Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Senator Who Fled WI Wants to Amend Constitution So No One Else Has To

Via Madison:

One of the Wisconsin 14 is working on a law that would prevent other lawmakers from stopping legislation by running away and hiding — a move that could be seen as an olive branch to angry members of the GOP.

Sen. Tim Cullen, D-Janesville, a key member of the Democratic senators who fled the state in a failed effort to stall Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill, said Tuesday he was drafting a state constitutional amendment that would allow the Legislature to vote on and pass fiscal bills with a simple majority. The constitution requires each house to have three-fifths of all members present to vote on bills that have a fiscal impact.


“I was part of creating this divide,” Cullen said. “I need to be part of fixing it.”

Mark Belling:

The guy in the pic is Tim Cullen. Maybe there are nefarious intentions (likely, these are Democrats) or maybe Cullen just got homesick in Illinois and doesn't want to do that ever again.

I can't envision a scenario where Republicans would flee anyway. I'd be more interested in hearing the reason the law requires a three-fifths majority vote now and the consequences a simple majority requirement would have. Seems to me that if the object were to prevent fleeing to avoid a vote, they could pass a law that would prohibit that action and provide means for replacing any who would flee (most likely by gubernatorial appointment), rather than amend the quorum requirements.


Bill589 said...

Your solution sounds smarter than his. You ever contemplate running for state government?
Senator Kelsey?

Kelsey said...

Ha! That would be entertaining.

I probably would if I were at all outgoing.