Sunday, December 6, 2009

SP Video Sunday

I've got a treat for you today. An brand-new interview of Palin that I just dug up from January of '08. After Senate President Lyda Green threw a hissy fit because Sarah wanted to do her state of the state speech one hour earlier so she could catch a flight to Georgia to watch her son graduate from boot camp, the Anchorage Bob and Mark morning show spent an hour talking about how disgusting the whole thing was. They also ran down the list of lies Lyda Green and media spokesperson Jeff Turner gave as to why they couldn't do the state of the state earlier. Sarah Palin called in at the end and talked about it. That interview can be found here.

You'll notice that Sarah gives a caught-off-guard giggle when Bob calls Lyda a name. Well, the headlines the next day weren't about Lyda's childishness or her lies, but about Sarah's laugh. Sarah called in after she got back to Alaska and took the high road:

The day after Sarah Palin apologized for chuckling at Bob's remarks, Bob and Mark made fun of those who hate Sarah Palin for the fact that she is breathing (Dan Fagan is the obvious target.):

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