Monday, January 3, 2011

But-But-But, Can She Win?

This seems to be the new media narrative. Probably half of my Google alerts are filled with "But can she win?"

I imagine them saying this with an exaggerated look of concern on their faces. "I, I just don't know, gang. I mean, she's got a lot going for her, but can she actually win?"

I'd do an exaggerated "I don't know!" and bite my nails, but they're not sitting across from me, so it's kind of pointless.

Can Romney win? I doubt it. Can Gingrich win? I doubt it ten times more than I doubt Romney winning. Let's say the economy picks up by mid-2011. Could any Republican beat Obama then? But maybe we'll find ourselves in the middle of WWIII by then. Who knows? Maybe my Dad's sister's husband could beat Obama in 2012. (I just found out at Christmas dinner that he's the mayor of his town. Has been for years. Hilarious, I just found out a week ago.)

This is all completely pointless. Pence seems to be the fallback guy for those who want a conservative who's not Sarah Palin. But Pence is most likely going to run for Governor, not President, as well he should. Pence is a good guy, but he's a representative. If he wants to run for Prez, I say go for it, but I'd like someone with some executive experience.

The only reason all these stories are out is to make people stop supporting Palin for President, of course. If you have legitimate worries, that's fine. It's normal, even. But we're not even in a campaign yet. Just wait.

And does anybody believe all these Huckabee polls? Huckabee would lose in a landslide.

There are two people who, if they became the nominee, I wouldn't bother to vote for in the general: Romney and Huckabee. I'd rather fight Obama tooth and nail for another four years. And that's not me being petty. That's me genuinely not wanting either of those guys in the White House. The government health care guy and Mr. Nanny State. Yeah, I'll pass.

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