Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just A Teeny Little Rant About the Johnstons

You know, when Levi and company first went out and made fools of themselves on Tyra Banks, I wasn't a big fan of the knee-jerk reaction a lot of conservatives had. Don't believe me? Check it out.

I tried to give Levi the benefit of the doubt for a long time. Little by little the kid wore down my patience. Eventually, the mere mention of his name made me want to hurl.

When it comes to the Johnstons, I go through phases that range all the way from boiling rage over the thirty pieces of silver, to cutting them some slack for Tripp's sake. Right now I'm in a state of non-emotion about the whole thing.

Levi's out to make a buck. Why should he get his hands dirty when he can gin up publicity using Sarah Palin's name to draw attention to his own pathetic "career"? It's good money, baby.

I mean, come on, the Johnston's lives kinda suck right now apart from the coattails of Sarah Palin that Levi gets to ride. If it wasn't for that Palin wave, they'd have pretty much nothing. Ironic, since they also hate Palin's guts.

But they're not the first to make a buck off of Sarah. "Tina Fey" ring any bells? Palin is a one-woman stimulus package. Even people that hate her are getting rich off of her.

When it comes to the Johnstons, I think a lot of it has to do with jealousy. The Palins are a family that they probably didn't see as being any better than theirs. Now they're flying high and the Johnstons aren't a part of it anymore. While the Palins hit the penthouse, they lost their house. Literally. Levi lost his honey. Sherry went to jail for dealing oxycontin. Who knows what's up with Mercede.

Pull ourselves up by our bootstraps? Get real jobs?

Nah. Let's just devote our lives to pulling those horrible Palins down into the dust with us. Goodness knows they aren't any better than we are, so why should they get all the breaks and us get all the short ends?

As far as letting them see Tripp is concerned, I don't know. I'm not there. But if there was a legitimate beef, they had a lawyer. Levi (and I was calling for this for weeks) should have filed for joint custody a long time ago.

Instead he didn't finish high school and refused to get a real job.

Maybe he's just been getting some really bad advice. After all, Levi himself said in his Vanity Fair article that Rex and Tank put a bug in his ear that he could be famous. It's not everyone who gets to be the ex-boyfriend of a Palin kid. Might as well take advantage of it, right? When he went on CBS and said that he had big stuff on Sarah, he might as well have had a neon sign flashing over his head - "How much are you willing to pay me?"

It's pretty obvious now that Levi himself is fully down with making a living off of his almost-mother-in-law, so I'm done making excuses for him because of his counsel.

Just in case people like Mercede Johnston are not aware of it yet, the people who support Levi, don't give an actual d*** about him, or anyone else in his family. They're merely salivating over any potential dirt he may have on the Palins.

Mercede, remember back during the campaign when you were with the Palins? The Left called you white trash. Now, you're the poor little persecuted ones. "Please, please write the book. Please, spill your guts. The truth will come out. It will be cathardic," etc...

They don't really give a rat's behind about you getting to see Tripp. It's always been about the Palins; it'll always be about the Palins.

And I'm sure you really do love Tripp and all that, but when you guest-post on a Trig-Truther blog..... You do have some concept of PR, don't you?

Apparently not.

Oh, by the way, I actually really want Levi to write that book. Nothing would please me more than to see him throw off any semblence of decency and just go full-throttle scumbag.

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Stacy said...

Anybody that promotes that book (Larry King) will also have descended into "full-throttle scumbag."

I always thought what Levi was doing was disgusting and just smacked of poor character. BUT, I hold more contempt for those in the media that prop him up, interview him, and exploit the situation. As I pointed out to the guy that wrote the New York Magazine hit-piece... The only connection Levi has to Gov. Palin is a toddler. Therefore the author was using a toddler as leverage to attack Gov. Palin.

The left is full of bad character.