Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Left: Home of Misogyny and Hatred for the Perceived Imperfect

Given Palin's Facebook post last night, I thought this was appropriate. Originally broadcast on July 4th, 2009:

And New User over at C4P drew my attention to two articles that talk about Trig being targeted over on Hillbuzz. The first:

During the 2008 primaries, Dr. Utopia’s supporters threw rocks through one of our windows that had Hillary for President posters in them. The rocks, of course, had “Obama ‘08″ stickers on them. When we wore our Hillary buttons out, which was every day from February 2007 through June 7, 2008, Dr. Utopia’s “Hope and Change Gang” spat at us, called us RAAACISTS for not supporting him, pushed us, and tried to rip the buttons off our coats.

In the General Election, when we became DeMcCrats for McCain, the Left ratcheted up the hatred for us. Now, Dr. Utopia’s supporters started throwing punches. In Boystown, we almost got punched in the face in line waiting to get into Sidetracks a few times because Dr. Utopia’s followers didn’t like that we had on McCain tee shirts.

Just before the election last year, we actually got punched in the face and attacked when we were crossing the street, minding our own business, and overheard a group of Dr. Utopia supporters making fun of Sarah Palin, calling her baby Trig “a retarded troll”, and using every vile, misogynistic pejorative they love to toss casually out at women against Palin (a woman, in truth, they knew nothing about…except that the Utopia campaign wanted her destroyed).

They engaged us and said, “Yah, don’t you just hate her…don’t you just think that bitch should be raped and her baby should be dumped in the river” and more vile things than we can recount.

We stood up for Palin, asked them how talk like this fits into the whole Hope and Change agenda, and received a punch to the face for it.

We’ve continued to take lumps from the Left ever since. Our friends repeatedly tell us to stop speaking out against Dr. Utopia because we live in Chicago and so many of his thugs are here....

Many people who used to employ us for various projects will no longer return our calls, because they are Obots and don’t want to do business with people who aren’t drinking the Kool-Aid. This has caused great changes to our lifestyle and forced us to live and work on much reduced budgets, with far fewer friends in Chicago than we had in 2007 before any of the primaries and the general election.

So. Be. It.

Do you see what they do here? They have an automatic attack word prepped for whomever they want to go after. If it’s women, they’ll call them c**** or bitches or whores. If it’s gay men who aren’t falling in line, the words faggot and sissy are lobbed readily, followed by hopes they’ll get AIDS and die. If it’s someone white who is not blindly following White House directives, well that person is a RAAACIST.

It is the same damn thing every time with the Left.

And you know what? We’ve gotten hate mail from Republicans in the past. Do you know what’s interesting? Republicans, and people in the religious Right, have never, NOT ONCE, told us they wished we’d get AIDS. NOT ONCE. They’ve disagreed with us. They’ve told us we are bad people for not agreeing with them. They’ve intelligently taken apart whatever we’ve said, point by point, line by line, to correct us as they saw fit. But they’ve never wished death on us. They’ve never even name-called us.

They may have quoted Scripture and said how much they “disagreed with our lifestyles”, but they didn’t even tell us we were going to Hell, Fred Phelps-styled. At worst, the really religious people — the ones the LGBTQ community paints as such terrible hate mongers out to get all of us in Boystown — just say things like “We hope you repent before you are Judged by the Creator” and things like that.

It is night and day when compared to what the Left dishes out.

And it is startling to see that.


The second article:

We were told today that the Left is making the rounds on various sites like HuffPo, Daily Kos, etc. (all the usual suspects), talking about how great it would be for people to go to Sarah Palin’s book signings and throw eggs, tomatoes, rocks, etc. at her and her family.

Our first impulse at this is to say, “Sarah, declare yourself a 2012 candidate already and get Secret Service protection NOW. Dr. Utopia got it earlier than anyone in history, so you should get it early too.”

Then, we hear news that the sickos on the Left are hoping people hit Trig Palin with whatever they are throwing.

**** Deep breathes needed here ****

There are not words in English to relate how angry that makes us. We’d have to use Klingon to convey what we’d want to do to those sickos for even thinking about hurting Trig Palin. You want to see a bunch of laid-back, snarky, low-key gay guys in Chicago morph into the best badass impression of take-no-prisoners Marines, you mess with Trig Palin…or anyone with special needs. It just BOILS OUR BLOOD.

Here in Boystown, we’ve taken some punches for standing up for the Palins. We never look for a fight, but if we’re in a bar or walking down the street and here people saying vile things about the Palins, we will stand up and correct them. We will not let that garbage be said without challenging it. 99% of the time, the people spouting it are just repeating whatever Chris Matthews or Keith Olbermann just said on MSNBC, so they whither and back down right quick. But, on two occasions we’ve run into the most hateful Leftists who think it’s funny to make sick David Letterman-grade jokes about an infant with Downs Syndrome.

There’s something our grandmothers used to say that runs through our heads in moments like that: NOT ON OUR WATCH. You will not say such evil things in our presence. You will not spout such hate unanswered. You will not be so cruel to a child without challenge. NOT ON OUR WATCH.

Hell. To. The. No.

Like it or not folks, this is our watch. This is your watch. Our grandmothers had their time, and kicked some Nazi and Communist butt in their day. We, it seems, are tasked with doing the same to Islamofascists and Liberals. We are in the position where everything good about this country is under attack from the Left, and we need to do our part to stop that.

We need to be a vanguard of deceny and American principles. We need to push back against the Daily Kos and HuffPo crowd. We need to hit the David Lettermans, the Chris Matthews, the Keith Olbermanns, and their ilk where it hurts (their advertisers) whenever these sick puppies spit their venom at the Palin children, in particular.

If the Palins or their friends ever read this, you have a bunch of extended big brothers for little Trig here in Chicago. We’ll be field organizers for you in Iowa, too, when the campaign comes to that. We will gladly spend months in the cold gearing up for that Caucus for the Palin family.

Because every attack the Left launches connects us more emotionally to the Palins…we, too, have been under constant attack from the Left since 2007.

The DNC has no idea the damage the Left has done to the Democrat Party. Daily Kos and HuffPo are now the face of things, and what an ugly hateful face it is. We honestly can’t relate to these people anymore — not people who think it’s funny or fair game to hope a little baby gets hit by some of the things they are trying to throw at his mother.


“Not on our watch” needs to be the collective motto of everyone out there who doesn’t like what the Left is doing to this country under Dr. Utopia. Our grandparents’ generation fought fascists and tyrants. Our parents’ generation stood up to inequality and prejudice. And now we need to stand up to the worst threat we think this country has ever faced.

It’s going to be a hard fight. These loons will not surrender power willingly or without a battle. They are going to use every Alinsky trick in the book. As of next month, we have just two years until the Iowa Caucus.

Dr. Utopia will not get a second term under our watch.

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