Saturday, December 11, 2010

"America by Heart" Not Selling Well? - Update

In what universe?

The book has been doing extremely well. I don't think anyone expected it to do as well as Going Rogue. And there's no way it's going to surpass the tell-all of a former President. Coming in second was pretty d*** good.

Also, confession here. When I first heard about the new book, it was exciting, sure. But the description of the book didn't exactly thrill me. A collection of quotes and inspiring essays? Um, okay. Love Palin, but I can look up quotes on the Internet. And I already love America and believe in its founding principles, so not much of a point in reading it just to reinforce my own beliefs. I bought two copies, pretty much just to have them. With Going Rogue I bought ten or twelve and handed them out as Christmas presents.

The book isn't just a collection of essays or quotes, however. It's really a book of philosophy. The heart of America. What makes it tick? It's kind of a letter to the next generation. And there's plenty of original Palin material, it's not just an amalgamation of other people's works. You should read it twice to fully appreciate it.

I guess my point is that if a die hard like me kinda went "eh," then lower-than-Going-Rogue book sales don't mean much of anything with regards to Palin's "luster."

Update: On second thought, that a book basically marketed as a collection of quotes is doing as well as it is actually might say something about Palin's "luster." Something pretty good.

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Hefmier said...

Every Sunday,
The Oregonian (one of my local newspapers) posts the New York Times' National Best-Beller list, and it had Sarah's book at number 2on the list for Hardcover nonfiction, after "Decision Points".