Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mercede Doubles Down on Stupid - UPDATE

That's pretty much all I have to say. Levi's sister is just an idiot if there ever was one.

The difference between private FB accounts and public blogs still seems to escape her.

UPDATE - I guess she doesn't care too much about seeing her nephew.

"But meanie Bristol says bad things about Mercede on her FB page!"



SMYCDS said...

If Bristol is posting negative things about Mercede on her Facebook page, she should be ashamed of herself. She did her best to keep Levi away from his sister and Mother. Would you approve of Levi trying to keep Bristol away from her family if that were the case? Neither would be right. No child can have too many loving family members. He will wonder why he couldn't see his paternal grandmother and aunt when he grows older. He will someday be mature enough to read and form his own opinions and he might not be too happy with his Mother's decisions. Just because she's $arah's daughter, doesn't mean she's right. When I look at Palin fans, I'm often reminded of the blind worship that President Obama received during the 2008 campaign. It's very disturbing since there isn't a politician anywhere that is completely honest and ethical all the time.

SMYCDS said...

While Levi's mother was arrested for selling Oxycontin, there were obviously extenuating circumstances. She is currently paying the price for it. Bristol's aunt, Todd's sister, who was recently seen in pictures holding Trig was arrested for burglary, she was looking for money and drugs, while she had her four year old daughter with her. This was played down and she was given a slap on the hand. The owner of the home held them at gunpoint until the police arrived. However, no time served for this woman, just probation. It's who you know, obviously. Levi isn't being punished with less time with Tripp but apparently is settling for less due to his work schedule. However, withholding his time with his child earlier this year was just a sign of the immaturity of both of Tripp's parents. He is the one who is going to suffer throughout all of this.

Kelsey said...

Or maybe Diana had a decent lawyer. Anyone with two eyes knew that Rex was just a huge fame-seeking opportunist. Us Palin peeps tried to tell y'all that, but ya wouldn't listen.

Work schedule. What work schedule? The guy's on the Hollywood circuit.

Honestly, Sherry's probably the only one I don't have anything against. She's just too pathetic to dislike. I also have a bit of a soft spot for her because my mom is disabled. Not in the same way, but disabled.

You know what's ironic?

Sherry was arrested before Tripp was born, if I remember correctly. The media splashed it all over the place to hurt the Palins. I'm sure the Palins would have loved for it to just go away.

It started as an anti-Palin thing. Then once Levi and Bristol broke up, oh, gotta get in there and exploit the situation to, once again, attack the Palins. Stick a camera in Levi's face, etc...

And the rest is history.

And you guys, fueling this thing, encouraging Mercede to associate with Trig-truthers, "the truth will set you freeeeeee!" garbage... You're just making the situation worse.

Kelsey said...

Let me put it to you this way, if the Johnstons had come to me, I could have given them better advice.

Obviously I'm pro-Palin, but I also have a sense of fairness. You guys are in this solely to get the Palins. If Mercede came out tomorrow and told the world that she was wrong and the Palins are wonderful, you all would accuse her of selling out, etc...

You don't really care jack squat about anything but getting the Palins. And Mercede being caught up in the ulterior motives of these outside parties will not help anything.

Kelsey said...

(this comment belongs under the first comment)

I don't know who's right and who's wrong. I don't know either one of these people. All I know is that it's a private matter and it disgusts me that one of the parties decides that airing her dirty laundry is the way to go.

If these two girls want to mud wrestle on Facebook, I couldn't care less.

Maybe if Levi had, oh, I don't know, finished high school, gotten a job, not made a media spectacle out of himself, etc... he'd have joint custody of Tripp right now and Mercede and his mom could see Tripp on his time.

Kelsey said...

(I decided to delete all the personal stuff. Not relevant to the discussion. Just my attempt to try to understand the situation.)