Monday, December 27, 2010

Good for Bristol

Rumblings of it were first heard on an entertainment website last week: Bristol is thinking about buying a house in Arizona. Also potentially has a new boyfriend and wants more kids.

Well, turns out that the first one was true. The girl payed cash for a five bedroom house in Arizona. Nice. Very nice. Most websites are wondering "why" she did it. Why? It's Arizona. It's warm. That's my theory.

As for the other two things, I have no idea. Sounds like the guy's got a job anyway, so that's good. A marked improvement. And does she want more kids? I don't know. Who cares? Let her have fifty if she wants.

Rumors that she's looking at college in Arizona too.

Cash for a house at 20. Sweeeet.

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Anonymous said...

That she wants to have more kids isn't anything new. She said in her 1st interview with Greta that she wanted to have a big family.