Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Check out the bumper sticker some leftists designed with my new Republican Governor in mind:

They later re-designed it:

Love this quote:

But then after it hit the Intertubes, the right, led by State Representative Robin Vos (R-Crybaby) started whining that it was violent somehow. I suppose, if you have a propensity towards violence, anything appears violent.

Yeah. Sure. A train running into a guy's brain and what appears to be a blood spatter (although you might argue it's symbolic for train noise).... No one would think that was violent. /s

As for the previous thing about "Walker said he would 'fight back.' Violence!!!" oh, please. Lefties brought up a completely unrelated incident. "Barrett was once beaten up..." And that's relevant to the very commom rhetoric of "fight back" how, exactly?

Anyway. Whatever. I'm not shocked and outraged, I just can't believe they thought that first bumper sticker was anywhere near a good idea.

Scott Walker was sworn in yesterday. We'll see how he does.

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