Sunday, June 14, 2009

Make Her A Star

Here's some excerpts from an awesome article written by Dan Calabrese:

"So, Republicans, you’re looking for people who can serve as faces of a party on the upswing. What qualities would we want to see in such people?

"Maybe these:

1. They’ve served in public office and have actually governed effectively.

2. Rather than just talking about fiscal responsibility, they’ve made it happen under their watch.

3. When possible, they’ve made sure the private sector would take the lead in crucial initiatives.

4. They’ve taken on corrupt, entrenched interests to make government more responsive to the people it serves, even when those interests were fellow Republicans.

5. They pull no punches in criticizing Democrats, but they do so with a positive outlook and a pleasant demeanor.

6. They’re not intimidated by the inevitable crap they will catch from the media, celebrities and whomever else.

7. They have an enthusiastic following upon which to build.

8. Finally, if you’ve got all of the above, it can’t hurt if you also look fantastic....

"Guess what. There’s one person who possesses all eight:

"Sarah Palin....

"Palin knows her stuff, backs it up with action and expresses herself with the perfect mix of substance and agreeable style.

"I am not writing this column to tout Palin as a presidential candidate. Unlike most who write about her, I do not view everything she does through the prism of presidential aspirations she may or may not have. This column is about the importance of prominent Republicans who are serious about good governance and can serve as the face of a party that represents such ideals.

"Republicans should embrace everyone they can find whose track record in public office – and in the public eye – demonstrates the best of Republican governance. And no one fits the bill better than Palin....

"Certain Republicans fear Palin’s prominence because their image of her is based on Tina Fey routines and background turkey slaughters....

"If you read substance-challenged media like Politico, you think it’s all about unnamed GOP operatives grumbling about the way her scheduler works, or GOP senators (who refuse to put their names on the record) finding her annoying.

"Have you ever listened to Palin talk about policy? Have you examined her record in Alaska? Do you know the political courage she has demonstrated achieving crucial goals there?....

"Unlike their Washington counterparts, there are Republicans around the country who have done well in state and local positions, and they deserve to be the party’s new stars....

"But start with Sarah Palin. It’s about her record, her vision, her message and her sincere appeal. They are all top-notch, if you don’t realize that, it’s because you’ve been focused on nonsense instead of what really matters.

"Make her the nominee for president? I don’t really care, and I’m not sure she cares as much as you think she does. But by all means, make her a star, because the Republican Party doesn’t have anyone who comes even close to fitting the bill like she does."

Hat tip to Dan. He pretty much said it all.

Go check out the whole article here.

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