Tuesday, May 19, 2009

She Won't Stab You in the Back

Sarah Palin is one politician who actually understands her supporters.

Case in point:

John Coale, husband of Greta van Sustern, is a bit of a feminist. His support for female candidates doesn't seem to have anything to do with their policy ideas. Like his wife, he supported Hillary Clinton, and Sarah Palin. Good for him.

But then he went and suggested something that, quite frankly, leaves me scratching my head:

John Coale, a Washington-area Democratic donor and onetime adviser to Sarah Palin, urged the conservative Alaska governor to use her political action committee to help retire the presidential campaign debt of Hillary Clinton.

The rest of the article can be found here.

His broader aim, say Palin camp insiders, was to help Palin develop a relationship with the former first family that he thought could bolster the polarizing governor’s standing with Democrats and independents.
Yeah, win over the opposition by betraying your base. That's John McCain strategy. Thank goodness Sarah's smarter than that:

She [Sarah] expressed concern to aides about Coale’s request that weekend and a few days later directed Meg Stapleton, an Alaska-based campaign aide, to tell Coale that she would not help retire Clinton’s debt.“While we appreciate your efforts and recognize that a friendship with the Clintons is appropriate, the governor believes (and I concur) that using SarahPAC to pay down Hillary’s debt is not a prudent use of the money,” Stapleton wrote to Coale in a Feb. 17 e-mail, a few days after he made his pitch to the governor. “Contributors who chose between heating their homes and sending in a contribution because they believe in Sarah would be crushed.”
Amen, amen.

While maintaining a less-than-hostile relationship with Hillary Clinton is probably a good strategy, financially supporting her with money given to Sarah for Sarah's values, would have an incredible backlash.

Most politicians, even conservatives, seem to use their supporters to get elected, and then ditch them and their values when the prospect of getting invited to the party is dangled in front of their nose.

In Sarah Palin, we finally have a candidate who won't sell out her supporters to get into the "in" crowd. In an interview before she was chosen to run for Vice President, Sarah said that she had no problem sticking up for the little guy. And now we know that she won't abandon the little guy either.

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