Friday, June 18, 2010


Good ole' Zaki:
I guess the question that I have is, what exactly do you want from Sarah Palin? Would you rather she have left you to the mercy of the press camping out on your front lawn? If she hadn't sent those ladies over to handle things for you, wouldn't your complaint be that she didn't care?

What do you want her to do now? Buy you a new house? Provide 24-hour security, etc...? She couldn't do that even if she wanted to. She'd be accused of buying you off. Besides, I hear Levi's got some dough now. Get it from him.

Levi was flown in for the RNC. The RNC was the Palin family introducing itself to the nation, because nobody had a clue who they were at that time. Sarah's going, "Here's my hubby, here are my kids, and here's my daughter's fiance. He'll be part of the family soon, so you might as well meet him too."

Besides, if I'm 17 and pregnant, I'm dragging my boyfriend in for moral support, if nothing else. I'm not sitting there in front of millions of people like that all by myself. Uh-uh. The other half is sitting right there and facing it right along with me.

Before people knew who Bristol's boyfriend was, I remember reading reports of journalists randomly calling kids who had the last name of "Johnston" and asking them if they were the baby daddy. You think your family would have been spared this stuff if Levi hadn't gone to that convention? Give me a break. It might have made things worse.

Were you in over your head? Oh, yeah. That was painfully obvious from day one, and as Levi tried to get a media career out of it. Lots of people's lives were turned upside down by the media in that election. Everyone else just had the character to deal with it the right way, apparently.

By the way, Palin never tried to make you look like bad people. She just defended herself when Levi started trashing her. Up until Levi went on Tyra Banks, I didn't have a bad impression of him, or his family. You, made you look like bad people.

I don't have a beef with Sherry Johnston, I really don't. (Okay, the mascara kinda bugs me, but beyond that...) In all honesty, she strikes me as a nice woman. Waaaay out of her league, but a nice woman.

The Johnston's are tools. You want to talk about being used? You're letting a Trig-truther advise you, for Pete's sake. These people don't give a d*** about you, they never did. They're the same group that was calling you white trash when they found out who Bristol was dating.

What's this stuff about, "I realize now that it was good for her," etc...? Levi used some of the same language. "I realize now..." Translation: When you were left to think for yourselves, you didn't come to these conspiratorial conclusions. When Bristol dumped Levi and things got rocky, you were cut off and the anti-Palin forces rallied around you because they sensed a potential weak spot in the Palin's armor. In the aftermath of the election, the last thing on earth Sarah had time for was patching up your life. She must have figured that was, oh, I don't know, your business.

All they care about is the destruction of Palin by any means possible, and right now, your family is one of the only tools in their pathetic little bag. They saw a vulnerability, and they went for it. You were the weakest link.

That and I'm starting to think you're just plain jealous. Mercede especially is practically green with envy.

Your life sucks? So do a lot of people's.  Convenient as it is to blame the Palins for everything that goes wrong in your life, sometimes, it just ain't their fault.


Stacy Drake said...

They'll try to get anything out of the one thing they think they have. They don't care if they're being used or not, so long as there is another shopping spree somewhere in there for them in the future.

Bloody leeches...

Bill589 said...

But don’t forget, she is related to Levi, and the fruit dropping from the tree thing can point back at the tree too.