Saturday, September 25, 2010

PuffPo - Update

When all else fails drag out the "She's a bad mother!" meme.

I see that some lady over at the HuffPo who apparently finds it difficult to balance her private and professional life and therefore sees anyone who can as being evil, has penned a piece slamming Bristol for doing DWTS. She's so obviously neglecting Tripp by doing this.

Ironically, that stupid article comes out at virtually the same time that an issue of In Touch hits the stands (yes, I sold my soul again and bought another tabloid) with a Bristol Palin interview that focuses on single motherhood.

Yeah, he looks miserable and neglected. /s

Part of the article:

Bristol Palin... [is] clearly a natural when it comes to her most important job: being a good mother to 21-month-old Tripp. While a makeup artist dusts shadow above her sparkling brown eyes....Bristol cuddles her son and coaxes him to sip his juice. "You were thirsty!" she exclaims to the blonde-haired, beaming boy who claps and shouts "Mama!" as he finishes his drink.

The latest round of rumors (that Bristol would rather focus on fame than on spending time with her son) are far from true. "It's a made-up story by people who know that it's going to sting," Bristol fumes. "I'm with Tripp every day. I'm a working single mom."

A couple more excerpts:

"It's a juggling act for sure," she says.... I have full physical custody and he's with me 99.9% of the time.... [While in LA for DWTS] We went to a Dodgers game...and I took him to the pier yesterday. It was the first time he's ever been on a beach, so he was freaking out about the sand."

And Tripp has evidently been watching Grandpa, 'cause in addition to his hockey sticks and other boyish things, he has a baby doll.

"It just cracks me up," Bristol says. "I never thought he'd want to pat a baby on the back."

Todd made it cool. ;)

That's all I'll post. You'll have to go buy it if you want the cute pics and stuff.

As for the Puff Piece, it includes such gems as:

I read she [Sarah] flew home from a Republican Governors Association in Texas, an 8-9 hour flight, to deliver Trig after going into pre-term labor....Perhaps bearing him in Alaska would prevent future "Birther" questions when he runs for governor?

Yeeeah. Does she really need to be smacked down? She pretty much makes a fool out of herself.

She seems to take issue with the idea that the Palin girls are "supermoms" which I find odd since neither one of them claim to be. Bristol says it's a juggling act and a lot of work. Sarah says there's no way she could do all she does without the help of her family. I mean, she's got a full-time Dad at home, ya know.

Update -

It doesn't even make sense on the surface. Back home, Bristol worked a 9-5 job. She gets off practice for DWTS at 3. She's probably spending about the same amount of time with Tripp now as she did when she was in Alaska. Or more. Bristol's "celebrity" status probably allows her to spend more time with her son than the average single mom, so the whole argument is just ridiculous.


Bill589 said...

Something tells me in 2012 they’ll be talking about that flight home to have Trig. When she runs for her second term in 2016, they’ll probably bring it up too. You might think while they’re making stuff up they’d be a little more creative. Then again, creativity is a sign of intelligence, so. . . no.

I worked with, and became friends with, many people with that extra chromosome. In 20 years, maybe Trig will write about them in an article about that mysterious PDS. It’s not aiming very high, but I’m sure it will be better than theirs.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin obtained a protective order Monday against an 18-year-old Pennsylvania man who sent her receipts from a gun purchase, along with a letter saying “he tried to follow the Bible but had evil and wickedness in him.”

Shawn Richard Christy said

October 21, 2009 at 2:38 PM
I hope Sarah can get this thing up and running. I don’t know where I will be living in the next few months, work is low in PA. But I would be glad too help in any way possible. It is nice to finally see politicans who go out of their way to do what needs to be done. Not the D.C. style of duck and run. God Bless the GOP!

Shawn R. Christy via The Kristan Cole Team KW Alaska Group: Its not fair that your Husband can poke Me but I cant Poke Back. SRC His mom?