Friday, July 24, 2009

President Obama is a Racist

What if both guys had been white?

President Obama said in his press conference the other day that an officer who arrested a black Harvard professor "acted stupidly." Obama, pardon me, but you're the one who's acting stupidly.

Here's what happened:

A couple of neighbors noticed two guys breaking into the house next door. They called the cops. A cop showed up, and asked the guy inside the house to please step outside. The guy inside the house immediately started yelling and shouting "Yo Momma" stuff and calling the officer a racist. He refused to cooperate with the officer (I believe that's called obstructing an investigation, or something like that), and so the officer arrested him. Came to find out that the guy actually lived there, he'd just locked his keys in his house.

Now, in the sane world, if a police officer came to my door and asked me to step outside I would probably say, "What's the problem, officer?" And step outside. He would relay the neighbor's concerns, after which I would laugh and explain that I live here, I just locked my keys in the house. I would show him identification, anything he needed to see. I would cooperate fully. Now, if I did all that and he still arrested me, I would have a problem. And if that had happened to this Harvard professor then he would have had a case for racial profiling.

But that's not what happened. For whatever reason the guy lost his temper and acted...oh, what's the word I'm looking for.....?

Stupidly. And he got arrested for it.

Now, in this case the officer was white and the homeowner was black. What if both had been white? Would Obama have drawn the same conclusion that he did in his press conference? I doubt it.

If both men had been white he would have judged them based on their actions, not on the color of their skin. But since one guy was black, he did judge based on the color of their skin, which is why I say that President Obama is a racist.

I don't live in a place where we have racial issues, so I'm not an expert on racial profiling, but I will say this: as a person who doesn't have first-hand knowledge of racial profiling, calling an incident like this "profiling" makes me doubt that there's any real weight to the charges that there's some racism among the police of America.

Now, I'm sure that there is racism in some places, but holding this homeowner up as the poster child victim of racial profiling, cheapens actual racial profiling and takes away from any real problems that may be out there.

It's like saying that killing an abortion doctor will help the pro-life movement. No it won't. It will delegitimize the pro-life movement. In the same way calling incidents like this racial profiling delegitimizes actual racial profiling.

Obama did not do himself nor black Americans any favors with his remarks. He showed that he does not judge incidents based on character or actions, but on the color of the parties involved. He sees everything through a racial lens. If that's not discrimination, I don't know what is.

Now, I'm sure he'll backtrack and fall all over himself trying to gloss over his remarks. But it's too late. The world knows now.

President Obama is a racist.

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