Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sarah Wields Her Common Sense Sword

Sarah Palin's latest "Tweet":
Rep.Lynn's good HB3 Visa/Drivers Lic law:"If u dont have legal right to walk down AKn street, why should u have right to drive same street?"
I'm not clear on if her quote is her own, or if she's quoting Rep. Lynn. Either way, it's right on.

There is an incredible lack of common sense in the illegal immigration issue. The driver's license thing drives me up the wall.

Another thing that kills me is the whole debate over schooling for children of illegal immigrants. People work themselves into a lather with arguments for and against. One of the main arguments for the schooling is that most of the children were born here, so they're US citizens. The pundits get all into their debate and leave me yelling at the television.

Let me get this straight: We know that these are the children of illegal immigrants. That must mean that we know their parents, and we know that they're illegal. If their kids are going to school, we probably know where they live. If we know they're illegal, and we know where they live, why are we talking about whether or not their kids should go to school? Why are we not putting them on buses and sending them home? Duh.

"But the kids are citizens!"

Yeah, and they're also kids. They are in their parents custody, and their parents are illegal. If they want to come back when they're of age, fine. Until then, they're stuck with Mom and Dad, although some parents leave the kids here with relatives.

(Sidenote: the bleeding hearts in Washington didn't seem to care about Elian Gonzalez' schooling very much, did they?)

It's the same with the driver's license debate. They shouldn't be here in the first place! Why are we talking about whether or not they're able to drive here?

I saw an article in a newspaper of one of our bigger cities. It had a bunch of illegal immigrants standing on the lawn of our capitol building holding signs demanding licenses.

Oh, police, where are you?

Look, a bunch of illegal immigrants, right there in front of you. Hello. Easy pickin's, don't you think?

But did anyone get arrested? No.

Listen, I'm not against immigration. And I think we could probably fix some of our immigration laws to make it easier for good people to come here. We're a nation of immigrants. My ancestors came over from Ireland and Norway at the turn of the century. I have nothing against immigrants, come on over. The more the merrier.

But we have no place for people who have no respect for our laws.

Could some of the laws be changed? Sure. I have a friend who's going through the process of becoming a citizen right now. It can be a headache.

But the politicians who make me bang my head against the wall with their insane approach to dealing with the illegals already here, are the same politicians who will never streamline the immigration process.

Why? Because their endgame is not to find a solution; it is to use the problem. They use it to get votes, push their agendas, and ultimately to undermine our security.

Come on, Sarah. We need you.

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