Monday, March 15, 2010

Palin Meets Zeke

I don't think there's any audio on this thing, at least I can't get any, but the description says:

Sara [sic] Palin gets to meet Zeke Zucaro and spend time visiting, chatting and picking his brain about Real Estate Investing. You never know who your going to meet in Salt Lake City!

A tweet from this guy was posted yesterday:

Holy Cow! I am in the Salt Lake City Delta Sky Club and Sarah Palin is here! Her Police escort says they are going to bring her to meet me!
So she was in the Salt Lake City airport yesterday, probably on a layover. He later posted:
I just got to spend one on one time with Sarah Palin! Amazing. See it at my You Tube channel.
His company website is here.


Zeke uploaded the video again on March 23, 2010. Still no sound, but he put this as a description:
Sarah Palian and Zeke Zucaro talk shop at the Crown Club in Salt Lake City. Topics covered included the state of today's housing market in America. Zeke gave Sarah a tip or two on Short Sales and she told Zeke he has a future in politics!

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