Thursday, April 29, 2010

Palin at CSU and A Rant

Bill Mattos has a good column up at WestsideConnect. Check it out.

I disagree with Bill on one thing: Oh, "yes we can" blame Yee and Brown for stirring up a huge media and legal controversy that wastes taxpayer time and money for political points. If they're willing to do it now, they'll be willing to do it in office.

One of the things that strikes me when I see things like this is how I probably wouldn't have even cared about it a couple of years ago. It was politics back then, the political game that everyone played. I guess you could say that I was where Bill is now. Palin is the one who turned me on to "no more politics as usual." It's the "crazy" idea that politicians are the servants, not the masters of the people.

They are supposed to be working for us and doing the job that we elected them to do. It is disgusting that they waste our time and money on power plays and their own ego.

People called Palin a "quitter" for leaving office when she could no longer serve. To this day they say that she just couldn't take the heat, that she was just doing it for the money, etc... But look at the situation in Alaska: 26 ethics complaints filed on Palin (one is still pending months and months later). All so far have been dismissed as lacking merit. One was settled with no finding of any wrongdoing on Palin's part.

The Alaska Department of Law can't just throw an ethics complaint in the trash, even if it is ridiculous on its face. They must do their job and take it seriously and spend the time and the money and the man-hours to basically waste Alaska taxpayer money.

Meanwhile, the legislature refused to pass a simple bill that would have stopped the abuse of the ethics complaint process.

A legal defense fund was established to help pay not only Palin's legal fees, but also those members of her administration who also faced complaints. The only problem is that it's unusable. Almost a year after she announced that she was stepping down, the legal fund is still frozen because a complaint lodged against it has still not been resolved.

We know that the complaints would have kept coming. Being a government official, there would have been no book tour. The revenue from her book sales might have been enough to cover her legal fees (by the way, the book wouldn't have even come out until about now), but what about the fees of those affected in her administration who don't have best-selling books?

And forget the money aspect of it, what about the time involved, and the fact that Palin couldn't go anywhere of do anything without fear that it would cost her another bucket-load of money because some loser might make up their mind that what she did was unethical. A complaint was filed because she answered a reporter's question in her office, for Pete's sake.

The tactics of the Far-Left hacks bent on Palin's personal destruction were making it impossible for Palin to appropriately govern her state. It was hurting Alaska. If she left, she knew that it could very well be the end of her political career. But the attacks would no longer be able to hurt her state, and that was the bottom line.

I also hear all the time the argument that she's a half-term Governor who broke her vow to her constiuents to serve four years. That argument doesn't hold water.

Guess what? If she had become Vice President she would have also been a half-term Governor who "broke her vow" to her constituents by not serving four years. As would Janet Napolitano and anyone else who has ever left an office.

As Palin said in the interview excerpt below, it's accepted to leave office for another political position, but it's apparently not accepted to leave office to fight outside of the system.

This brings me to Palin earning 12 million dollars since resigning.

First off, she's a private citizen. She can earn whatever she wants. It's really nobody's business.

Secondly, personal wealth means that the Left can never again use the threat of personal bankruptcy as a weapon against her.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney just bought a house in California for 12 million.


Bill589 said...

I agree. We hire them and pay their salary not to play political games, but to work for us. I hope they’re both unemployed soon. Then they’ll understand how bad that hopenchange is for everybody else.

It amazes me, in a country of over 300 million people, how much crud rises to the top. Part of what makes Sarah shine so bright, is the scummy political environment she’s in.

A couple of friends and I, all in our 40s, are reading about the Founders and the Constitution now for the first time in our lives. (And we all have college.) It almost felt like a ‘Bible study’, but it was a ‘Constitution study’. A little weird, I know, but educated citizenry might be what saves our great country.

Bill589 said...

Re: Mitt
They don’t fear Mitt. The Left clearly doesn’t believe polls. Neither do I.
Neither does TIME: 100 most influential. Couldn’t find “slow and steady”, “playing it safe”, “doing it smart”, “not alienating the middle” guy in there. (Quotes are recent phrases from his supporters at republican sites. If this guy excites them, they’d all need depends if they were Palin supporters.)

Uffda said...