Monday, June 14, 2010

This Little Piggie Goes "Wee, Wee, Weeeee...." - UPDATE

I'm only talking about this because the Alaska Dispatch picked it up. (Don't bother going there. I just linked because I had to.)

Behold this line from the den of Flying Pigs:
But today, it's soap opera day, mixed with hard legal facts which show again how secretive the Palins are when it comes to their personal dealings.
Read that again. Note the word "personal." As in, "personal." The gall of those Palins to be "secretive" about their personal dealings.

They are apparently shocked that Levi's truck was seen outside of Bristol's condo. It's not like he has a son that lives there or anything....

Do they even listen to their boy? Levi said awhile ago that he was getting to see Tripp about once a week. They've been too busy hanging onto Sadie's every whining word to notice. I have hypothesized that Levi might be seeing Tripp without Sadie even knowing about it, especially since she and Bristol don't get along. Bristol has to deal with the kid's Dad; she doesn't owe anything to his sister. It's just a theory, but my theory about Sadie's MySpace captions turned out to be correct, so there.

Now the pigs turn to rooting around trying to figure out who actually owns Bristol's condo, (who cares?) and posting screen caps from Sadie's Facebook wall that detail some of her recent purchases. I thought the Johnstons were the poor little victims that were forced to move out of their house because they were broke and those mean ole' Palins didn't care. I never understood why Levi couldn't take some of his Playgirl money and help his mom make mortgage, but whatever.

Someone must have told Sadie about it because she made her FB wall private. LOL! Maybe now the Piggies will start wondering why she's being so "secretive" about her "personal" affairs.

Maybe we should find out who owns Levi's house. Or follow some of his lawyer money.

Nah. Just not that pathetic. Or mean, for that matter.

Here's a novel idea, you want to put your bacon to good use? Why don't you look into Obama and Tony Resco. There's a deal worthy of the likes of the Piggies.

Oh, look, it's Patrick:


I don't know much about lawyer-type stuff, but apparently some of my C4P peeps do:


There is nothing untoward going on with Bristol and her condo... even though these scum try to gin up some controversy... all the Palins did was put all the paper work in the name of a legal entity run thru the family lawyer. Big deal... considering all the hate thrown at the Palins, I don't blame them. Think about it. These people spend all their time and energy on finding out regular information. It would be the same as finding out who your cable company was or what cell phone company you used. It is intrusive and aggravating, but it is all public information.


The real story here is that SP raised her girl to be business savy.

Or, maybe, I don't know, Bristol is learning something in those business classes she is taking.

Let's see, the daughter of a private citizen buys a condo using legal protection etc through a LLC and what? This is a story? Was something illegal done? Is SP or Bristol a government employee?

I say to Bristol, good going. Way to use business and laws in a smart savy way...GIRL POWER!

Bean Counter:

Oh, this is such silly BS. Real estate transactions involving high profile people are handled like this all the time. Here in Nashville, if you go through real estate records looking for country music stars' homes, you won't find any records in any of their names, as there are corporate entities who are listed as the registered owner, usually it involves the person's attorney or business manager. Totally legit and nothing nefarious or mysterious.

What's that Kenny Chesney trying to hide?


Bill589 said...

I love your, and other barbarians' sarcasm. Sarah is also a master of sarc. Do you think you get it from her?

Kelsey (Uffda) said...

I need it to get through that garbage. :)