Monday, February 7, 2011

What if Palin Doesn't Run?

Someone asked me yesterday what I would do if Palin decided not to run for President.

Hm. Well, it'd be kind of anti-climactic. I expect that I would maybe type up a blog post about it, then pop some popcorn and watch a movie. (shrug)

Who would I support instead? No one I can think of. Probably one of the little guys that doesn't stand a chance. I can't support Romney. Honestly? I'd probably just forget the 2012 Presidential race. I definitely wouldn't put any time or effort into it. There's only one person I feel passionately enough about to actively support and that's Palin. Depending on who the nominee ended up being, I might show up to vote on election day, but that'd be about it.

I'd probably take a break from politics for a good long while. And then when it got maybe a few months out from the election, I'd do what I could to elect conservatives to the House and Senate. That would probably be my priority. Try and give the legislature enough votes to override a Presidential veto. I haven't run the numbers to see if that would be possible, but I honestly don't think anyone but Palin has a snowball's chance of beating Obama, so I'd focus my energy on putting in a Congress to check and balance him. And override him if possible.

Or maybe take a trip, see the world. Ya never know.


Scott said...

Sounds like a reasonable plan. Romney is a no brainer--literally--however, if Palin is a no starter I might consider a draft Alan West campaign. Plenty of time left; and there is always 2016, if we survive 2012.

None said...

Oh, yeah. Alan West is a good one. I'd probably support him or someone like him.

But unless he had a really good chance, I'd still channel most of my energy into the House and Senate races.

Anonymous said...

Here is my question:
What if Palin does run and wins, what will you do on January 21 2013? Won't that also be kind of anti-climactic?

Looking forward to your next post:
What If Palin Wins

Greg said...

I feel the same way, there isn't anyone else out there that I believe can even put up a fight. All the others, Pawlenty, Huckabee, Gingrich, Romney, etc., would run the same kind of campaign as McCain. They'd all be too afraid to say anything negative about 0bama out of fear of being called a racist. Besides, none of them have been savaged by the media yet, but if they were nominated, that process would begin. Palin's withstood the 24/7 carpet bombing extremely well for 2.5 years already, there is nothing more they can actually do to her or her family. The best example of that is the Tucson blood libel. A host of talking heads said she was finished politically. But, who is that has Japanese, Swedish, and the entire national media clamoring for admittence to the Long Island Business Assoc event next week, none other than Sarah Palin. Who was it that was selected to be the keynote speaker at the Reagan Ranch? She's still standing, and moving ahead. Once she unleashes a real campaign, look out world, here she comes.

Bill589 said...

What if Palin wins? - Then on January 21, 2013 one of the first things I’ll do is thank God. I’ll be happy for my country, and more hopeful my children will grow up with liberty, and knowing that if they work hard, they may even be prosperous.

Besides a hundred other things I’m not going to write down right now, when Sarah Palin becomes President, the term ‘Glass Ceiling’ will finally be exclusive to history books.