Thursday, August 26, 2010


So the piggies went a little nuts the other day because Todd Palin dared to have an excellent sense of smell. This guy started videotaping him and his wife while he was at the airport and they knew something was off.

The fact that the video ended up immediately on Palingates (the piggies) should be proof enough that this guy is suspicious. They tried to paint this character as just a random onlooker who got handed a raw deal by an overprotective husband. He was just minding his own business. Saw a celebrity, randomly took out his camera and started filming, and Todd got in his face because Todd's just a big bully!

Notice the captions.

This was on a photostream by a guy calling himself "bahamahawk." Most of the other pictures in his account are from Valdez, Alaska, where the Palins ran across him at the Valdez Airport. These were uploaded in July of last year.

I'm not sure how the tar thing with a bunch of feathers got there, if this guy set it out, or maybe the tar thing was sitting there and he brought the feathers, or someone else did it and he just snapped the pic (who knows?). Whether he did it or not, the captions tell you what he thinks of Sarah Palin.

C4P is covering its tail by saying this might not be the same guy. Okay, maybe not, but given that he called himself "Hawk," that he said he ran a small business, that there's a business on Facebook called Bahama Hawk's and Campus Shoppe based in Valdez, AK (come on, how many Bahamahawks are there in Valdez?).... I say it's more likely than not.

This was posted on the page of his shop's FB last July.

Further proof? All righty. His Fubar account (where he posted the picture I linked above). Note the "palins file" folder. Note that he also calls himself "Hawk" just like in the video. Click on the "palin files" and you pull up the same pictures that were on the Flickr account, plus a few others. The Fubar account says they were uploaded in April of 2009 rather than July, so it was while Sarah was still Governor. The captions (and yes, I have screencapped all of this):

"Here's the reception psycho Sarah got when she came to speak at the civic center...Get the picture Sarah?"

Also had an "Impeach Palin" sign with the caption "It's just a matter of time" and a picture of what appears to be a shirt with an anti-Palin message on it with the caption, "I've sold 1000's of these ever since psycho Sarah gave our gas rights away to Canada." So we know the guy sells shirts. Oh, looky, the Bahama Hawks shoppe sells shirts.

So we know that this guy has been anti-Palin for over a year, even back when she was Gov. Given that his video popped up on the Piggies site right away, I'd say he's been a frequent visitor. A frequent visitor to one of the world's Trig-truthing sewers. Great.

Whether the Palins knew who this guy was or not, I don't know. Valdez is a small town. It's possible that they've seen him around. But we do know that they immediately picked up a weird vibe from the guy, and that vibe has since been confirmed.

In light of this information, we now know that Sarah and Todd handled this situation perfectly. They got his info. Todd made sure the guy knew he was being filmed as well so no funny business. Pictures were taken of the guy, most likely so that they can show them to security if he ever tries to get into a secure event in the future.

They're trying to say now that this shows that Todd is aggressive, etc... Well, when it comes to protecting his wife, you betcha he is. And he better be.

Would this guy have tried something? I doubt it. Hawk (while he seems creepy to me) may be a perfectly nice guy. But in this line of work you can't be too careful.

Everyone is to be treated with suspicion, and since Palin doesn't seem to be surrounded by bodyguards, Todd's protective stance is understandable. And videotaping a guy with a half smile on your face is not knocking him to the ground and bloodying his nose or something like Joe Biden has bragged about. Please. "Hawk" will survive this "traumatic" encounter.

My fave parts include: "You got a life?" and "Why are you shakin' so bad?" And when the little short woman beats him up with a piece of paper. LOL!


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