Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just File, Already!

I held my nose and dove into the cesspool after posting my rundown. According to Gryphen (a very reliable source\sarc), Levi isn't actually planning on filing for custody of Tripp, he's just doing this to discourage the Palins from filing for full custody.

Nobody saw that coming.

Can't give up your meal ticket, can ya? Have to have something to complain to the press about.

If there really are issues, just go to court and straighten it out. But, the aftermath of that would be irrelevancy, so we can't go down that path, can we? No, we must continue to have a reason to slam the Palins - a justification for our shameless money-grubbing. If joint custody is received, what will Levi cry about to get his fifteen seconds then?

Here's Gryphen's comments:

Hold the phone guys! I just received a call from one of my sources and they say that Levi is NOT planning to file for joint custody at the end of this month! I don't know if Levi was misquoted, or if he spoke without checking with his attorney, but it is not in the works thus far.

I did hear however that if Bristol files any papers that Team Levi is ready to respond.

I apologize for getting everybody's hopes up. I was kind of excited as well.

Update2: By now many of you have seen the Insider interview with Levi and wonder if I have gone off of the deep end. I made a follow up call and this is the deal.

TeamLevi is convinced that there will be a motion for full custody filed by the Palin family. In order to let THEM know that Levi is not afraid of that, and that he is willing to go to court as well, he made that statement to the Insider. As you can see from Levi's demeanor he is serious.

The reason that Levi has been giving interviews to Vanity Fair and offering to pose for Playgirl is to make money to care for Tripp. He has been doing the best he can to demonstrate that he is a responsible parent, but the young man simply CANNOT get a regular job.

Being plucked out of the middle of his hunting trip and deposited into the middle of the McCain campaign has changed his life forever. He is unable to return to the life he lived before so, with the help of Tank Jones and Rex Butler, he is trying to make lemonade out of the pile of lemons left to him when Palin evicted him from her home.

Forgive me while I wipe the tear of laughter from my eye.

Posing for Playgirl to demonstrate that he's a responsible parent. Oh, that's rich.

He could get a normal job if he really wanted, but Tank and Rex put a bug in his ear. Levi himself said at the end of the Vanity Fair article that they told him that not everybody has a chance to be famous.

And nineteen-year-old imaginations ran wild.

And, correct me if I'm wrong, but if this is true (with no guarantee that it is, we'll just have to see if Levi does file), then I guess that means that things with the Palins really aren't to the breaking point, and Levi isn't being driven to this because they won't let him see Tripp. It means that this is a preemptive strike, and not at all based in what he's been saying for the last couple weeks.

Which would mean.....

Levi lied?

Gasp! No! Who woulda thunk it?

Wow. This kid is a walking poster child of self-incrimination. Again, no guarantee that Gryphen is in any way reliable. We'll just have to see what happens. One way, Levi's a liar with a meal ticket. The other way, Levi's a liar without a meal ticket. Either way, I don't really care.

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Lynn said...

This douchebag is unbelievable. I bet Bristol is now wishing she listened to her parents. Poor Tripp.