Saturday, May 30, 2009

Governor Palin on Energy Funds

I hate to toot my own horn (but I will, just this once).

Governor Sarah Palin wrote an opinion piece to an Alaskan newspaper this week explaining her decision to reject the energy stimulus money. Here's a piece of it:

"I've served as a city councilman and city mayor/manager. I've participated firsthand in the mandated building code debate. Anyone serving in local office knows strong deference to local communities leads to the best policies. That policy holds true with building codes.

"My community went through a battle over building codes when our booming city desired more growth opportunities to allow job creation. The last thing we needed was a bureaucrat from Washington, D.C., telling us what the best policy was to adopt."

And, here's where I get to toot my horn. I wrote a piece awhile back about how I think being a small town mayor was actually an advantage to someone seeking higher office. One of my points, was this:

"She's had to actually enforce policy that other politicians only write about. Take the current energy code debate, for instance. Sarah Palin comes from an office where she would have had to play a role in implementing those policies. She understands the kind of time and money it takes to support that kind of red tape. She's been on the receiving end of alot of the rules, therefore she understands the implications of those rules when they are written. This gives her a unique perspective. "

The whole thing can be found here.

And as a sidenote, for those in Alaska who claim that the Gov doesn't care about your energy needs in the state, Palin has this to say:

"We have hundreds of millions of dollars already budgeted for conservation, weatherization and renewable energy development. My administration will remain vigilant for Alaskans and oppose mandates or pressure to conform from Washington, D.C."

So there.

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