Monday, March 15, 2010

Unstoppable - Updated

A guy over at PTBC has read the Maclean's article on Palin:

No great friend of any conservative, particularly American conservatives, Maclean’s magazine features an article about Sarah Palin in this coming week’s edition.

It’s reasonably fairly written. For example, it concedes, or admits, quite rightly, in a stunning break from the established liberal media talking points and pop-news culture meme, that in the end, after all the outrageous liberal-left caterwauling and bashing and personal attacks and outright character assassination attempts, they have ultimately FAILED to stop her....unwittingly betraying that which only they think is self-evident and obvious: that all along, we’ve all been trying to stop her....

The media’s multiple pronouncements of the political death of her and her “15 minutes of fame”, and that she’s “finally done like dinner”, and “she’s well past her best before date”, and countless other such novelties always using one or more of the words “stupid” or “idiot” or “useless” over and over and over again, failed to stop her, and she is indeed a force to be reckoned with — or as their cover also laments, she is actually “reshaping America”. So much for “useless” and “irrelevant”....

You have to laugh at the like-mindedness being exhibited by the Sarah Palin-hating liberal-left media on this...Maclean’s thinks she’s an unstoppable force (despite the efforts) in the whole of American politics who is actually “reshaping America”; and the simpatico National Post also thinks she won’t “go away”, and yet she’s a “complete idiot”. Then doesn’t that mean the National Post thinks Americans are “complete idiots”? I vote yes — that they think they are.

Note however that this whole paradigm magically shifts when they’re talking about their man, the ever so smart Barack Obama, and his election by the same Americans. Then they’re all geniuses.

UPDATE: The article was not fair in any respect. It was just another hit piece.

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