Saturday, May 15, 2010

This Woman Knows No Fear

Reason #20089 why Sarah Palin should be in the White House: she's afraid of pretty much nothing.

Rather than just throw her token support behind Arizona's latest attempt to fix their immigration problems, Sarah Palin will join Arizona Governor Jan Brewer in a press conference this afternoon:

The two will team up for a press conference today in Phoenix, at which they will announce a new website and a national effort to "educate America on border security and encourage support for Arizona."

Brewer's campaign spokesman, Doug Cole, said Palin is an obvious choice since she's been opining on the issue with some regularity.

Right after the law passed, Palin went on Fox News to criticize President Obama for perpetuating a racial-profiling "myth" in his portrayal of the law. Most recently, Palin encouraged an Illinois girls' basketball team to "go rogue" after an administrator canceled its trip to Arizona.

No statements from Palin were immediately available.

This is the second time she's been to Arizona recently, having traveled to both Tucson and Mesa in late March to stump for her former running mate, U.S. Sen. John McCain.

Cole said the website will try to correct what he said is wrong information about the law, and will also provide additional information on the longstanding immigration battle, by posting all of the letters sent to the federal government in the past eight years by Brewer as well as her predecessor, former Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano, who now heads the Department of Homeland Security.

Jennifer Johnson, spokeswoman for the state Democratic Party, dismissed the announcement as Brewer's bid to strengthen her election prospects in the upcoming election cycle. "Sarah Palin is neither an expert on border security nor on tourism," Johnson said. "This is a transparent political stunt by Gov. Brewer under the false pretense of helping Arizona."

Riiiiight, Jennifer. Because Obama is such an expert. Holder is too. He even went on numerous news shows to condemn the law that he hadn't even read. Brilliant people at the helm.

Johnson, Johnson, Johnson. Can't you come up with anything better than a strawman argument?

Oh, yes. Everybody please keep telling me how stupid Sarah Palin is when our Attorney General fearmongers about racism when he never even read the ten-page law.

Talk about reckless and irresponsible. Violent protests over fears that our Attorney General helped to stoke without any actual knowledge. And the Left thinks that Tea Partiers are dangerous.


Good on you, Governors.

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Bill589 said...

Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer -
Sometimes I feel a little sorry for democratic spokespersons. The hardest job in the world has to be defending the actions of the Obama administration. I sure couldn’t do it. And as an extra hardship for me, I try to be honest. That would pretty much make it impossible.