Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Big Hollywood on Levi

Levi as a young boy

Article in Big Hollywood - Levi Johnston: A Hollywood Cautionary Tale :

Fame is that place where character is rarely able to sustain itself. I don’t know how much character Levi Johnston had as a boy, but as a young man in the grips of the Hollywood culture machine he’s lost it all.

Levi’s story is one that plays out hundreds of times each year in Hollywood. The young either come to La La Land seeking fame, or have the opportunity for it laid in their lap due to circumstances they often times never sought. The wreckage of most rarely see the light of day, much less the pages of Playgirl magazine, they only end up chasing a dream that never comes, in rehab, jail or worse.

When one unknowingly trades character for fame the recipient has only one recourse, attack the catalyst that brought them the opportunity in the first place, in Levi Johnston case it’s Sarah Palin and the mother of his child.

When young men lack positive role models at home, often times they go astray in that long stretch towards manhood, only to end up a tool for whatever hungry machine is in their path, gangs, a White House intern, or the exploitative elements of Hollywood. When a young man’s character fails him, good parents are needed to right the course. Levi Johnston didn’t have that growing up in Alaska....

Getting your high school girlfriend pregnant is hardly worthy of fame, that is unless her mother is the Governor of your state, a vice-presidential candidate and conservative woman. Only then do the leftist vampires of Hollywood come out of their dark corners and offer you the glowing flame of fame. But what they didn’t tell Levi is that he’s just another one of their moths and the moment he’s served their purpose they’ll push him into the flame and exterminate him.

Levi’s now what Hollywood calls an actor and model, surrounded by the illusionist of Tinsel Town, an agent, a lawyer, a publicist. They prop him up on Tyra and Larry King for painful interviews of which reveals only a young man being nudged towards the embers. They set him up on public dates at children’s events with despicable bottom feeders like Kathy Griffin, get him to hock pistachios on TV and take his clothes off in magazines, all while taking 10, 15 and 5% of his gross respectively. When he’s done with the rounds in Hollywood they set him ablaze by dragging his child into the circus with a court battle because they tell him having custody would be good for his image. And when the media showers the public with the car crash that is Levi Johnston they are filled with glee because somehow they believe they are helping their liberal cause by destroying a young man, smearing a young mother and mocking a conservative woman who rose to power by her own boot straps.

There are worse things in life than ending up an electrician in Alaska and a present, active father in child’s life. I hope that’s where Levi ends up; it’s a far nobler and more lasting life. Cause if he stays on the path of the hungry machine that is Hollywood, just another moth reaching for the fame flame, you’ll see him years from now on “Celebrity Boxing,” “Tool Academy” or “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” and he won’t be the handsome young man with so much potential that he is today.

When Levi is older I hope he’s able look back at this time in his life and feel a sense of shame, only then will he know that he’s begun to rebuild his character.

This guy made a few factual errors in his article, like failing to mention that Levi was run out of his job because of political opponents of Palin, and he apparently doesn't know that Levi's father has left home.

People who write articles like this are people who truly care about the Johnstons, Levi in particular. People who try to make everything big, bad Sarah Palin's fault are only aiding Levi in his self-destruction. Trying to excuse Levi's actions and rushing to the defense of his poor decisions of late does nothing to help him. The Palin-haters are just happy to have someone to do their dirty work. They accuse Sarah of using him - well what on earth do they think they're doing?

Now, legally, I don't think Bristol has much of a case. Hope springs eternal, but the fact remains that Alaska favors joint custody and Levi, while being a scumbag, has stayed within the law. It sucks to have him get away with being a douchebag, but such is life.

At the end of the day, it might be a good thing. I believe he truly does love Tripp (who wouldn't love their son?) and if joint custody is granted I can only hope that some better judgment on Levi's part will start to kick in and he'll start making decisions that are in Tripp's best interest rather than his own. I guess we'll see.

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