Monday, May 10, 2010

You Want A RINO? Vote for Chuck DeVore

No, I'm not calling Chuck a RINO. But if you vote for him there's a very good chance you'll hand the nomination to the real RINO in the race, Tom Campbell.

Carly Fiorina has been called a RINO for days now by those who support Chuck. Fine. Go ahead and waste all of your ammunition aiming at the wrong person. Great strategy. No wonder the Democrats win.

Tom Campbell is pro-choice, anti-Israel, and he's spent five terms in Washington D.C. Why do I not hear wailing from the rafters about how he's the establishment candidate? Why am I hearing conservatives complain about pro-life, pro-Israel Carly? Should you not focus on making sure Tom Campbell doesn't get it?

What am I missing here?

Why are Chuck's fans targeting Carly? If you question her conservative credentials, you should be going crazy over Campbell's.

The primary is still about a month away. If you're a Chuck supporter until then, that's great. Go for it. And if it looks like Chuck might be able to pull it off in June, hey, vote for him.

But if a month from now the polls look a lot like they do right now with Chuck trailing the other two, then please, PLEASE put your pettiness aside and vote for Carly.

Otherwise you'll split the conservative vote and you really WILL end up with a RINO in Boxer's seat, and his name will be Tom Campbell.

If he doesn't win, it doesn't have to be the end for Chuck. If you really want to see him in Washington, guess what? There will be House elections again in two years. Tell him to give that a try. He'll already have the supporters, the recognition in conservative circles, and a good start with the organization to pull it off.

And say Carly ends up failing miserably. Then when the Senate seat comes back around he can kick her butt out. I'll help him do it.

This movement is just getting started. Work. Learn. You don't have to take the whole country all in one year. This is just the beginning.

And about the Palin endorsement, listen, I can empathize. There are some second-tier candidates that I would love to see win. If the 'Cuda came out and endorsed their opponents, pretty much solidifying the defeat of my guy, I'd be bummed too.

But you know what? I'd get over it because the ultimate goal is to win back the Congress in November, not split hairs.

Passion is great, and I'm glad you have it for Chuck. But sometimes passion is short-sighted.


Anonymous said...

Chuck has a history of doing what is right for the conservative movement and Republican Party, Carly has done nothing that I have seen or found.
This is the opportunity for Carly to do whats right this time and step aside so real leadership and Republican ideas can come to the front and to make sure the race isn't handed to Campbell.
Chuck is a known entity, with Carly we are being asked to trust her and her campaign (same campaign leadership that brought us the current Governor).

Uffda said...

I don't give a d*** about either one of them.

But both sides bullheadedness is going to hand this to Campbell.

There are days I hate how stubborn conservatives are.

Uffda said...

So Carly's not a politician? There are lots of other people running all across the country who have just gotten involved for the first time who have also done nothing for the consrvative movement. That means nothing.

What I do know is that Tom is a disaster.

Carly's pro-gun, pro-life, and a fiscal conservative.

If that's a RINO, we're in big trouble. I don't know what more you people want.