Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Poor Wittow Jackie

Some Georgia Congressman got his panties all wound up in a bunch over Sarah Palin endorsing people. Apparently, it's okay for everyone else to do it, but not for her:

"What she's doing is dividing the Republican Party at a time when we don't need to be divided."


"My candidate could lose!" (At the time, Handel had not yet conceded.)

Aw, poor baby.

"Why Sarah Palin decided to get in the race is beyond me. I don't know why she feels compelled to get into primaries all over the country, but fortunately Georgia voters are doing their own thinking on things like this."

Uh, wasn't Nathan Deal, your guy, endorsed by Huckabee, Gingrich, and Cheney? And Romney endorsed Handel later on. Why discriminate against Sarah Palin?

Oh, that's right, because Palin's endorsement of Karen Handel was effective. It handed Karen a victory in the primary and gave your guy actual competition for the general. Heaven forbid you actually have to work for the nomination. These things are supposed to just fall in your lap.

I won't accuse this guy of sexism. I'll let SusanW do that for me:


It's okay for Newt and Mike and Mitt to endorse their candidates, but God forbid a woman give her opinion.


Nice to know who the Good Ol' Boys are, who can't keep from flappin' their gums about Sarah...

Keep it up you sorry sack...keep it up, nice and good like that, so we know who you are.

Jack continued:

"Karen Handel is a very decent candidate, but she's clearly the more moderate person in the race." Asked by the talk-show hosts if Palin should just butt out of primaries in general, Kingston replied, "I wish she will."

"Everyone in the [Georgia gubernatorial] race was solidly conservative, and Sarah Palin comes in and endorsed the moderate," Kingston said. To some, Handel is perceived insufficiently conservative on social issues involving abortion and child adoption by gay couples.

On its face that comment makes no sense. If everyone in the race was solidly conservative, how could there be a moderate to endorse?

Kingston's time would be better served figuring out how to answer the Democrats now that Nathan Deal is the nominee.

Oh, Kingston, who's dividing the party now?

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Anonymous said...

Good ole boys got their panties in a wad. Great imagery, Kelsey :)