isn't it? We know for a fact that she did complain about the clothes and was in no way responsible for the $150,000 bill. Even Palin's enemies have admitted that. So, Schmitty just lost any last shred of credibility.

What's she so angry about?

Oh, I don't know. Maybe that you guys called her a whack job, among other things, and leaked to the press about her like the little sissies that you are. She kept this stuff under her hat - you guys were the ones that went whining to Carl Cameron. It's not uncommon for there to be tension between the P and the VP teams; what's uncommon is for staffers to whine to the media about their own candidate. Just proves to me that you cared more about your own political skin than you did about winning.


And I have to say, I thought that Palin was gracious to the McCain staffers in the book. She was neither small nor petty. Of course, you would have to actually read the book to know that. Contrary to the media reports that make it sound like she hates the world, Palin was extremely good-humored and even made some excuses for the actions of the McCain staffers. The media line that she's out for blood is a myth. Read the book for yourself if you don't believe me. It's nothing like the media is painting it. It is candid, to the point, and funny. Really funny. The lady has a sense of humor.

"Killer shrubs!"

If you read it, you'll know what that means:)

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