Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rifqa Bary and Sarah Palin

Rifqa Bary, honor killings, and Sarah Palin on the oppression of women around the world.

See Atlas for more details about Rifqa Bary's situation. This vid is a mix of Pam Gellar's vid on Rifqa and Seth Adam Smith's video of Palin on women in politics.


ajtelles said...

Rifka Bary, Pamela Geller and Sarah Palin...

Hi Uffda,

I saw your comment on C4P a few minutes ago, so I thought I would say hi on your own blog... then I saw the Rifka Bary video you posted.

I also posted Pamela's video on my SarayPalinToday blog.

Rifka said -

'My blood is now halal'
'They (family) have to kill me'

I liked your video mix with Rifka, Pamela and Sarah with Sarah at the end talking about the equal opportunity for women today in America...

Although Sarah didn't delve into supremacist Islam as a theme of her talk, women in America do have equal opportunity...

... except for the women of the Ummah and Dar al Islam who must be subservient to the men of Islam who think that jihad and sharia law is the wave of the future for all the kaffirs who, if we, men and women, do not convert or pay the jizya tax... will be killed... because Mohammad said to kill all unbelievers... and Allah will be pleased!!!

Whew, what a thought!!!... What a radical teaching!

Maybe Sarah will be God's LADY with the 'Servant's Heart' that will awaken America to the supremacist mindset of Islam and the men with their 'back-of-the-bus treatment of their own women and young girls?

Ps. Uffda, you might also want to check out 'jdamn' and her web site

'jdamn' is also the editor of the Christian Persecution section (her full name is listed there) on Bill Warner's

'J' has a video link on her site to an interview that Bill Warner did about 2 weeks ago with a talk radio guy in Canada.

Especially memorable is his mention of the 'meet-them-half-way' dhimmi mentality of the submissives in America...

Since the Muslim radicals do not compromise their beliefs about the kaffirs who are not submissive to Islam, soon the kaffirs half-way themselves into an all-the-way dhimmitude relationship with radical Islam.

PPS. I am also new to blogging about Sarah Palin and have only been commenting on C4P since early July.

I have all of the comments turned off except for the 'I'm For Sarah Palin Today' ---> Read more... links (in the Sarah box)... where I post only personal thoughts.


Shameless Promo Coming...

There are a ton of great sites dealing with radical Islam, and Pamela Geller's Atlas Shrugs is (one of?) the best, along with Robert Spencer's, Bill Warner's and soon as well known will be 'jdamn' and her site where she is constantly posting Christian / Islam related items.

Well, that's my shameless promo for 'jdamn' and her site that she named after a book by Oriana Fallaci.

I didn't expect to write so much after the comments about Rifka and Sarah and equal opportunity for women... so I'll stop now... and see you at C4P.

Kelsey said...

Hey, Art. That's alot of info. I'll get back when I've had a chance to go through it all. Thanks for stopping by!